What is dysentery


  • Dysentery, dysentery symptoms
  • Diagnosis and treatment of dysentery

  • Dysentery, dysentery symptoms

    What is dysentery
    Dysentery -
    contagious infectious intestinal disease. It is found all over the world
    people of all ages, but particularly widespread gets hot

    The source of infection is
    a sick man. Infection occurs when the non-compliance with dysentery
    personal hygiene. Dysentery - a disease of dirty hands. However,
    You can get sick, and eating infested water or food, washed a
    water and insufficiently treated thermally.

    The incubation period of the disease - from neskolkoih hours to 2-3 days.

    disease causes inflammation of the colon wall. Main
    symptom of dysentery - are not very abundant, private loose stools with mucus,
    pus, blood, dark green and false urge to defecate, so
    called tenesmus. Furthermore, the patient
    impaired general condition, nausea, vomiting, decreased
    appetite, suffer from headaches. With the development of the disease is possible
    development of dehydration.

    Diagnosis and treatment of dysentery

    The diagnosis of dysentery
    put infectious disease on the totality of symptoms. Additionally
    appointed studies to clarify the pathogen and apply
    antibiotics are narrow-spectrum - feces crops.

    dysentery carried out in a hospital. In the treatment of dysentery doctor decides
    two problems - the fight against the microbe, the causative agent of the disease (used
    antibiotics) and fluid loss compensation - excessive drinking
    Special and intravenous fluids.

    With good
    body resistance to disease is completely cured in 7-10 days
    but sometimes it may acquire and wavy character (often it happens
    those people who are not fully conducted a course prescribed by a doctor
    treatment, which threatens the emergence of the chronic form of the disease).

    the disease is necessary to carefully monitor the possible
    complications of dehydration and bowel perforation (bowel rupture).
    The latter is evidenced by the appearance of blood in the feces. rupture
    It requires immediate surgical intervention.

    Immunity recover from unstable, the possibility of reinfection cases.

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