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  • If you think that
    Scabies was only in times of war and devastation, then you are greatly mistaken.
    And in our peaceful and relatively prosperous time scabies often enough
    common, especially in children's groups. That is why children in kindergartens
    and nurseries are periodically inspected in order to identify specific
    signs of scabies.


    Scabies - a contagious parasitic skin disease,
    caused by microscopic scabies. Itch mite - a
    (Found only in humans), a parasite that feeds on horn
    human skin. The length of the female scabies mite is 0.3-0.4 mm,
    She lives about a month, performing in that time moves under the surface
    layer of the skin and delay
    there daily 2-3 eggs. Of the eggs hatch into larvae, which are two
    weeks pass several stages of development and turn into adults
    individuals. After that
    ticks climb to the skin surface and
    mating, the males die after fertilization, and the fertilized
    embedded in the skin.

    Outside the human body at room temperature, itch
    mite is able to spend 5 to 15 days. At a temperature of 60 ° C mites die within
    hours, or by refluxing in the cold (below zero) - almost immediately.

    Dispatched scabies only from person to person. It may
    be in direct contact (in
    including the sexual), through the patient's belongings (clothes, bedding) and household
    objects that come into contact with the patient. Infection in baths, saunas,
    in train wagons, etc.

    What are the symptoms of scabies disease

    The incubation period (time from infection to the first
    manifestations) scabies is 1-6 weeks - usually 7-14 days, but may be
    shorter. The main symptom of scabies is itching, which is particularly enhanced in
    night time. Itching appears not
    directly from ticks, and as a result of an allergic reaction to mites and
    products of their life, so when the first infection with scabies itching
    It appears in a few weeks, and at repeated - immediately.

    On the skin of the patient with scabies at the site of introduction of the female mite
    bubble appears, which then dries and turns into a crust. Such bubbles
    a female internally interconnected characteristic
    itch moves - twisting thin strips of grayish in length
    several millimeters to 1 centimeter,
    which are tiny deposits of dirt and excrement eggs
    tick. Sometimes joins a bacterial infection in the areas of implementation and tick
    pustules appear on the skin.

    Ticks like delicate skin
    interdigital spaces, the wrists, the external genitalia (especially sexual
    member), the inner surface of the elbow, foot, buttocks. In adult skin
    face, neck, interscapular region, armpits, palms, soles are not
    affected. Children itch elements can be positioned anywhere.

    How is the diagnosis and treatment of scabies

    Diagnosis is based on identification of characteristic lesions,
    itch moves and confirmation of epidemiological (source detected
    disease - a sick person) and laboratory data. For laboratory
    Research under the magnifying glass needle control opened the blind end of the travel itch
    and the material is taken for examination under a microscope.

    What is scabies
    Scabies necessarily need to be treated, she herself does not take place. For
    It uses tools that are able to destroy the itch moves,
    to kill mites and larvae. Currently, there are effective means for
    scabies. The main problem in the treatment of scabies - it's not just kill
    tick, but also to prevent re-infection.

    To date, the main drugs for treatment of this
    diseases are sulfuric ointment, benzyl benzoate and spregal.

    Sulfuric ointment rubbed into
    skin once a day for 5 days. One day after the last wash with soap and rubbing,
    change underwear and bed linen. Sulfuric ointment is not suitable for all patients, as
    it often causes irritation and allergic reactions on the skin. Besides,
    sulfuric ointment is quite intense odor.

    Benzyl benzoate - is an oily liquid with a pleasant smell.
    Used it as a freshly prepared 20% aqueous suspension of soap: 20 ml
    benzyl benzoate are mixed with 78 ml of warm water and 2 g of green or soap.
    The suspension was rubbed into the skin, left for 10 minutes and the procedure repeated again.
    Children under three years are prepared 10% suspension. After 3 days after treatment
    the patient takes a shower and change all linen.

    Spregal - a French aerosol formulation, it is sprayed
    once over the body (except the head). At considerable length
    diseases of the skin treated twice (once a day). Across
    12:00 wash with soap and change underwear and bed linen.

    How is scabies prevention

    All underwear and bedding after treatment wears, boiled and ironed with two
    sides. In addition, a complete disinfection of all things the patient: robe decontaminated by
    proglazhivaniya on both sides with a hot iron, to disinfect certain things
    (Toys, shoes, clothes) method may be used temporarily
    exceptions to the use of (things are packed in dense polyethylene bags
    without access of air not less than three days).

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