Massage Techniques feet and legs


In fact, foot massage - it's very, very nice action,
which leads to the degeneration, if not the whole body, then,
at least the force as a whole.
This article will tell mymedinform,
What is so beneficial massage of the lower extremities, how to make it close
man at home, how to massage the legs and feet to yourself,
and that we can offer in this area salon
Massage Techniques feet and legs

The benefits of foot massage and foot

legs and feet a little bit different from, say, a back massage. Difference in
that during a massage of the feet and toes, stimulates not only the muscles,
which account for the impact, but the effect is beneficial
the entire body. And the reason for that huge set of reflex
points, which are responsible for the condition of the body as a whole.

for example, a foot arch huge concentration points which
Modern reflexology relate to the spine. therefore
stimulation of the foot area will help relieve back pain, will bring the total
relief body.

Stimulation of the toes has
beneficial effects on the eyes, ears, teeth and gums, nasal sinuses.
Do you remember as a kid when you were sick colds, grandmother vodka
rubbing your feet, and in particular each finger, and then on
Next morning cold receded, the nose began to breathe more freely, and
my eyes stopped watering?

On the same point, located on the
sole of the foot, in general, you can write a Talmud - here
there are points that correspond to the internal organs, general
state of health and even the mood of the person. Active influence on the
point leads to improved overall health and the removal of various pains.

How to make a foot massage and a foot a loved one?

First of all, put under the knee of the partner-roll pillow, or
rolled in a blanket roll - with effects on the muscles of the partner does not have to
unpleasant experience pain from the fact that the bones of his legs
unpleasant or feet rest on the solid surface of the floor (in case
if the massage is done at home). Remember that in order to massage
benefited and was pleasant to the partner, it is important not only to own appliances
its implementation, but also to create an appropriate atmosphere.

the room should be comfortable for the temperature of the body. To then
as long as you are doing massage of one leg and foot, the other foot is not
feel the chill (and feet first are cooled), cover it

If you make a relaxing massage, you can use it for carrying the oil with a pleasant scent.
Aromovozdeystvie also play a role in the overall relaxing effect.
If you do a massage with a view to remove the pain, heaviness in the legs,
it is possible to use the warm-up massage cream, for example,
Fastum gel.

So, we begin to massage. Take in the arch of the foot
one hand and the other hand actively rub foot. Further
heating of the foot can be alternated motion palm and fingers.
After warm-up massage each finger feet apart from a nail
the base of the thumb. Massage work out fingertips.

fixing the foot with one hand, his other hand spend massaging
a circular motion on the plantar part of the foot with your thumb. Where
the skin is more rough, the pressure must be stronger, and where more tender - and
the applied force must be commensurate less. During such
acupressure special attention should be paid to the heel area - skin
there is often thicker, and therefore an effort needs to be maximized.

This move to the Achilles of the foot. Grasp the tendon with a single
hand thumb, on the other hand four fingers and
start massaging movements up and down. Next draw pie
movement around the bones. In the next step, take one hand
stop, and the second - the base leg ankle, foot and rotate first in
one way and then the other. It is also useful to draw the foot in position
"Ironing" or vice versa pull like a ballerina.

After the massage,
foot proceed to massage the leg. As usual, the first warm-up
the friction of movement, then massaging circular motion describing
each arm separately. Use to massage the outer part
bent fingers.

Next, switch to massage the top of the
legs. This mymedinform draws your attention to the fact that in
the inside of the knee blood vessels are quite
close to the skin, so it is impossible to stimulate the zone in order to avoid
bruising. During the massage the upper part of the legs is not deprived
attention and buttocks.

Even a simple "kneading" movement
relax the muscles of your partner. By the way, these movements
it is desirable to carry out the entire surface of the legs vigorously, but
previously having covered leg with a towel. Firstly, this
action removes the excess oil from the skin, and, secondly, to improve
the blood supply to the skin.

After a massage partner
time required rest. Then it will be up and
thank you for a great massage!

How to massage the feet and foot on their own?

simple answer - a summer walk on gravel or mown grass barefoot.
Such steps would not only have a massaging effect on the foot, you will also
You get the energy of the earth in its pure form - it will positively affect not
only your health, but also onMassage Techniques feet and legsstructure.

If by summer
leaving only memories and a tan, and the window flying white flakes
snow, then you can do other methods of self-massage.

small wooden box about the size of 40x40cm, fill it
small smooth pebbles (lathed water), peas or beans
so that the bottom was completely covered. After that, get up in the box
barefoot and shifted from foot to foot as long as you feel
that the pain from walking on stones dulled. This massage
It held for about 10 minutes.

Another wonderful
a method of self-massage, its meaning is to massage one
legs to perform the second leg. This massage is very useful for those who
flat-footed, and he helps with bruises, sprains, gives
the stability of the foot. This self-massage is particularly useful to carry out in
hot bath when the pores are open and most muscles are warmed up.

foot massage can also buy special massager, meaning
which is riding on the surface of the foot with pupyrchatoy
mymedinform also recommends that lay in your shower
cab special massaging foot mat shower will remove from you
voltage, while a gentle massage of the feet will have a tonic effect
the entire body.

Massage legs and feet to massage and beauty salons

how in addition to the therapeutic effect of foot massage and foot has
relaxation effects, salons holders, as well as individual
masseurs make sure the massage to the list of services.
price range here big enough - from 150 to 700 hryvnia. It depends on the price
from where and who will do the massage. Yes, it is "one" - in
Recently, there was quite a lot of young people who
We offer wealthy ladies foot massage.

foot massage in the package of services provided for young people have data
relaxing massage, erotic massage and escort services even. AT
the movie "Pulp Fiction" hubby know, as I have done with one of the
such masseurs female legs.

Rejoice yourself with a massage of legs and feet, it will bring you health and charge of good mood!

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