Exotic massage


  • Moroccan bath
  • Massage with herbal bags
  • Anti-cellulite massage Thai

  • Moroccan bath

    This is one of the most interesting novelties
    season. The highlight of it - to use natural cosmetics come from
    hot Morocco. After the pre-steaming in the sauna or
    hammam, your skin is purified by the famous "black soap". his
    structure - virgin olive oil and herbal extracts. Soap
    delicate and deep cleans. The skin becomes smooth and silky.

    comes the turn of the peel - it is also a natural, contains real
    sea ​​salt and essential oils. It allows to open the pores and deep
    PtsExotic massageistit skin.

    The next stage - massage oak twigs, which will give you a lot of pleasant sensations.

    Finally, a relaxing massage is performed with shea butter. Main
    the result of all these manipulations - remarkably delicate skin. Besides,
    Moroccan SPA-procedures perfectly relieve stress and fatigue.

    Massage with herbal bags

    technique has come to us from Thailand. Zest it is that during
    massage using hot herbal pouches. They - ginger, turmeric,
    lime, patchouli, camphor and other medicinal plants. They have
    anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and give you a pleasant

    A combination of traditional Thai massage and massage
    herbal bags can improve blood and lymph circulation,
    increases joint mobility, relaxes and improves elasticity
    muscles, eliminates pain and spasms, improves the functioning of internal organs.
    Complete relaxation with gentle warming up the muscles of the body - the main action when dealing with herbal bags.

    Anti-cellulite massage Thai

    technique is particularly relevant in the run-up to the beach exits. It gives
    the effect of rapid loss of volume is in problem areas. And what
    greater excess centimeters at the waist or hips, the greater will be

    Furthermore, after this it decreases appetite and massage
    improves metabolism. After the sensitive hands of masseuses
    literally push out toxins, do not want to disturb
    diet and overeating. Cleansing the body requires a simple light meal that,
    of course, it contributes to further weight loss.

    The main secret of massage - Thai special cream «Gold Shape». At its heart - the pollen of Garcinia plants, as well as extracts of ginkgo biloba,
    red pepper, menthol and ginger. They activate
    blood and lymph circulation, promote "burning" of fat and excretion
    harmful substances. That is, at the same time is and cellulite, and
    "Antiobemny" effect. The session lasts about half an hour. During this time the treated one or more problematic areas. As a result, the skin is leveled, the volumes go, but instead comes a sense of lightness and lifting.

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