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    manual therapy

    Manual therapy - a relatively new branch of medicine, although
    it goes back to antiquity. References to it are found in ancient
    the peoples of Europe, and East Asia. Hippocrates in the fifth century BC
    He claimed that with the help of manual therapy can cure many diseases.

    Chiropractic deals with the peculiarities of movements
    and each space in relation to other parts of the human body (vertebrae;
    fascias, organs, etc.) and the functional significance of these movements to the body,
    as well as interested in the quality of the tissue of these parts and explores
    causes and consequences of their deviation from the norm. So there is a whole arsenal
    methods by which the chiropractor treats violations found.

    Manual therapy thanks to the professional hands and, of course,
    experience and intelligence physician can very much! For example, the spine - the cornerstone
    our being both literally and figuratively. It is he who gives a lot of
    hassle huge number of people - people have to pay with nature
    pain and diseases of the spine for his upright posture.

    Manual therapy, equipment and treatment manual therapy
    And to help your spine, right, stands. After all, his "health"
    a direct impact on the state of the whole organism. Judge for yourself. If the violations in the "work" of the cervical - you tortured dizziness and headaches due
    insufficient brain blood circulation on the vertebral arteries. "Grab"
    a heart? Surely there is a problem in the thoracic spine ...

    Manual therapy - an effective method of treatment. its successful
    It can be used in the treatment of many diseases. However, the effectiveness is
    increased if it alternated with intervals of a few months, with courses
    herbal medicine, physiotherapy and reflexology, massage, complementary therapy
    physical exercise.

    Manual Therapy and Diagnostics -
    system of manual techniques to correct or eliminate abnormal
    manifestations, caused by changes in the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments

    In justifying the primacy of manual therapy
    attached to the restoration of normal position of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs.
    The fact that the physiologically displaced from its seat due vertebra
    can cause pinching of the intervertebral disc, spinal roots, nerves,
    which in turn causes tension of muscles and ligaments, block them
    mobility, lead to venous congestion in a specific area. All this
    It causes pathological changes in all organs, reflexively associated with
    According to the vertebral segment. On the other hand pathological changes can
    begin in the intervertebral disc (or joint meniscus). His strain also
    It causes infringement of spinal roots and all other pathological changes
    in organism.

    Manipulation, postpones joint surface from each other and
    restoring circulation in the art, create conditions for its
    regeneration. In addition, there is the theory of venous stasis, when the deceleration
    removal of exchange of the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs of products,
    accompanied by pain, and changes in it.

    Manual Therapy Technique

    Therapeutic manipulation techniques conventionally divided into two
    groups: "hard" and "soft" technology. The first - a shock and pulse
    manipulation. In recent years, engineering hard actively squeezed out worldwide
    soft (so-called muscle-energy techniques). They provide significantly fewer complications, more comfortably tolerated
    patients and significantly superior performance hard.

    When carrying out manual therapy focuses on
    restore the normal position of the vertebrae and joints, their natural
    mobility. For this purpose use is strictly targeted, finger pressure
    joints. Often, the procedure of "long arms": one lever - limb
    the sick, the other - the body. At the same time a certain body twisting
    It promotes the return of the displaced to their physiological joint space.
    Exposure to certain groups of muscles that causes their voltage or vice versa,
    relaxation also causes the joints associated with these muscles in
    the right direction. Refurbished joint position fix "muscle
    frame. " Particular attention is paid to the restoration of normal
    blood flow in the area of ​​the restored vertebra or joint.

    Treatment of manual therapy

    Through manipulation headaches can be treated, including
    including post-traumatic stress, pain and discomfort in the spine and rib cage,
    limiting mobility of the spine, dizziness caused by pathology
    cervical spine, posture disorder, and a number of humeroscapular periarthrosis
    other neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis.

    Manual therapy is used in treatment of diseases
    internal organs (respiratory diseases, genito-urinary, digestive,
    endocrine, central nervous system). After the pathological impulse from
    a sick body, entering the spinal cord segment, "responsible" for this
    body causes a local change in muscle tone and poor circulation. at
    This raises the blockade of the motor segment of the spine at the level of destruction,
    that provokes the sending of pathological impulses to turn back to
    diseased organ. This leads to a vicious circle of the closure, and means
    the progression of the disease and its transition to the chronic form. Manual therapist, "breaking" the vicious circle, cures most chronic
    diseases or alleviate their occurrence.

    Due to the wide spread of soft techniques significantly
    decreased volume of contraindications to manipulation. Therefore, this issue
    solve the doctor-chiropractor on counseling techniques.

    Trust yourself hands of qualified chiropractor, you
    take health into their own hands. Manual therapy is not universal
    method of treatment, but it can significantly reduce the use of
    pharmacological agents, or even completely dispensed with in the treatment of
    a number of diseases.

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