Massage anti-aging


  • Head massage
  • Massage of face and neck
  • hand Massage
  • foot massage
  • Massage after a bath

  • It has a beneficial effect on the health of the body by increasing blood flow.

    massage is that the skin is exposed to pleasant mechanical
    irritation, which has a beneficial effect on tissue, blood vessels.
    Nerve endings nerves located in the superficial layers of the skin and
    closely associated with the central nervous system. Under influence
    formed in the skin massaging biologically active substances such as
    histamine, which shock spread throughout the body and have a
    beneficial effects on various organs of our body.

    It can be done for any part of the body. Maybe that's why he often
    It is associated with erotica. It's fine! Massage - this indispensable exchange
    energy, the internal communication between two people. In such an important matter
    important is a positive attitude and the confidence of the person to whom a massage,
    in fact, they do. And those who do, must learn the main rule -
    starting to massage, try not to remove the hand from the body massazhiruemogo
    until the end of the process, not to break the thin invisible thread trust
    which is established between you!Massage anti-aging

    Head massage

    blood circulation, and nourishes the scalp. Massage head lines
    start at the top and diverge from it in all directions. Massage
    hair should be in the direction of hair tilt and turn excretory ducts
    sebaceous glands. Head massage is performed vigorous movements. Before
    massage the scalp and neck should be wiped with a cotton swab,
    moistened with an alcohol solution or cologne.

    Practices begin to massage the head, starting from the forehead. ends
    thumb and forefinger of both hands in the folds of the entire capture
    tissue thickness in the brow. Captured cloth slightly
    squeeze. These movements are repeated throughout the length of the brow,
    from the nose to the temples. But note: the slightest shift of the fingers may
    cause a pressure on the eyeballs, thereby causing
    unpleasant and even painful sensations!

    The massage
    head also includes a circular stroking temporal region konchikaami
    two or three fingers and by pressing and stroking nadbrovnyh
    arcs toward the front of the border of hair.

    than go to massage the scalp, it is necessary to comb
    hair from the crown in different directions. The tips of two fingers of his right hand
    should be made circular strokes along the parting from the crown to the
    border scalp. Then do the same for the next
    parting. Thus the whole head massage. The duration of the massage
    - 10-15 minutes.

    Massage of face and neck

    persons, as well as the body's muscles, atrophy without regular exercise,
    become sluggish, soft, changed the face oval, the skin droops,
    appear folds, wrinkles. In addition to expensive creams out one - massage.
    The result of the face and neck massage is to increase muscle tone,
    improve their physical condition.

    Massage and facial
    neck consists of consecutive receptions and exercise. This kneading,
    effleurage, friction, vibration. The duration of one session
    this massage - 15 minutes. Massage should be done in a day, you can
    3-4 times per week.

    hand Massage

    hand is good because it can be done almost anywhere (home,
    work, in transport), and self parkingMassage anti-agingenforcement. extremely useful
    massage the fingers, coach joints and rub them in any
    free minute. Energy power arm is most effective
    It is used when you have not eaten, fasting. During digestion
    busy body itself and is capable enough to energokontaktu.

    start with rubbing - the same movements as when soaping hands.
    Grinding should be done within one minute. Then
    joints are designed 10 times dramatically compress a fist and slowly
    unclench. Thereafter, each finger 2-3 kneaded from the tip to
    base on all sides.

    Further warming up his hand - from the inside it
    edge (spine area) to the base, the outer edge of midline
    fingers to the wrist. Then, warming up the wrist itself. Ends
    massage by rubbing hands. Total massage brushes both hands
    is about 6-10 minutes. Repeat it can and must be from 1-2 to
    4-6 times per day.

    You can perform such complex
    exercise: in a circular motion massage each finger should be and
    joint, as though putting on gloves. Then, massaging the back of strontium
    brush. After hugging her wrist, still massage, rising to the elbow
    and up to shoulder. Fast, but do lightly tingling
    from the bottom up with two fingers - thumb and forefinger.

    foot massage

    that on the soles of the feet is about 72,000 nerve endings. Massaging
    themselves left and right foot, we irritate the nerve endings of a
    another part of the body of an organ. Pressing on these points
    It stimulates many organs.

    For massage
    Stop you must sit back, cross-legged and more
    deploying to her feet. Massage is best done crosswise (ie
    I mean, right foot massaging the left hand and left foot - right
    hand). Start at the rubbing surface of the foot.

    Massage can be
    palm produce, the end portion of a fist, a massage brush.
    The duration of grinding - for about a minute, and then transferred to the
    kneading fingers, starting with the largest and ending with the little finger. Fingers
    rubbing feet on all sides, and in the end very carefully knead
    surface of the foot, starting from its inner edge (spine area)
    then move on to the heel, then knead the middle of the foot
    toes to the heel.

    For a good foot massage
    use moisturizing creams containing camphor. Last
    It stimulates blood circulation in the skin and removes the feeling of tired legs.

    a foot massage should last about 3-5 minutes. Then
    the procedure is repeated on the other foot legs. This massage is recommended
    do 2 times a day. Massage both hands and feet can and should do
    all, each day and throughout life.

    can be done at any time and in any place, but for complete relaxation
    the entire surface of the body is very useful massage after taking water
    procedures. With the right approach to massage circulation in the state of nirvana

    Massage after a bath

    It consists of two exercises:

    An exercise
    After the bath, the bath or shower is necessary to contrast
    massage that improves circulation. This massage can also be performed
    independently. With the help of a sponge in a circular motion much rub
    each leg with an outer and inner sides, ranging from the ankle.
    Then rub well thigh and rubbing in a circular motion
    gradually drop down to the knee.

    Exercise 2. at
    with a brush or sponge in a circular motion much rub shoulders,
    back and arm - from shoulder to wrist, until the skin becomes pink

    Take for yourself a rule: "always and Massage
    everywhere, every day and having fun! ". Here it is - the elixir of aging and
    cure for all ills. Since most of the exercises you can
    do it yourself, the main thing - do not be lazy. Do massage loved ones.
    Health and beauty in your hands!

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