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  • Question №1. I decided to go through a course of massage. I became view
    advertisements - head was spinning from a variety of obscure
    names. Explain what are the kinds of massage.

    First of all, there is a massage for the face and body. When working with
    face, use completely different methods than with a body massage. If
    masseuse mastered only facial massage, she has no right to work with
    body - and vice versa.

    Facial massage is a plastic,
    cosmetic, vibration, spot. A variety of body massage
    It is - health and fitness, relaxation, sports,
    lymphatic drainage. One of the new techniques - anti-cellulite massage.

    this, any type of body massage can be general and partial. From
    toes to the earlobes - this is the route of general massage. And while
    only partially worked out the problem areas.

    all common is health and fitness or relaxation massage. A
    Partial - lymphatic drainage, which runs onMassaging in Russian thighs and calves.

    not infrequently
    partial and total combined. Do, for example, total relaxation and
    separately in the art of therapeutic massage are working on a problem, let's say,
    collar area.

    Question №2. My friend after a course
    cosmetic massage literally blossomed - the complexion has improved,
    flaccidity and peeling of the skin disappeared. Will it help me to become a massage
    attractive? My problem - excessive oily skin, acne

    Cosmetic massage is designed
    for dry skin. Use it during normal aging skin. But
    for oily it is not suitable. Technique in which facial massage
    is performed, it does not solve the problem of oily skin. Also, before
    procedure applied to the skin nourishing cream, which is very oily skin
    to nothing.

    For the skin, sebaceous glands which work too
    too active, good plastic massage. More intense pressing
    help excess sebum leaving the sebaceous ducts. After the course
    such procedures significantly narrowed pores, the skin becomes more matte.
    Among other things, the plastic is talc massage, which is slightly
    It dries the skin.

    Plus, plastic massage tones the muscles of the face. And its calming effect is beyond praise.

    massage - it is also called massage Jacquet - remedy for acne.
    Running it squeezes movements, and therefore exempt from the pores
    their content, fights rashes.

    Question №3. Recently
    heard the opinion that the traditional Russian massage and massage, which
    do in the West - two different things. What they also differ from each other?
    Which one - or domestic "

    import" - Should choose, if my
    the main task - to relax?

    Russian massage any body other than relaxing, made with deep,
    thorough study of muscles. Touch masseur tangible,
    sometimes a little painful. But thanks to this technique, the muscles are strengthened,
    relaxes the nervous system, breathing becomes easier, and sleep -
    strong and calm.

    Specific issues related to the "Russian" massage too
    may decide - to make moving again damaged joint or
    correct posture. Basically this purposeful work - destiny
    therapeutic massage.

    Massage on the Western model - is,
    Basically, the surface without "disturbing" touch muscles. Howsoever
    We called a massage - wellness, sports, - he brings in
    mainly relaxation.

    Today, working in this technique many
    Beauty Salons. If you are offered a massage with cosmetics
    some Western firms - will almost certainly be the procedure
    relaxation. Because massage training took place on the basis of a master

    The rate in this massage is done in
    largely on the masseur's hands, and used drugs, to create
    relaxing environment. Frequently used various aromatic
    oil. If you want to relax, such procedures - something that is necessary.

    Question №4. After
    the first session of general therapeutic massage muscles ached quite noticeably.
    Does this mean that the massage was done wrong? Should I
    look for another specialist?

    Russian massage - is a kind of exercise. You are lying down,
    You relax, and your muscles working under the hands of masseur. If the specialist
    I worked on glory - the muscles simply must hurt.

    sensations usually after the first 3-4 sessions of massage. soreness
    stored procedure after no more than 2-3 days.

    By the 4-5-th session the muscles will get rid of toxins, get used to the load, relax - and will no longer bother you.

    that muscle soreness is not talking about a masseur error, but on the contrary - on
    his zeal, skill. And to doubt the professionalism
    professional did not arise - I advise to first ask the same procedure
    it show you the certificate for the right to perform therapeutic massage. AND
    more - this kind of massage relates to medical procedures, so
    it has to do man with a medical background. This is also better
    make sure.

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