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    Thus, under the action of improving skin massage
    blood circulation and skin for longer stays young, muscles become stronger and
    elastic, and joints and ligaments - stronger and more flexible. also massage
    stimulates the metabolism, cures sciatica, gastritis, inflammation of the lungs and
    prostatitis, nervous stress and obesity.

    However, to get the massage and usefulness, and pleasure,
    it is important to follow certain rules. First, trust your body only
    a certified physician, who was specialized in massage, and secondly,
    Remember that for you to massage is not just fun, but also an important work.
    During the session while lying relaxed and tried not to think about nothing. AND
    Always disconnect the mobile phone, during a session should not be anything to do!

    How do you know whether a good masseur in front of you? Not necessary
    is inflated athlete of muscle strength in this case depends little. More important
    ability to work with both hands rhythmically, tireless and subtlety of touch.

    What is massage?

    Russian classic massage - Classics all good,
    It can solve almost any problem because all the organs pays
    due attention.

    Spanish massage - A whole range of different
    techniques also can help in solving different problems: improving the overall tone,
    It relieves stress, reduces swelling and makes the skin supple. His principal
    Unlike other tehnik- depth in ductility and impact. Striking
    the results achieved by the complete relaxation of muscles during manipulation,
    moreover, almost none of the elements is not repeated twice, feeling constantly
    changing, and hence the nervous system can not adapt.

    Thai massage - Good for diseases of the spine,
    joints, gastrointestinal tract, lung diseases and cardiovascular
    system. Will helpSpa massage headaches and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

    Shiatsu - Japanese variation on the theme of acupressure.
    On the acupressure points around them and SPA-technologist rhythmically pushes his fingers, palms and even
    elbows. Effective as all the techniques of acupressure, strengthens not only the body, but
    and the spirit, in addition has virtually no side effects.

    Ayurvedic massage - An excellent tool to
    relax, relieve tension. The technique used by Indian aroma oils,
    by which biologically active substances to penetrate deeper into the skin.

    Turkish soap massage - Traditionally done only
    bane- Turkish hammam. the air temperature 50-60 degrees and humidity
    almost 100%, but the floor, ceiling, wall continually heated evenly.
    Also, gradually and evenly warms the body. To prepare the body for
    better perception of the procedure, first
    special mitten therapist makes a body peeling, then plunges into the body
    huge soap "cap" and has jumps directly to the traditional
    soap massage.

    Oriental massage - mixing techniques, good at SHU,
    insomnia, edema, tension and muscle pain. But his task - to give more
    powerful energetic effect than to work the muscles.

    foot massage - This is a classic East, excellent
    addition to any massage, and a separate procedure, which allows
    relieve stress and psycho-emotional arousal, tidy nervous
    system due to the impact on the reflex points of the foot. Also, this massage
    required when flat feet, because it strengthens the muscles and ligaments vaults

    Stone massage - A special technique using
    various natural stones, each of which has a certain energy Art
    Ancient healers. Most methods use as a base
    termoterapiyu- alternation of hot (often of basalt, volcanic
    origin of stones from Hawaii) and cold (marble, Norwegian)
    stones, their specific energy neutralizes our negative energy,
    It stimulates the areas where focus is positive, redistributes energy from
    areas where it is abundant to where it is lacking. Hot stones
    enhance the effect of the essential oils are used for massage.
    Complete relaxation at the time of the procedure allows for enhanced metabolism,
    activate the immune, endocrine and autonomic system. Besides
    stone therapy is a real "gymnastics" for the vessels. also procedure
    It can serve as a complement to medical procedures and administered separately.

    Lymphatic drainage massage - His task - to free
    lymph ducts and vessels, will carry toxins to
    disposal site, to balance the operation of all internal organs, reduce
    stagnation in the small and large blood vessels.

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