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  • What is chiropractic
  • What and how to treat manual therapy

    What is chiropractic

    Manual therapy - is one of the branches of medicine,
    the beginning of which comes from ancient times. More in the treatises of Hippocrates
    I mentioned about the miraculous power of manipulation.

    Manual therapy - is one of the comprehensive manual techniques, which aim to
    elimination of pathological changes that are caused by changes in the
    the spine, joints and muscles.

    Treatment of manual therapy
    Manual therapy - this
    system of manual treatment techniques that can be used enough
    effectively get rid of diseases or other changes of the spine,
    joints, muscles and ligaments, internal organs, bones
    skull, brain and spinal cord membranes and cranial
    nerves. The special value of this method is that it
    It allows us to solve many of the problems that others - medication -
    means cure is not possible: If a patient does not need to spend
    money on expensive drugs and drink them with little handfuls,
    however, effect.

    Status of the spine directly affects the health of our
    organism: a problem in the cervical spine - on the face of vertigo,
    headache; problems in the thoracic region of the signal a "pain in the
    a heart"; scoliosis - lung diseases and chronic diseases
    internal organs.

    manual therapy
    It occupies a special motion in space and in relation to each
    other parts of the human body (vertebrae fasciae, organs, etc.). and
    the functional significance of these movements to the body, as well as
    Interested in qualitative condition of the tissues of these parts and explores
    causes and consequences of their deviation from the norm. As there is a
    arsenal of techniques by which the chiropractor treats identified

    Massage can be done independently, but better to see a chiropractor. Under the influence of manual therapy
    (Massage) improves blood circulation in the muscles so
    improves tissue nutrition, metabolism, muscle tone changes. The course of manual therapy
    averages 15-20 sessions. Before treatment is required to
    Consult your doctor because in some cases, massage

    What and how to treat manual therapy

    Manual therapy is used in the complex
    treatment of diseases of internal organs (respiratory diseases,
    digestive, endocrine, central nervous system). The thing is,
    that the pathological impulse from a sick body, enters the segment
    spinal cord responsible for the body, what is local
    changes in the muscles and circulatory disorders. This leads to the closure
    a vicious circle, the progression of the disease and its transition into a chronic
    shape. Breaking this vicious circle and prevent its formation
    perhaps just in time to see a specialist in manual therapy.

    manual therapy
    by means of physical pressure on nearby organs (muscles,
    ligaments, vessels, etc.) restores their function and thereby removes
    pain and, in some cases, the cause of
    osteochondrosis, if the reason is a violation of these bodies. the
    there is, for example, by poor circulation, chiropractor
    impact on adjacent vessels. When pinched nerve, manual
    therapist separates the nerve from the most of a hernia. Thus, direct
    material impact on the hernia itself is not practiced, and even enough
    dangerous. Thus, manual therapy can
    constitute a means of treating degenerative disc disease only under the condition that
    osteochondrosis development is associated with disruption of close to
    degraded disk bodies and on the condition that she is not a hernia
    It was formed, and there is only a bulging disc.

    In the case of a hernia, manual therapy
    It can only be used as an anesthetic and be
    in addition to the means of treatment, which are aimed at reducing the
    or the destruction of most of a hernia. Also, more than a hernia or
    unstable disk, the more dangerous the use of manual therapy,
    as more than likely, by means of physical action
    to nearby organs and cause hurt hernia thus it

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