The smoking is dangerous? And how to get rid of dependence without harm to health?


illustration with siteTobacco addiction In recent years it has become a serious problemfor an increasing number of people. Many of us or our friends think that it is enough to take the decision not to smoke, to do it again. They say 'Monday will not smoke ", but then still go back to cigarettes. Then again, try to quit. It is a vicious circle.

Says analyst Olga Tarasova:

Smoking - Is a complex conditioned reflex psychological process, which is the cause of so-called "Smoker's bronchitis" with damage and narrowing of blood vessels,when suffering a brain, heart, kidneys. Disturbed sexual activity, accumulated emotional pallor, which leads to a hidden depression. It is noted that nicotine increases the concentration of blood sugar and blood pressure. It is difficult to treat and are associated diseases such as conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis.

Smokers more likely to suffer from menstrual disorders andinfertility. And if a woman smokes during pregnancy, the risk of delivering a child with mental or physical disorders is increased tenfold. Another possible trouble smoking woman - an ectopic pregnancy.

Factors influencing the need to smoke:

  • Ecology, the quality of tobacco, stressful situations.
  • Psychological and social (habits and installation of thinking)
  • Biological - metabolic disorders of organs and systems.

Why many people understand health risks and throw easilyother with difficulties, The third, usually lazy and justify their motivation protection of self-deception?
Tobacco dependence is another neurotic as a consequence of
deprivation syndrome or desire
That pulls the feeling alarm, Keyed, pulsed irritability, emotional resentment.

Smoking is thinking - "If you do not smoke, feel the fatigue" and rejection of thinking causes stress and eventually manifest guilt. Motivation failure or decreasing the number of cigarettes deleted. The reality adoption of the goal goes in imaginative play with yourself - light tomorrow, "live to see Monday and throw."

Powered unconscious reflex scenario without time.

In this scenario, the solution is maintained adult children's "desire" from provocation - All smoking, all talking and smoking behavior is reinforced by a false confidence. deep Children's mechanism is a "virtual fairytale smoking pleasure". Included are "pictures" of life paraphernalia - Color "beauty" of things, ie, lighters, cigarette appearance.

Psychotherapeutic unique methods great help to deal with feelings, images, installations, systematic use of scenarios, depending on the the constitution of the nervous system of the smoker. It allows you to instantly stop smoking or change tactics behavior. Stabilized neuro - psychological process, blocks the effects of nicotine on holinergeticheskuyu system periphery and the brain. Well-chosen individual scheme for anger management program delivered significance, Replace the taste and sensation of pleasure and receiving pleasure. In the future, the termination or change of smoking and number of cigarettes does not cause depression.

If you want to quit smoking - visit a psychoanalyst. Be sure to help!

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