Smoking cessation: 5 myths uncrowned


  • Myth 1. I can myself give up tobacco at any time
  • Myth 2. Quit smoking useless - Health still has not restore
  • Myth 3. Nicotine patches and sprays can be helpful
  • Myth 4. If you quit smoking - get fat
  • Myth 5. Quitting smoking can be harmful

  • Smoking cessation: 5 myths uncrownedMyth 1: I can myself to give up tobacco at any time

    Unfortunately, it is not. Independently quit smoking in a state of not more than 5 persons out of 100. With the help of a doctor it can make people 25-30. International test showing whether you were able to completely get rid of this infection - not smoking for a year. According to statistics, of those who did not take a month in the hands of a cigarette, 70% re-start smoking, non- smokers from 3 months - 50%, six months - 30%, year - 1-5%.

    Myth 2. Quit smoking useless - Health still has not restore

    Once the smoker quits smoking, turn onthe process of detoxification: the body begins to actively self-cleaning. In just three months, while the maximum - three years, smoker body can get rid of all that had accumulated in it. So the risk of developing diseases associated with tobacco intoxication, would amount to the same as if he had never smoked. It is only necessary to bear in mind that even 1-2 cigarettes a day do not give the cleansing process involved. If you want to improve your health, you have to give up tobacco completely.

    3. Myth nicotine patches and sprays can be useful because they contain the same nicotine

    The thing is that all the nicotine replacementpurified preparations comprise nicotine in doses several times smaller than the consumed smokers while smoking. They do not have the mass of harmful carcinogenic and mutagenic substances contained in tobacco smoke and can have devastating effects on the body.

    Incidentally, nicotine itself is quite harmless;but apart from him in tobacco smoke there are hundreds of compounds, which is ten times more toxic. However, it is the nicotine is addictive. The drugs help the body with nicotine to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, which usually lasts no more than a month. If a person is in therapy, he poprinimat enough drugs for 2-3 weeks. For some smokers, they do not need - enough psychotherapeutic methods, which are currently considered basic in treating tobacco dependence.

    Myth 4. If you quit smoking - get fat

    Weight gain occurs in 20-30% of peoplequitters. When cessation rather quickly restored the normal secretion of gastric juice, it increases the digestibility of substances, and this can give an increase in weight. To avoid this, move on to split meals (5-6 times a day), and drink plenty of fluids (carry a bottle of water without gas). Fasting is not necessary. In this mode, enough to spend a month - during which time the digestive system is reconstructed.

    Myth 5. Stopping smoking can be harmful

    Even Alexander Abdulov doctors do not recommend to quit smoking, and it is giving all the interviews again sitting with a cigarette.

    Quitting smoking - always changes the body,load on his system, the development of withdrawal syndrome. When the cleansing mechanism is activated, all the toxins from the tissues of the cells released into the blood, where their content is increased by 2-3 times. Some smokers may take hard until the exacerbation of chronic diseases. However, the methodology in the phasing out of tobacco, even with heavy pathologies. Quit Smoking - it means to give up permanent intoxication of the organism. Make it's never too late.

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