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  • codependency

  • codependency

    In order to understand what is codependency, answering these questions:

    • Most of the funds in your family goes to the dependent
    • You pay for the debts, loans, helping to not go to jail
    • You are not doing your health, because not enough time or resources
    • You find it difficult to refuse a request dependent
    • You blame yourself that your mother became addicted
    • You try to hide the problem from others
    • Do you consider yourself obligated to "save" your loved one, take care of it
    • You are constantly in a bad mood, anxiety about your loved one

    If you answered YES to at least one question, most likely a problem of codependency and touched you.

    Bohlen my child / husband, not me! - You say and will be right. However, the dependent person is a member of your family, of your life, and your interaction can not but have an impact on the disease.

    It is known that the dependence is a problem throughout the family. Therefore, correction of codependent relationships in the family is a primary task for the establishment of stable remission.

    What is codependency
    Codependency is a passionillness of a loved one suffering from addiction, living his life, the substitution of interest codependency interests dependent husband, son, daughter. This is the soil in the family, without which dependence can not be shown. Codependency - it reached the painful expression of love. It is based on the problem of family relationships, which is formed over decades, for generations and is a destructive strategy, firmly entrenched in the family.

    For this reason, the process of modifying such relationshipslong and laborious. Codependency - people who are not suffering from chemical dependency, so encourage them to help a rather difficult task. As a rule, co-dependent actively deny any personal problems, family problems, blaming a dependent family member. They defend their own illusions and delusions, defending them. Signs of codependency are low self-esteem, controlling behavior, fear of publicity, lack of confidence in a loved one, a, doctor, loss of control over their behavior, their feelings, superstition, fear, and other psevdoaltruizm.

    The intervention of the therapist,psychologist, psychiatrist narkogoga a critical attitude toward codependency, willingness to solve their own problems, the improvement of the situation in the family and the formation of structural policies, effective ways to overcome emotional stress. Associates are able to solve their problems and to build new constructive relationship in the family, the members of which, respectively, are willing to accept these changes.

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