Baby stuttering


  • What is stuttering
  • Signs of stuttering
  • The causes of stuttering
  • Speech mode stuttering

  • What is stuttering

    Stuttering - a violation of tempo, rhythm, fluency, caused by spasms in various parts of the vocal apparatus.
    When we observe the child's stuttering in his speech forced to stop or repetition of certain sounds and syllables. Stuttering most often occurs in children aged from two to five years.

    Signs of stuttering

    In time to help your child, it is very important not to miss the first signs of stuttering:

    • child suddenly falls silent, refusing tospeak (It can last from two hours to one day, after which the child begins to speak again, but this time, stammering If in time to see a specialist before the occurrence of stuttering, it can be prevented..);
    • use to separate words superfluous sounds (a, u);
    • the repetition of the first syllables or whole words at the beginning of sentences;
    • forced to stop in the middle of words, phrases;
    • difficulties before the start of the speech.

    The causes of stuttering

    The cause of stuttering is the weakening of the central nervous system.

    Baby stutteringThe reason for the occurrence of stuttering can bedifferent. Sometimes it occurs after a number of infectious diseases, when the body is weakened. Often stuttering occurs after a fright or prolonged mental neuroticism - a constant unfair, rude attitude towards the child the people around him. By stuttering may cause a sudden change for the worse conditions of life (in the family environment, the regime). Heredki cases of stuttering in children with precocious speech whose parents read to them too many poems, fairy tales, treated with constant requests: tell, again, are often forced to talk show.

    Sometimes children late to start talking (inaround the age of three years), together with the rapid development of speech and stuttering occurs. It should be borne in mind that stuttering may also occur in children with motor slowed emerging area. Such children are clumsy, not well serve, chewing sluggish, they lack the fine motor hand.

    Knowing these reasons and to help parentsteachers time to notice the warning signs of and promptly contact the experts (psychologist, neuropsychiatrist, speech therapist) as stuttering is easier to prevent than to treat.

    Speech mode stuttering

    Due to the fact that children who stutter and children at risk weakened nervous system, they require individual attention, quiet atmosphere in the family, and the right common mode of speech.

    • Helzya children read a lot of books, notappropriate to their age. Harmful reading at night scary tales, as this can cause a child's sense of constant fear: he is afraid to see the Baba Yaga, devil, hell, etc.
    • Not should be allowed frequently and for a long time to watchTV shows. It is tiring and overexcited child. Particularly adversely effect the transfer, is not appropriate to the age and reviewed before bedtime.
    • Helzya overindulge children, to perform anytheir whim, as in this case, the trauma to the child could provide even a slight contradiction to it, for example, denial of something desired. Requirements for the child, must comply with his or her age, be always the same, constant from all others in the family and in the kindergarten, at school.
    • Not overload the child's greatthe number of impressions (cinema, reading, watching TV, etc.) in the recovery period after the disease. Hesoblyudenie regime and demands proper education in this
      time can easily lead to the emergence of stuttering.
    • Helzya intimidate the child, punish, leaving one in the room, especially dimly lit. In the form of punishment can force him to sit quietly in a chair, deprive participate in their favorite game, etc.

    Teachers need to remember the following. In the case of stuttering child enterskindergarten or school need to communicate with their parents, to identify the causes of stuttering and try to fix them, to show such a child full attention, sensitivity, establish contact, not to fix the child's attention on its deficit and make sure that it does not tease other children.

    Talk with the child should be clear, smooth (without taking one word from another), without haste, but in any case not in syllables and sing-song voice.

    Huzhno always be equally smooth anddemanding child. It is necessary to bring together such a child with the most balanced, well-speaking children to imitating them, he learned to speak eloquently and smoothly.

    Helzya stammering children involved in the game,that excite and require participants to individual speech performances. However, it is useful to engage round dance and other games requiring choral responses.

    These children can not be asked first in class. It is better to ask after a child who is well said. If the child can not begin to tell or started, but poorly, stammering, the teacher should help him Pronounce
    (Phrase) or divert his attention with another question without giving an opportunity to speak haltingly.

    Ha festival is necessary to give the child the opportunity to sing a song together with other children, so as not to deprive the joy to speak, not to emphasize the lack of it, on the contrary, to inspire confidence in their own strength.

    For stuttering child are very important lessons in music and dance, which promote the correct speech breath, feeling the tempo, rhythm. Useful additional classes in singing.

    Child stutters all the time should be under the supervision of a speech therapist and a neuropsychiatrist.

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