Specialized nutrition - assistance in restoring after stroke


  • As a specialized diet can help a person who has had a stroke?
  • The dedicated power supply is different from the home?
  • Specialized nutrition company Nutricia Advance for people with stroke
  • How to use a dedicated power supply?

  • As a specialized diet can help a person who has had a stroke?

    Specialized nutrition - assistance in restoring after strokeAny processes in our body take place withEnergy costs, which we can get only one way - with food. From it we extract all the necessary nutrients: amino acids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Healthy people can fill them due to the large variety of food products and dishes. But the people have suffered a stroke are usually limited in their ability to fully eat, such as:

    • The impossibility of eating naturallyParalysis, disturbance of swallowing, chewing functions, violation of any movements of hands;
    • The reluctance to eatLoss of appetite, emotional and volitional disorders, taste and smell;
    • The conditions under which a person does not have to eat alone: Risk of getting food into the bronchi and lungs due to swallowing difficulties, impaired consciousness;
    • Malnutrition or the threat of its development.

    Subsequently, the person may develop malnutrition, which slows the recovery process after a stroke.

    In such a situation, a person especially in need of a continuous influx of nutrients !!!

    For clarity, we can give some scientific evidence to support the need to take seriously the diet of people in the period of illness and recovery:

    • A healthy person can live in fullstarvation no more than 2-3 months, but if fasting is combined with such a serious disease as acute cerebrovascular accident (stroke), it caused serious violations are compounded, and the rate of destruction of body tissues and organ failure increases, reducing the survival period several times.
    • Loss of 50% protein and 95% fat, is not compatible with life.
    • Already in the first day of fasting begins the loss of muscle protein and blood proteins.

    The dedicated power supply is different from the home?

    Plain food, such as soups, steam cutlets,meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, individually, do not provide all the necessary healing substances. But to meet the daily requirement of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, should be given at the same time all these products in large quantities, which is impossible. Meat and fish are rich in protein, but do not contain sufficient vitamins and does not contain carbohydrates, and many vegetables and fruit - contrary do not contain the required amounts of protein. I.e, normal diet is not balanced.

    As a result, people in the period of illness and recovery, often doomed to partial or complete starvation, which is very bad for the restoration.

    To fully meet the special dietaryneeds of the people after a stroke, to facilitate the adoption of food for recovery, you can use specially designed power line NUTRIDRINK (for food through the mouth) and Nutrizon (tube feeding).

    This food contains everything needed for the normal functioning of the body weakened and his speedy recovery.

    Specialized nutrition NUTRIDRINK, unlikefrom the usual food, produced in a convenient liquid form, it can be used NUTRIDRINK for easy oral administration (drinking). The composition is selected in such a way that Protein is the building of new cells in thesynthesis necessary for vital proteins (enzymes, antibodies), but not on the energy costs. The energy comes from fats and carbohydrates. Using NUTRIDRINK power allows to make up a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, Which flow in a human disease and the recovery period is several times higher than that of the healthy.

    Liquid specialized nutrition spare wallstomach and intestine, enveloping them, facilitates the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, and nutritional mixture containing dietary fiber, contributes to the prevention of complications such as diarrhea and constipation. Only a standardized composition of the mixture allows you to accurately calculate the amount of liquid introduced, energy, protein, vitamins and minerals, which is especially important for people during illness and recovery.

    The most important thing for a person with stroke -This acceleration of the rehabilitation process, the restoration of the ability to perform basic functions. This requires a complete, fully balanced diet, in which there are all the necessary proteins - the building material to repair damaged tissues and organs, fats and carbohydrates - energy, vitamins and minerals - to stimulate the immune system and antioxidant effect.

    Thus, NUTRIDRINK power has advantages that contribute to the restoration of:

    • Complete and balanced composition, a complex of vitamins and minerals, all macro- and microelements necessary for the body.
    • Save time, effort, caring for a person during illness and recovery. Ease of use.
    • Safe food to reduce the risk of poisoning and gastric disorders.
    • Better tolerability: NUTRIDRINK contains lactose and gluten - substances that most commonly cause adverse reactions and do not contain cholesterol, which is especially important for people with cerebrovascular disorders (stroke) and heart (coronary heart disease).

    Specialized nutrition company Nutricia Advance for people with stroke

    NUTRICIA Group of Companies - one of the largestworld specialized food producers. NUTRICIA Group company develops and produces nutrient mixture for children and adults, based on a scientific approach and strict quality standards.


    A complete balanced composition, sterile liquid diet, high in protein and energy, to restore people's stroke.

    Nutridrink adding to the diet, you can be sure that the person will receive a full range of nutrients necessary to support the body and recovery.

    Designed for people with an increased need for protein, energy and vitamins.


    • The protein, which is the building blocks of cells and tissues;
    • Carbohydrates provide a feeling of fullness and give energy for all processes in the body;
    • Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which have anti-inflammatory effects;
    • Vitamins, minerals, carotenoids complex, which have potent antioxidant and effect are the natural stimulators of immunity.

    Recommendations for Admission: Since the power enriched, it is recommended to drink slowly for better absorption, through a straw for 20 minutes:

    • 3 bottles per day as a supplement to the diet;
    • 5-6 bottles per day as a major and unique power source.

    *there are contraindications. Before application necessary to consult a specialist.
    Detailed product information contained on the label.
    Duration of reception is not limited. The minimum period - 1 month.
    Approved for use in adults and children older than 3 years
    release Form: Plastic bottle of 200 ml (300 kcal) with a straw.
    6 flavors: chocolate, orange vanilla, strawberry, banana, neutral
    ProductionNetherlands. Shelf life: 12 months.

    How to use a dedicated power supply?

    • Drink through the mouth - Nutridrink. Gavage or via a specially made hole (stoma) - Nutrizon. This power can not be administered intravenously (parenteral)!
    • Observe the rules of hygiene.
    • Apply the mixture to room temperature.
    • In use specialized food through the mouth on their own, it is better to use a tube and drink it slowly in small sips (200 ml for 20 minutes).
    • If a specialized power supply is used as a supplement to the normal diet, drink it between meals.
    • Opened package or bottle Nutrizon Nutridrinka or stored in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours. Closed bottle stored at temperatures from +5 to +25? C.
    • Make sure the person who will take power, there are no contraindications: galactosemia, the age of 3 years.

    Before purchasing, please check the expiration date and package integrity

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