Myoma? Mastopatia? Cyst? Homeopath cure!


Myoma? Mastopatia? Cyst? Homeopath cure!The most common homeopathic centers"Aconite-Gomeomed" treated women with various forms of hormonal imbalance. Usually the problem is hormonal failure "hidden" behind the diagnoses "uterine fibroids", "breast", "ovarian cyst", "endometriosis", "climax", "thyroid node", "osteoporosis" ...

Our patients tell us how in the difficult moments of their lives is well appointed homeopath treatment saved them from certain operations or receiving hormones for life.

The importance of correct choice of an adequate methodtreatment increases annually - is rapidly increasing number of people suffering from various forms of hormonal imbalance. Thus, compared with 1991, but in 2010 the number of patients treated at our homeopaths increased 7.3 times!

Myoma? Mastopatia? Cyst? Homeopath cure!Over 20 years of our centers, "Aconite-Gomeomed" we have cured about 38 thousand (!) Women! All of them, passing treatment in our homeopathic doctors have noted a pronounced and sustained improvement in health.

Thus, ultrasound findings, our patientsresolved or significantly reduced fibroids, cysts and nodes of mammary and thyroid glands. According to laboratory tests fully restored indicators of their hormonal status. Almost all women's menstrual cycle had been got up, no longer bother bleeding, bleeding, hot flashes, gradually normalized overall metabolism and as a consequence - to normal weight, edema disappeared, and all other complaints related to hormonal disorders.

And uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts and abnormalproliferation with mastitis or endometriosis and thyroid nodules - all these abnormal formation resolved only by accepting our homeopaths properly selected individual mono preparations. And eliminated the need for the operation, and received in severe hormonal drugs.

It is important to note that even now after many yearsafter treatment in the centers "Aconite-Gomeomed" these women continue to feel good about themselves: they are not concerned about pain, bleeding, there is no growth of new nodes, polyps or cysts. Thus. the elimination of the causes of most of these diseases - hormonal failure, led to permanent and steady disappearance of the original complaints.

Greatly improved and overall healthwomen past 3-6 months 'treatment in the "Aconite-Gomeomed' centers: the complete failure of the reception of chemicals have no pain in the spine and joints, normal pressure, establish the work of the digestive system. Improved and their psycho-emotional state - an important indicator of overall health, which largely determines the quality of life itself.

These stable positive resultsexplains, firstly, the impact of high efficiency mono themselves homeopathic preparations to restore the hormonal balance in the body, and, secondly, the professionalism of our specialists, who have their own long experience in the treatment of hormonal diseases mono homeopathic drugs.

Our homeopaths practicing medical practice,continue to conduct active scientific work: defending the thesis, take an active part in the work of the National Council of Homoeopathy, being a permanent member of the Russian Homeopathic Society.

This, truly scientific approach to homeopathictreatment of hormonal diseases, provides for mandatory registration of all our specialists individual characteristics of patients and all their existing co-morbidities, which, of course, very pleased with them!

Doctors centers "Aconite-Gomeomed" very helpful inthe use of two types of advanced computer examination: electro-diagnostics by Voll and patients organism survey method of vegetative resonance test (VRT). We work only on the most advanced and certified versions of this equipment from leading manufacturers, allowing for simultaneous testing of individual mono preparations.

Our patients have long forgotten theirperennial fears and anxieties, and we are very happy for them: we do not lose contact, monitor the status of their health since 1991 and are very glad for them. After all, an established homeopathy hormone levels in the body - the most important guarantee that these diagnoses and they do not affect in the future, as well as many other manifestations of hormonal imbalance!

Many people are often confused with homeopathic treatmentphytotherapy. But it is not so! Homeopathic remedies are a much stronger effect on the organism, and their treatment does not require the use of any other means.

The effectiveness of homeopathic treatmentis determined only by their correct selection for each case: in all, there are about 53,000 drug and only an experienced professional can you choose those mono drugs that can not simply "treat" the complaint, and to cure the body without recurrence cycle crash! E. CURE uterine myoma, mastopathy, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, menopause, thyroid, on the advice of a friend or employee knot pharmacy IMPOSSIBLE!
Fully establish a hormonal balance in the body by the forces only experienced homeopath!

Harm homeopathy impossible! A start treatment with homeopathic drugs in mono experienced specialist - the most sensible thing you can do for your health!

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