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  • At the origins of homeopathy
  • "Three Pillars" of homeopathy
  • How to become a homeopath
  • What is "hidden" in the balls?
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  • In recent decades, medicine has leapedforward in its development. But at the same time the number of chronic patients is not decreasing, and new incurable diseases. One of the main problems of today's medicine is that more and more patients are forced to take a new potent drugs will certainly bring relief, avoid the unpleasant symptoms, but at the same time and causing unwanted effects. And ultimately the negative effect of the treatment is comparable or even superior to the positive effect. In addition, modern medicine was divided into many narrow specializations, in anything but a rational grain, there is a serious drawback. The physician subspecialty appropriate to the disease in terms of their discipline, and often do not always take into account the complex relationship between the individual organs and systems of the whole organism. The futility of this approach many patients (especially those with chronic diseases) have felt. Of course, there are situations when you can not do without the purpose of powerful hormones or antibiotics. However, in the course of treatment is possible and necessary to find a "middle ground" between "power" effect on the body and gentle treatment methods, one of which is homeopathy.

    At the origins of homeopathy

    Homeopathy. Secrets of the popularity of Homeopathy - a method of treatment, which aimsto restore the vitality of the body through increased self-regulation processes using homeopathic medicines used in very small doses.

    The founder of the homeopathic method isGerman physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He noticed that a healthy person symptoms of poisoning bark of cinchona (quinine) are strikingly similar to the symptoms of malaria, quinine for the treatment of which was used. Hahnemann continued research in this area and came to the conclusion: "If quinine, malaria causes symptoms in a healthy person can cure this disease, so the drug acts as such It cures the patient due to the ability to cause the same symptoms in the healthy.".

    Within six years of observation and his doctorfollowers experienced the new material was recorded and summarizes the results of these experiments. As a result, they are surprised to notice the similarity resulting from the medication symptoms with symptoms of many diseases. "The healing power of drugs is determined by their symptoms similar to symptoms of the disease, but exceeding it by force," he wrote to Hahnemann later. As a result of the work done by Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy bases were formulated: the law of similarity - "like cures like" and the law of infinitesimal doses of the fact that we'll detail below.

    For many years, conventional medicine did not recognizeHahnemann and his teachings, but the high effectiveness of the method and the availability of followers to bear fruit. Homeopathy has been recognized not only in Germany and most of Europe, but also in the East.

    "Three Pillars" of homeopathy

    law of similarity</ H2>

    Let us explain the essence of this law as an example of aloe. It is known that the herbal preparation in large doses has irritating laxative effect on the intestine, causing flatulence and loose stools. But if the patient already in these manifestations, such as colitis (inflammation of the mucosa of the colon), then in small doses aloe eliminates them. In other words - the processes that occur under the influence of high doses, they are treated, in small doses (homeopathic).

    Law infinitesimal doses</ H2>

    In order to understand its essence, it is necessary to get acquainted withcooking technology homeopathic remedy. There exist several methods, but is a classic naturally Hahnemann method. The starting material is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 or 1: 100, and vigorously shaken, and then the procedure is repeated as many times as the number of times of repetitions reaches thousands. According to the law of physics (Avogadro's law), in such a solution does not remain active substances and molecules, respectively, in terms of the drug biochemistry can not work. However, it is believed that the vigorous shaking occurs storing water structure of the starting material, the circulation of information about it. Indeed, the solvent (water) acquires new properties - this is confirmed by spectral analysis and other modern methods of physical research. Moreover, at each new stage of dilution and shaking action of the drug is enhanced and becomes more profound.

    By the way, the law of Avogadro uses astheir arguments, most critics of homeopathy. Successful treatment results are explained by the effect of a placebo (dummy), in which the improvement in the state of health of the patient comes through his suggestibility. However, they do not explain the success of the use of homeopathic medicines in infants and animals.

    Hering's Law, or "disease vice versa"</ H2>

    There is a third fundamental law of homeopathy,Open an outstanding follower of Hahnemann Constantine Hering and later named after him. Its essence is that, when the true healing occurs regression of symptoms of the disease, and in the sequence opposite to that in which they arose.

    Furthermore, first missing psychological(Emotional) symptoms: the patient improves mood, increases efficiency, normalize sleep, then - Physical: improves the function of individual organs, headaches disappear. But the healing process is as described it himself Goering, "on functionally important organs more and more deeply located in the patient's body to the bodies located more superficially." For example, patients suffering from bronchial asthma at the beginning of the disease often had atopic dermatitis (an allergic skin disease characterized by rash, itching, scratching). For his treatment of hormone ointment was applied, after which these phenomena are really disappeared. And after some time it appeared the first attacks of asthma. Normally, the patient does not associate the two allergic diseases. But during the homeopathic treatment the opposite occurs developments: asthma attacks become less frequent and lighter until they disappear, and skin problems may come back, and only continued administration of homeopathic remedies is healed and the skin. In this case we can speak about the reverse development of pathological processes in the body and healing.

    How to become a homeopath

    In our country, in 1995 the Ministry of Health by the order were allowed the use of homeopathy in public health care facilities.

    In order to become a doctor - homeopath andto qualify for the relevant practice in our country, you must first obtain the classical medical education: to finish medical school and pass a primary specialization in one of the major clinical specialties. Then I have a few years to work in accordance with the diploma and pass a primary specialization in homeopathy. And only then, having received a certificate, you can begin to practice homeopath. Moreover, every five years by a specialist is required to undergo refresher courses - and the main specialty, and homeopathy.

    Most homeopathic doctors regularly visitprofessional conferences, to exchange experience with colleagues. In addition, today they have the opportunity to be trained like a well-known Russian and foreign artists have homeopathyAt their workshops and master classes.

    What is "hidden" in the balls?

    Outsiders often confuse people with homeopathyphytotherapy (herbal therapy). Actually homeopathic preparation can be prepared from virtually any substance, be it plant, animal products and excreta (e.g., bile), or any element of the periodic table.

    Homeopathic medicines are available in the form ofdrops, tablets, and pills, powders (beads). Applying drops may be limited in children - due to the alcohol that is used as a preservative. But the kids are happy to take the sweet balls in the manufacture of which sugar is impregnated with a solution of the drug substance and dried, and then out of it formed pills. They can be of different size and shape is not perfectly round, but the amount of active drug substance in them always strictly identical. If desired to produce an insoluble drug basis, for example, minerals, its triturated (not less than an hour) is mixed with milk and sugar, and then make a powder or tablet. For topical ointment is prepared with the drug mixture and glycerin.

    Exceptions to the "classics"

    In modern homeopathy, there are different schoolsand currents. One of these areas - it homotoxicology, which is based on the postulate that all diseases dependent accumulation in the body of certain chemicals - homotoxines (poisons the organism). According to supporters of this theory, the disease can be cured by specific drugs that are in touch with homotoxins, turn them into non-toxic compounds. This concept, developed by Dr. H. Reckeweg, is based on classical homeopathy, which uses monopreparations (one active substance), but unlike it provides the use of complex homeopathic remedies (consisting of several active substances).

    Consider this as an example of vertigo. Depending on the main symptom - rotation senses, swing or related nausea - classical homeopathy uses a variety monopreparations. If combine several such components in a vehicle, it will be possible to treat different types of vertigo as used homotoxicologic.

    Complex homeopathic preparations,that issue today, many foreign and domestic firms, you can treat allergic diseases, diseases of the joints, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract pathology, the effects of sports injuries and many other ailments. Names of diseases in which these drugs are effective, written on the packaging. There's also indicates the average dose of admission and duration of the intended course. Complex homeopathic drugs act quickly as conventional pharmacological, but retain all the positive aspects of homeopathy: a good compatibility with other methods, and a low level of side effects. Ready complex drugs available over the counter without a prescription.

    Benefits of homeopathy

    naturalness</ H2>

    Homeopathic drug stimulates the bodyits own resources ( "life force") and excludes the possibility of obtaining a therapeutic effect in a single organ or system at the expense of others. Thus, it is possible to avoid the undesirable effects associated with conventional pharmacological medicine. In addition, properly designated a homeopathic remedy (if the stored reserves of the body) causes a gradual regression of the disease, even chronic.

    Guarantee ease</ H2>

    Action designated the drug more powerful andproductively than he more fully reflect the real picture of the disease and the patient's personality. homeopath often ask what the disease can be treated with homeopathy? Almost any. It all depends on how long the sick man, at what stage is the development of a pathological process, as "aggressive" was the previous treatment, and finally saved as its internal reserves.

    Of course, there are cases where homeopathyIt is only palliative (debilitating symptoms of the disease, but does not eliminate the cause) the nature, especially in patients of older age groups. In such cases, it often is not about healing, and about improving the quality of life and well-being, that is about getting sick from certain unpleasant symptoms. As for working with younger patients, here we can talk about the prospect of the return of the pathological process - - that is, about treatment of the disease.

    Individual approach</ H2>

    For the homeopath is not the primaryname of the disease and understanding of the processes (both physiological and psychological), occurring in the body of a particular patient. Therefore, for the same diagnosis two different people will get different treatment. For homeopathy is not just "bronchitis" (bronchial mucosa inflammation) is very important, who exactly and under what circumstances he came to see if anything unusual in the course of the disease and how it is that a patient responds to their disease.

    At the doctor

    Homeopathy is the patient talks about his problemsIt is not the case, as it happens in the office of the district therapist or physician specialization. Normally this doctor reception lasts at least one to two hours. First, the patient tells about all their health problems, and then the doctor, who had been listening to the patient, without interrupting, then clarifies important from his point of view the details, find out how emerged and developed the disease, how it treated and what are the results and complications held therapy. Then the homeopath examines the patient, emphasizing complained again clarifies details, questions him about the lifestyle, habits and peculiarities of character. All this is important for the selection of drugs. Then the doctor in a certain way the information organizes and carries out the so-called repertorizing (verifies the information about the patient specific data directory, repertory). Only after that is assigned to a homeopathic medicine that corresponds to this, the specific case.

    We are treated at home

    You can create a home first aid kit, completehomeopathic monotherapy. For example, arnica, very well help with bruises, black and blue. If constipation and bloating will Lycopodium 6, diarrhea from fruits, fatty foods (not meaning an intestinal infection), reduced intake of Pulsatilla 3. High temperature often decreases when taking aconite 6 (if the patient does not sweat) or belladonna 6 (if accompanied by fever later). When adenoids nose drip OIL TUI in the sixth dilution; in the presence of pus in the tonsils congestion and sore throat helps GEPAR Sulphur 6 LYAHEZIS 6; from pustular rash and other skin problems can be useful Sulphur 6.

    Taking homeopathic medicines on their own, should adhere to certain rules:

    • drops or homeopathic grains should be taken 30 minutes before a meal or within 30 minutes after it.
    • frequency of administration depends on the size of the figureswhich immediately follows the name of the drug. If it is 6 or 3, the drug should drink 6 or 3 times a day. In the case of acute illness are advised to take the drug often (sometimes every 15 minutes), but not for a long time (3-5 days).
    • homeopathic pellets are placed in the mouth, under the tongue, to complete resorption and not washed down with water.
    • During treatment, you need to avoid taking coffee and mentolosoderzhaschih substances (chewing gum, lozenges).

    But the use of independenthomeopathic remedies is to remember that their actions will not always be profoundly effective and accurate, because in this case is not respected the most important for the principle of individual approach of homeopathy. After all, the recipe chosen for colds generally can not "work" with a cold concrete. After all, one person coughing can no longer torment the evening, and the other - in the morning, one sick, because for a long time stood in the cold wind, and the other - wet my feet. In each of these cases requires an individual approach and "his" medicine. Not to mention how different characters of people, and how differently they experience their illness.

    Mechanical use of ready-made recipesIt is not always successful, and blame is not homeopathy. It is better to consult a doctor, homeopath, specially learned the wisdom of traditional medicine and homeopathy, before you meet with a patient in his office.

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