Diet Elena Malysheva

About diet Malysheva know almost all the ladies whoeven sometimes "wander" in the network. Minus five kilos in ten days without hunger - who did not see the names of female zazyvnye sites. How does this diet? One of the main components of the diet Malysheva - not strict fasting. But the list of prohibited products still exists.

Diet malyshevoy
On this diet you know almost all the ladies who evensometimes "wander" in the network. Minus five kilos in ten days without hunger - who did not see the names of female zazyvnye sites. How does this diet? We investigated with our site.

Who is who

According to Wikipedia, Elena Malysheva - itRussian therapist, presenter of several educational programs on Channel One. As is clear from the information contained in the source, Malyshev is not a nutritionist. How is it then able to develop a much vaunted and effective diet? This question remains a mystery. But judging by the scope of the Internet audience, someone good earned and continues to earn on this project. Are there experiments on himself, he decides to each of us. Let's see what kind of miracle diet.

The psychological component of the diet Malysheva

Diet malyshevoy
So, one of the main components of this diet -not strict fasting. That is, we eat, and not "sit" on the water. The reason is simple - if you abruptly stop eating, your body is thought that the hunger strike began, moved to economy mode and immediately began to accumulate even those crumbs that we "indulge." This scheme continues to operate and after the diet. That is why, after all the rigorous diets to lose weight quickly returns.

But the list of prohibited products still exists. It gets all the flour, fat and fried, salt, sugar, potatoes, rice and alcohol.

Salt - water retention in the body, improvesthe taste of food, because we eat and the portion of an order of magnitude greater than that necessary to satisfy hunger. Alcohol greatly increases the appetite. The rest of the list - it is the carbohydrates with a minimum content of nutrients which are quickly deposited in body fat (if they are not immediately "burn" exercise).

As you can see, you do not have to starve, but to major goodies to give all the same need. But it's better than a strict diet, which leads to stress.

5 kilos in 10 days

As you can see, we offer (in the program "Livinggreat! "and not on the Internet) kind of express a diet designed for 10 days. They offer, among other things, invited qualified nutritionists. This diet can be called a discharge, with a fairly moderate calorie. Despite this, the body obtains the necessary substances (proteins and carbohydrates), but completely eliminates fat intake. Another rule of thumb is two to three hours before bedtime does not eat and drink during the day for two liters of high quality water - no tea, coffee and juices, and mineral water, not soda.

Stages unloading diet

Diet malyshevoy
The ten days of the diet are divided into protein, andcarbohydrate days. They alternate: one day you eat protein foods, the next day - carbohydrate, protein again. In the morning on an empty stomach every day you have to drink a glass of water at room temperature.

Protein day. For breakfast, we eat one boiled egg,salad greens without any refueling and salt. Salad may consist of dill, parsley, cilantro, lettuce, fresh cucumber. We ate absolutely can not swallow a set of products without dressing, sprinkle it with a teaspoon of lemon juice. The rest of the day we eat meat. It should not be greasy chicken (preferably homemade). We boil it whole without salt, pour out the broth, and boil again. With a whole chicken we get about 700 grams of meat, do not eat the skin. This is the day you need to eat all the meat. I repeat - no salt, spices, bread!

Carbohydrate day. We ate during the previous day we spoiledbody proteins, but now we use the useful carbohydrates and clean the gastrointestinal tract. To do this, the whole day we eat a magic salad called "Blade." Preparing it well. Cabbage finely sechem, raw carrots and beets three on a coarse grater. Now hand mix the salad, be sure to crushing vegetables at the end add a teaspoon of lemon juice. This salad is wonderful to cleanse our intestines, and it is precisely there, nutritionists assured, accumulates several kilograms of unnecessary substances that provoke different diseases. Eat this salad can be seven times a day. A portion should be the size of faceted glass. Do not forget to drink water, that it plays a major role in the effectiveness of weight loss.

By alternating these days, you can get rid of fiveextra padding. Just do not bigotry! In fact, fasting days should not be so lengthy. Doctors recommend to arrange one or two of these days a week. And if the rest of the week you will not overeat, then the results will come and stay with you for a long time!

Longer than 10 days in a similar way to eatrecommend. "Will break" and begin to eat foods from the black list, the weight will return immediately. Therefore, 10 days in the diet mode, and then - the right food without frills.

Prolonged diet Malysheva

Diet malyshevoy
That is this diet touted aroundinternet, it is here promised unrealistic weight loss without any problems, it is here, many gullible citizens voluntarily poured 300 rubles from their mobile phones. Dear readers of our site, do not believe those who ask you to send SMS, and in return promised to send a personalized diet. You have no idea how much it cost to develop an individual diet from a nutritionist, well obviously not 300 rubles! Those who believed and forked, came an absolutely identical product lists! So let's deal with its own credulity! And overweight!

Malyshev itself states that no relationship to the fraudsters from the network does not have. A diet requirements described in one of the editions of his show for free! Here they are:

  • not hungry, and to eat by the rules;
  • refuse refills, for a maximum of lettuce - lemon juice;
  • proteins scoop of low-fat varieties of meat and fish boiled or baked form, without salt and separately from any side dishes. You can eat with greens;
  • we make sure that the calorie daily diet does not exceed the mark of 1,200 calories;
  • We disclaim sweet, flour, fat, alcohol and salt.

That's all. As for me, this diet is completely identical the power supply system with counting calories
- In my opinion, the most secure, convenient andeffective. And those who followed the diet Malysheva, complain that it is difficult to make such a poor food for a long time. But a few months it took 15 kilograms of weight. And in general, this diet is suitable for those who need to lose 20-30 kg, but not the ladies with the extra 2-3 pounds.

our site asks its readers to be vigilantand learn to recognize Internet scams. And finally, we want to say that the best diet - it is a constant, proper diet combined with moderate exercise.

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