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This diet is usually prescribed for gastric ulcersand intestinal ulcers in the acute stage of fading, as well as in the period of convalescence and recovery period. This diet duration is usually from three to five months.

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Diet №1 shows the acute form gastritis during convalescence, in chronicgastritis with secretory deficiency. In addition, this diet is indicated for chronic gastritis with increased and normal secretion. Sometimes diet is prescribed for diseases such as the esophagus esophagitis and gastro-esophageal reflux disease,.

The main objective is to accelerate the diet №1process of healing erosions and ulcers. In addition, it can reduce and prevent inflammatory reactions in the intestine and in the stomach. In addition, the diet can lead to gastric motility rate. At the same time the body will receive all necessary for life nutrients.

Chemical composition

When powered on this diet, each person willday with food obtain about 100 grams of fat, with 30% of them are vegetable fats. In the daily diet also contains about 400-420 grams of carbohydrates, and about 90-100 grams of protein, and 60% of them - it's vegetable proteins. At the same time the rate of salt per day is 10-12 grams, and the daily rate of the fluid is equal to the consolidated half-liters.

The total daily caloric intake up to 2800-3000 calories.

Multiplicity food during a diet is five to six times per day.

Approved products

diet, diet 1, therapeutic diet, diet, diet

When a diet №1 should be excluded fromtheir diet only two groups of products. The first group includes generally products that may cause or may increase the pain. These include drinks, coffee, strong tea, tomatoes and a variety of soft drinks.

The second group are usually related to the products thatable to stimulate the production of secretions in the stomach and intestine. These include fish bouillon, broth, mushroom broth, any fried foods, stews in its own juice. They also include fish, meat, tomato sauce and mushroom sauce. Also prohibited are smoked and salted meat. Prohibited salty pickled fruits and vegetables, prohibited any canned fish and meat. Do not include in the daily diet during dieting seasonings and spices.

In addition, the diet should be omittedrye and any fresh bread. They should be excluded from pastry products and wheat, dairy products with increased acidity. In addition, from the diet in the future should be excluded barley, wheat, corn, barley grits. Not allowed to eat as legumes, sorrel, radishes, cabbage, cucumbers and onions. There should also be patient in the diet of pickled vegetables and pickled vegetables, mushrooms, sour fruits and berries, rich in fiber.

Generally during the power must first,focus on the sensations. Thus, if the use of a product, pain in the abdomen, or more severe symptoms, such as nausea or vomiting, it should abandon the use of the product.

The diet number 1a

diet, diet 1, therapeutic diet, diet, diet

This version of the diet is usually prescribed in severe exacerbations peptic ulcerAt acute gastritis and otherThe disease, which is a gentle food. This option allows you to limit the diet stomach against chemical, mechanical and thermal impacts. This will restore the maximum sparing the gastric mucosa.

Diet number 1b

This version of the diet is usually shown with mildaggravation of ulcers, chronic gastritis forms. In this case, the food should be taken at least six times a day. The average duration №1b diet is from 10 to 30 days. At the same time the patient must comply with bed rest.

Diet number 1P (extended)

diet, diet 1, therapeutic diet, diet, diet

This diet is usually shown in peptic ulcer disease,which runs hard and unfavorable. This marked disorders of metabolic processes. The purpose of this diet is sparing the stomach, which is achieved by dietary restrictions of various stimuli. In addition, the diet stimulates mucosal healing processes and increases mucous protective capabilities. Such food enhances anti-inflammatory treatment.

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