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The followers of Ayurveda believe that the reasons formost diseases lie in the violation of the digestive process. Consequently, the cells do not receive the proper amount of nutrients, resulting in reduced immunity and disease attacks the body smoothly.

Ayurveda offers its own unique system of proper nutrition to help stay healthy, alert and even prolong youth.

Food Ayurveda

According to the teachings of Ayurveda, any dish upfive dos and the same basic elements: earth, air, fire, water, space. Doshi designed to maintain the balance, and if their proportions are harmonious, the body does not experience any problems. If any dosha is out of balance, a person has been feeling unwell - headache, aches in the stomach, there retching, disturbed sleep, etc. Knowledge of the main provisions of Ayurveda will once and for all to gain control over their own body...

Types of Ayurvedic food

Ayurveda, Indian medicine, food, food on Ayurveda

Depending on the nature of the humandesign there are several types of food. In some certain doshas predominate and primary elements, the use of some other doshas must be strictly controlled.

Fire type (Vata).

Digestion type of fire is characterized by weakdigestive system with frequent "irregular" activity. The appetite in people with digestion irregular and varies from one extreme to another. If you can run day and night on business, snack all day one sandwich, and the next day you can not break away from the refrigerator, your type - vata.

For such a characteristic of the digestive systemHigh stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, as well as a high level of production of the hormone somatostatin. This causes poor digestion of proteins, reduced absorption of nutrients, and as a consequence, the predisposition to slim build. About such people usually say: "Lucky! He can eat a kilogram of pork chops, drink beer and not get better or per gram! ". But the people of fire is best to give up meat in mind the bad protein digestibility. The best option - vegetarian diet. It will help to forget about heartburn and flatulence.

wind type (Pitt).

Digestion is the type most powerful wind, and "hot". These people differ enviable appetite and just physically can not miss lunch or dinner. They love the large portions that successfully digested, if a person is healthy. If the digestive power rolls over, it becomes a cause of bad nutrient recycling.

For digestion Pitta type is characterized by highstimulation of the nervous system, the strong development of the hormone glucagon. Such people always hyperactive, but it can cause bad processing fat, and excess fat is known to create the largest and most unpleasant health problems - liver disease, gall bladder, gastritis. colitis. obesity etc.

type mucus (kapha).

Digestion Kapha type is very slow, butThe most effective. It seems that people Kapha eat very little, but get better because if every night overeat sweets. The reason lies in the very methodical slow digestion. For example, a person tightly breakfast, and when the time comes dinner, eating not because it was hungry, but because "so it is necessary", and added to the undigested portion of the breakfast meal.

Increased stimulation of the parasympathetic systemIt helps the body digest food, but it does so very slowly. Because food is a long time in the digestive system, it is better absorbed by saturating cells full range of necessary substances. Kapha people can know the full and dense physique.

Ayurveda teaches that the occurrence of disease dependsfrom human imbalance doshas, ​​such as digestion and food intake. Each of us has an individual rate of food, which implies both the volume and quality of the products. Kapha people with slow digestion should eat a little, because gluttony and irregular eating can lead to obesity. They have enough in the morning and in the evening, but not too late.

Influence of the doshas

Ayurveda, Indian medicine, food, food on Ayurveda

To always feel good, does not necessarily sit on diets, consuming wheat germ and drinking spring water.

It is enough to observe some rules that will eventually come into the habit:

  1. If you sprinkle food with lemon juice, it willquickly digested. In addition, citric acidity will give even the most "boring" original dishes fresh taste. But the main thing is not to overdo it - an overabundance of lemon juice will cause indigestion.
  2. If you are freezing in the cold season, make it a rule to eat lunch a little bit of sauerkraut or pickled cucumbers. When digesting they will give a lot of heat, warming the body from the inside.
  3. Roast the food to corn oil, because it is, inUnlike all other oils, a endures high temperatures and does not decompose. Ideally, you can use melted butter. It brings even reusable bulbs, keeping the nutrients in full.
  4. Sprinkle the tomatoes with sugar. Few, of course, but a little bit of cane sugar will add the tomatoes and tomato dishes with mild taste.
  5. Ayurveda, Indian medicine, food, food on Ayurveda

  6. Eat fresh food. Prepare the soup for the week ahead seems like a good idea only at first. In fact, food is considered to be useful if its "age" is not more than 3 hours.
  7. Forget about canned food. It does not matter whether it is a fish stew or pineapples - in canned food is not anything useful. Moreover, such a method to preserve food leaves its mark in the form of preservatives, dyes and other substances quite insalubrious. Canned food can be compared with an empty shell and not more while fresh mushroom, meat or vegetables have their own spirit.
  8. In the morning, indulge yourself sweetly. This does not mean that your breakfast should consist of cakes. Fruits, juices, some vegetables contain a lot of glucose. Lunch should combine the six tastes - salty, sweet, bitter, sour, tart and tangy. But dinner is desirable to make the most neutral, so as not to excite the tired all day taste buds.

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