Vitamin D for children

To date, a wide choice whenall kinds of multivitamin complexes can safely stay at any one thing. But manufacturers often care only about getting a person a number of essential vitamins, forgetting about the "intermediaries" who help their assimilation and synthesis. One of these intermediaries is vitamin D.

Vitamin D
Today, with a large choice of pharmacies all kinds multivitamin complexes and dietary supplements can safelyfocus on any one thing. However, our body - a very complex structure, and breach of it any link leads to a failure in a number of systems. Especially in children who grow, develop and require a lot of nutrients.

Manufacturers of vitamins often care only aboutman getting a number of essential vitamins, so to say "vital". At the same time completely forget about the "intermediaries" to help the assimilation and synthesis of the main. MirSovetov offers to talk about one of the "intermediaries" whose role is no less - vitamin D.

Deficiency of vitamin D

Accepted assume that all vitaminsMineral nutrients and we getfrom food and supplements. However, vitamin D can be synthesized (produced) by the body in sufficient quantity. When photolysis reaction which is accelerated by ultraviolet light from the internal communication product (endogenous metabolite) is synthesized cholecalciferol - the same one that is needed by the body.

This reaction is a beautifully written, but in modernpolluted cities, ozone depletion or lack of sunlight deficiency in vitamin D is still being formed. But this does not mean that the inhabitants of the northern regions very often suffer hypovitaminosis D or rickets. Diet-conscious human health (and especially children) certainly contains fish, eggs, butter. Thus, it is possible to keep a balance receipt of vitamin D.

Yet our children are sick. Ill rickets and suffer spazmofiliey. Conditionally divide these children into two groups. The first group of children who do not receive enough vitamin D and not having proper nutrition, the second - around wealthy with nutritious meals and receive a prophylactic dose of vitamin D (about it later).

So, quite simply and clearly with the first group- Children need not only diet but also exercise, sunlight (because we all remember that the glass does not transmit ultraviolet rays). In the second group the situation is more complicated: these children are, at first glance, to be ill and should not be rickets, but the "face" and bending the limbs, deformities of the chest and skull. Such children are capricious and easily excitable.

The fact that vitamin D indirectly (it was mentioned in the beginning) is involved in the formation of the skeleton of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Without a sufficient amount of it calcium and phosphorus is simply not absorbed. Through a series of complex chemical reactions phosphorus is gradually lost with the kidneys, and calcium can not be absorbed in the intestine. Therefore, to the bone for their growth and strengthening of the minerals do not reach.

And we see a picture of the children: up to 5 months at a primary focus on the hand and forearm bent arm, his head becomes unnatural form fontanels do not close, their edges are soft and pliable. These kids sweat a lot (and do not need all the "blame" on the imperfection vegetatiki), often cry, sleep restlessly quivering. Kids sit down later due to muscle weakness.

From 6 months old baby sits, muscle weaknessanterior abdominal wall allows the lower edges of the "open", which in medicine is called "reversal of the lower thoracic inlet." The body of the baby becomes like a triangle, with narrow shoulders and a strong expansion of the belly.

Later, when the time comes stomping feet, mothers notice their significant bending. Reduced muscle tone can notice and feel, probably, a doctor.

But nothing lasts forever, and children develop threedata exchange processes in most cases are normalized. The body gets used to live in such conditions. However, bone deformation remain as reduced muscle tone. It predisposes to the development of flat feet, scoliotic posture and scoliosis, impaired vision and, in fact, a very, very many diseases.

Sources of vitamin D
And it all started so well: Mom strictly follow the doctor's prescription, the baby in her mouth dripping vitamin D, walking with him, he kept in the sun. Even doctors can not always determine the number of hours of UV bathing or walking. The significant role played by a collection of all preventive measures: and walks and massage, and movement, and a balanced diet nursing mothers, and even diet pregnant woman.

That is why in most regions of the doctors today prescribe as prevention of vitamin D.

Standard prevention scheme with 21 days of life 1 drop of oily solution containing vitamin D. 500ME reception daily, except for the summer months, moderate climate. Premature babies dosage is doubled, the reception is carried out for two years.

But given the number of factors (mother forget to give,the child comorbidities or very preterm), the terms are discussed individually. Your doctor must monitor the intake of vitamin D, as well as the time to detect early signs of deficiency.

Therapeutic dose of 1 is assigned to rickets in 4 dropsoil solution; 2 with rickets - at least 5 drops; with more severe the dosage is adjusted individually, often initially treated with concomitant somatic pathology.

Overdose of vitamin D

Vitamin D
Overdose of vitamin D (hypervitaminosis) lessrelevant, but they are heavier. It is possible in the application without the need for excessive doses or by excessive sun exposure while applying an oil solution. As manifestations of a child corresponds to hypervitaminosis intoxication: vomiting, fever, constipation, exsicosis (dehydration). But gradually (usually in the second half of life) develops chronic intoxication, which can occur in almost any acute condition - as a hypertensive crisis and acute renal failure.

Treatment of this condition is reduced to elimination of intake of vitamin D product containing calcium. Often used blockers or antagonists of vitamin D - vitamins A and E. In order to be drawn in less calciumgut acceptable for use antacids. In more severe conditions prescribed combination therapy, the essence of which is reduced to the removal of calcium from the body, speeding up the processing of vitamin D in the liver, as well as replenish magnesium and potassium. If you want to use drugs for the treatment of comorbidity, which arose due to hypervitaminosis.

Summarizing all the above written, MirSovetov wants to wish his parents to try to observe the "golden mean", not to be afraid to ask doctors and pay attention to the children.

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