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    Pass tests easily!Cervical cancer is the third mostprevalence of all cancers in women. Annually in the world according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer recorded 371,000 new cases of cervical cancer annually from cervical cancer is dying 190,000 women. In Russia, every 17 minutes from cervical cancer a woman dies.

    Epidemiological studies have repeatedlyconducting and domestic and foreign scholars have convincingly shown that the indisputable risk factor for precancerous lesions and cervical cancer is the human papillomavirus infection. "The main and most promising direction of the fight against this disease is its prevention, which is early detection means of modern molecular diagnostics vysokokantserogennyh human papillomavirus (HPV)," - he said in his report to the Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Methods Center for Molecular Diagnostics (the CMD), head of the scientific group on the development of new methods of diagnosis and opportunistic human papillomavirus infection FSIS CRI of Epidemiology Olga Shipulina.

    Virus infected 8 out of 10 women, the leadingsexually active, but for 6-18 months, 80% of the virus on their own away from the body without causing illness. And only a few percent of women with chronic (persistent) HPV infection are at risk for cervical cancer. It should be understood that the development of cancer affect several factors: the type of virus, its quantity, concomitant diseases of the uterus and vagina, general immunity.

    In the fight against cervical cancer through early detectionWomen entering the risk group, the researchers recommend the introduction of compulsory screening for HPV. "It should be noted that this tactic has long been successfully used in most civilized countries, where the incidence of cervical cancer is much lower than in Russia," - also said Olga Shipulina.

    It should be noted that to be tested for HPVdefinition of the type of virus and its amount can own, without a doctor's referral. And only if the presence of molecular diagnostics show a high carcinogenic risk HPV, it is necessary to do extensive research to clarify the type of virus and its quantity. If a cervical lesion is detected at an early stage prior to cancer, the treatment will be effective and will not have side effects.

    On June 1, the Central Scientific ResearchInstitute of Epidemiology introduced a new version of the test for HPV and other infections, sexually transmitted diseases. Previously sampling of material for the test had to come to the clinic to see a doctor, or wait in the laboratory until the nurse takes a smear for analysis. It is this loss of time and the need to once again sit in a gynecological chair makes many women to postpone the visit. "Now everything is much simpler: a woman without waiting and queues at the reception Center receives a special set of instructions. Then she takes a swab and send it to the lab. The test results can be found on the Internet, an additional visit to the laboratory is not needed. We hope that this simple algorithm will significantly increase the number of women who received the HPV test and prevent the development of cancer. While kits for self-sampling of material are issued only in TSNIIE, but later they will be distributed through pharmacies, "- also said Olga Shipulina.

    However, to date the percentage of Russianwomen, regularly passing on HPV testing is very low, while the need for the introduction in Russia of mandatory screening for HPV, according to scientists, is quite obvious. But while the idea remains on paper, gynecologist recommended to educate, and at least every 3 years to send their patients for HPV testing.

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