Preventing lymphoedema


  • Preventing lymphoedema
  • Therapeutic sleeve
  • Recommendations for care hand-side operation
  • Restrictions on hand

  • When breast surgery women oftenlymph nodes are removed. The consequence of this, as well as subsequent therapy is that the flow of lymph in the hand on the side of the operation may become difficult or impossible. This causes swelling of the limbs. The treatment is quite long and requires serious involvement of specialists.

    Preventing lymphoedema

    To prevent the occurrence of lymphoedema is necessary to observe the following rules:

    • Never ignore the emergence of even a minor swelling of arms, hands, fingers or chest (immediately consult your doctor).
    • damaged hand should be used for injections, blood collection is not.
    • Measure blood pressure only on the intact arm or leg (thigh).
    • Should Observe proper hygiene, after bathing, use moisturizing lotions, hand wipe gently but thoroughly. Make sure to be dry all the folds and the skin between the toes.
    • Avoid repetitive energetic, opposing anything damaged hand movements (clean, push, pull, etc.).
    • Avoid lifting heavy things damaged hand. Never carry heavy bags over the shoulder or in the arm on the side of the operation. Do not lift more than 6-7 kg.
    • Do not wear tight jewelry, elastic bands on the affected hand and fingers.
    • Avoid strong temperature fluctuations duringbathing, washing dishes, and is also not recommended to visit the sauna and take a hot bath (or at least, keep his hand out of the bath). Always protect your hands from the sun.
    • Try to avoid any injury wasdamaged hands (punches, cuts, solar or other burns, sports injuries, insect bites, scratches). Watch out for possible signs of infection.
    • When you work at home, in the garden or other work where possible even minimal damage, wear gloves.
    • Avoid cutting cuticles with manicure.
    • Discuss with your doctor set of exercises. Do not overload the injured arm, if it starts to hurt, you should lie down and raise your hand up. Recommended exercises: walking, swimming, light aerobics, cycling, special ballet and yoga.
    • When air travel people with lymphedema (or thosewho may experience lymphedema) must wear a compression sleeve of appropriate size. Additional bandages may be required during long flights. While in the air, increase fluid intake.
    • Women with large breasts should wearlightweight prostheses (heavy prostheses may have too much pressure on the supraclavicular lymph nodes pads or strips of material can be used bra should be selected properly:.. not too tight and free of the "delay".
    • To remove the hair in the armpit using an electric razor. Watch out for the razor, do not forget to change the blade on time.
    • People with lymphedema at all timeswakefulness should wear a well-chosen compression sleeve. Visit the doctor from whom you watched at least once every 4-6 months. If the sleeve is too loose, most likely, that the volume of the hand or arm has decreased raznoshen.
    • If a rash, itching, redness, pain, fever, consult a doctor immediately. Inflammation (infection) affected arm could be the beginning or worsening of lymphedema.
    • Try to maintain your normal weight. Low-salt (low-sodium), rich in fiber, the diet should be well balanced. Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. The diet should contain easily digestible protein (fish, chicken, tofu).

    Therapeutic sleeve

    Preventing lymphoedema
    Medical hoses - an effective means of treatment and prevention lymphostasis (edema) of the upper extremities of various etiologies.

    The sleeves are made of natural rubber,characterized by high strength filament, which completely retains its properties in multiple (up to 2000 times) tension. Articles made of natural rubber more durable, and the special structure of the knit allows you to maintain optimum water and heat the skin. In order to ensure the desired effect are special locking straps.

    When creating other types of treatment armsIt uses a thin synthetic thread. The advantages of these products are: increased comfort when wearing, no fixation straps, aesthetically attractive appearance, while maintaining all the necessary medical skills.

    Used for:

    • Lymphedema and chronic lymphatic edema of upper extremities after mastectomy followed by radiation therapy
    Post-operative and post-traumatic edema, including fractures, sprains, bruises, deep burns.
  • Secondary lymphedema after inflammation or past infection (lymphangitis, lymphadenitis, erysipelas)
  • Thrombosis of the subclavian vein, including Pedzhetta-Shtrettera syndrome
  • Thrombosis and tromboflemity veins shoulder and forearm, including post-injection
  • Polyarthritis (non-acute inflammatory process).

  • Contraindications:

    • Elephantiasis
    • Acute soft tissue infection (erysipelas)
    • Purulent processes in soft tissues
    • Dermatitis of various origins

    Recommendations for care hand-side operation

    The main objectives and principles of therapeutic exercises to be carried out for at least 6 months after the operation daily, and later you can perform exercises 2-3 times a week:

    • The amount of limb movements should be restored to the normal level by the 1.5 months after surgery.
    • Swelling of the upper limb should be kept to a minimum.
    • Full painless movements in all directions. Swelling of the upper limb can be stored for a long time.

    Usually it is considered in cases where the diametershoulder in the middle third from the costs of the operation with a healthy side of not more than 2 cm from the lymphatic drainage of the upper limb will be restored on the back surface of the shoulder blades and in the supraclavicular area, where you will feel it.; sometimes not only increases the size, but also to moderate pain.

    Restrictions on hand

    Restrictions for upper extremity surgery by:

    • Preventing lymphoedema Hand should not be a long time to be in the same uncomfortable position or be lowered down (knitting, sewing, it is desirable to exclude).
    • The arm should be protected from cuts, injuries, scratches,burns. "Dirty" homework should be done with gloves (washing floors, washing, cleaning vegetables, etc..). In case of damage needed treatment antiseptic solutions (tincture of iodine, an alcoholic solution of brilliant green).
    • Care should be taken fingernails, avoid cracks, "burr" on a daily basis to lubricate the night with a special cream for the skin of hands, not worn on the hand watches, rings, bracelets.
    • Do not be sick limb in the first 5-6 months of lifting weights more than 2 kg.

    If the hand hurts or swells more than usual,then you are either exceeded the admitted load or create an awkward situation for her. In this case, it is advisable to 1-2 times a day to rub sore hand and shoulder by the defeat of the cream of the following composition: baby cream, olive oil, retinol (vitamin A oil solution) on the one part; ointments troksevazin 2 parts.

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