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  • Problems intimate life
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  • Problems intimate life

    For some reason, most people do not talk about it. The information you read in this section relates mainly to women suffering from cancer.

    Problems intimate life Be aware that if, during and after treatmentthere sexual feelings, thoughts and desires - a sign of "the presence of life." And do not be scared, if a desire to close for a while after the treatment is reduced or completely disappear.

    The sexual life of a sick varies and depends onform of the disease. Often, the couple should seek harmony together. It often happens that the relationship improved after treatment and are closer than ever before. Good for those couples who understand each other and can overcome fear, to talk about sex, accept and love the new habits.

    Sometimes it happens that men do not want to understandfeeling his lover, and together solve the problems. Confused woman disappointed in your partner, and the pair may fall apart. Often, understanding the problems lie in the fact that the partner does not know how to behave and waits. The woman sees this as a lack of interest in himself and feels lonely. So, both are excluded from each other, although willing to return.

    partner's behavior

    For the partner is very important problemTreatment with a woman. The diagnosis sounded like a "bolt from the blue." He's worried and afraid for her. Often a man is not sure how to do should be in this situation. How can he know that the woman is now most in need of it, if it does not speak about it? It often happens that he (during and after treatment with a favorite) a desire for intimate contact is reduced. It's quite normal. He, too, is experiencing!

    Problems intimate life Currently, in the case of Cancerbreast disease requires either complete or partial removal of her. After surgery, usually to avoid a recurrence, requires exposure of the affected area.

    Loss of breast heavily burdened woman. The consequences can be depression, doubt, lack of confidence, and sexual dysfunction.

    All these feelings lead to that womanit seems that she lost her femininity. Attach the fear that your partner will not find her sexually attractive. This fear stems from the fact that the breasts in our society is considered the main symbol of sexuality.

    Mammary gland for many women - sourcesexual pleasure, for many couples stroking the chest is an important part of sex play. If the breast is removed, often the first reaction is a desire to hide and suspended. Need time.

    After surgery maycause numbness and pain in the area of ​​operation and the surrounding tissues. At an early application of therapeutic exercises often avoids, or at least mitigate these effects. During irradiation there may be redness and swelling of the skin. Can enhance the pigmentation.

    The woman should take care of the shoulder and chest areacells during intimacy not rely on hand. After the treatment it is necessary to avoid pregnancy. The type and method of protection should be agreed with your doctor.

    If you removed the breast completely,despair, after a while, use every opportunity to restore it. Of the different options, you choose the ones that are more suited to you. An experienced doctor will give detailed information on this issue. There are silicone implants to the touch and looks very similar to present the breast. It is proposed to underwear and swimwear imported and domestically produced under the artificial breast.

    Also, remember that you can alwaysresort to little tricks, such as wearing a lace shirt, men's shirt or erotic underwear, hiding what shy. Do not forget about creating a pleasant atmosphere by soft lighting.

    Some fear that a cancer - it is a contagious disease. Cancer can not be spread from one person to another or through kissing, or through sexual contact.

    Some believe that after the diagnosis should be exposed to abandon the sex, fear of recurrence of the disease. Such fears are unfounded.

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