Cancer of the throat and the symptoms of its development


throat CancerThe greatest danger of oncological pathologiesis metastasis - the formation of tumors in tissues and organs in addition to the main location. Therefore, timely diagnosis of throat cancer symptoms can prevent the progression of the disease and the formation of metastases.

By throat cancer include malignant tumors arising in the larynx or pharynx. Annually recorded about 10 thousand cases of diseases, of which about 4 million are fatal.

The reasons and factors for throat cancer

As is the case with other oncologicalillnesses, the exact causes of throat cancer the official medicine does not know. In this method observations were the factors that affect the risk of malignant tumors of the larynx:

  • smoking;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • infectious diseases in the oral cavity;
  • human papillomavirus;
  • environmental pollution.

Symptoms of throat cancer

Symptoms of throat cancerIn the initial stages of the disease for throat cancersymptoms similar to common colds, so the diagnosis of cancer at this stage is very difficult. The earliest symptoms are manifested in the form of constant pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing, change in voice, tumors in the neck.

Most patients do not seek medical attention andstart to treat cold or allergy, avoiding thoughts of oncology. In 20% of cases in the throat can be formed white spots and sores, but most often the initial stages take place without explicit indication.

With the further development of throat cancer symptomsbecome more specific: there is chronic cough, swelling of the throat, ear pain, many patients reported weight loss. But even with the obvious symptoms to make a diagnosis requires special medical research.

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