Non-surgical treatment of hernias of intervertebral discs


  • The main types of non-surgical treatment

  • Non-surgical treatment of hernias of intervertebral discsIn recent years, diseases of the spineIt occurs in 75-80% of the adult population of the planet. The most common of which - osteochondrosis, which often occur when a hernia of intervertebral discs. Most often they occur in the lumbar and cervical spine, and if not treated promptly can lead to paresis and paralysis, as well as for the operation.

    Previously believed that the disc herniation should be treatedoperatively. But with the development of modern medicine in 90% of cases, a good, lasting therapeutic effect provides comprehensive conservative treatment, while after surgery in 72% of cases, relapses of hernias, and in parts of operated patients appear serious complications.

    The main types of non-surgical treatment


    During exacerbations of great importance medical therapy, prescribed by a doctor and carried out under its control. Usually this:

    • analgesics,
    • procaine blockade with corticosteroids and other drugs (for persistent pain syndrome)
    • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (they relieve swelling, inflammation, pain)
    • muscle relaxants to relieve muscle spasm,
    • hondroprotektory (improve metabolism in cartilage)
    • local treatments (ointments, rubbing, compresses).

    Physiotherapy (physical therapy)

    Therapeutic exercise - is one of the directionsmedicine, using exercise to treat and prevent back pain. Unlike regular sessions in the gym gymnastics exercises are selected to effectively work restore the spine. Therefore, after the removal of acute pain almost all patients show physical therapy sessions.

    Non-surgical treatment of hernias of intervertebral discsIn Kuntsevo center for research
    by VI Dikulja this area special attention. Doctor gymnastics center, depending on the condition of the patient develops individual physical therapy training program, which in the future the patient performs individually or as a group under the leadership of gymnastics instructor.

    Particularly noteworthy are the new simulatorsgeneration, developed by German scientists - the so-called intelligent Tergumed simulators with biofeedback (BFB). Thanks to modern technology the patient during exercise can (in real time) to monitor the correct performance of the exercises and then correct them. This greatly accelerates the process of rehabilitation, especially for patients with complex spinal injuries.

    These simulators are widely in the last decadeused in many rehabilitation centers in different countries. Of all the centers VI Dikulja biofeedback trainers are available only in Kuntsevo, and thanks to them, patients successfully restore their health.

    Reduced motor activity

    • If the inflammatory process involving the cervical vertebrae, the patient is recommended to temporarily restrict the movement in the cervical spine, for example, with a special collar Schanz (sold in the pharmacy).
    • When back pain or thoracic - special handling belts, corsets.

    Kuntsevo center under the scientific experts
    by VI Dikulja help pick up all the necessary tools for the treatment of pain and give detailed recommendations about how to use them at home

    Manualnye therapies

    One of the most effective treatments -manual therapy, by which the doctor will eliminate muscle tension and "clamps" to restore blood circulation in the tissues and thus relieve pain. Already after the first session, the patient noted significant relief.

    Manual therapy is also used in the future as a good preventative tool. At each stage of patient care chiropractors Kuntsevsky center for research
    by VI Dikulja give a detailed explanation of what types of physical activity are allowed in this period, and what should be avoided.

    Therapeutic massage is shown after removal of an exacerbation. It has a versatile and beneficial effect on the patient's body:

    • improves blood circulation and lymph flow,
    • It relaxes muscles and ligaments,
    • It is an alternative method of exercise for people who are forced to lead a sedentary and even immobilized lifestyle.


    Widely used in all stages of treatment and has an analgesic effect in acute.

    Depending on the stage of the disease and the patient's state of health reflexologist working in Kuntsevo center for research
    by VI Dikulja pick the best type of treatment, achieving stable positive results.


    Non-surgical treatment of hernias of intervertebral discsThe treatment regimen and duration of each procedurecase are selected individually. The most effective in the treatment of degenerative disc disease and herniated disc are: VTES (interstitial electrostimulation), UHT (shock wave therapy), laser therapy, treatment sinusoidal high-frequency currents (SVT), Hivamat therapy, cryotherapy, electrical, phonophoresis and electrophoresis with drugs drugs (karipazima, papain, hydrocortisone and others), magnetic.

    Remember that only a comprehensive approach to treatmentit can provide a high performance, so we advise you to apply only to highly skilled, not self-medicate. In Kuntsevo center for research
    by VI Dikulja you will always be happy to provide the necessary assistance.

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