The first "bell" of the spine


  • Do not spin, and a question mark
  • Choose the right shoes and walk, walk, walk ...
  • Strengthen bones aspic!
  • The best reward - a dream

  • Do not spin, and a question mark

    The first "bell" of the spineTheories and hypotheses why there is distortionspine, a lot. So, neuropsychologists say that "defragmentation" vertebrae is due to information overload child. The child gets too big flow of information.

    As a result - the information stress. The brain signals the body clears. And it creates a certain shape - developing a particular disease. Remember the phrase from the movie "Office Romance", "hunching all, skukozhilas as ragged shoe and scratched on the job"? This is the case.

    Other doctors believe that the curvature of the spine is inherited. Plus everyday life results: wrong shoes, uncomfortable chairs, desks, insufficient physical activity ...

    But no matter how many hypotheses arise, they all boil down to one thing - the prevention of diseases of the spine requires a comprehensive approach.

    The manner of directly helping to keep the childfeel more confident. With the correct posture chest becomes wider, better developed lungs and heart. Due to the stoop there is an overload of individual muscle groups. the child's body gets tired quickly and find a more comfortable position - curved. As a result of disrupted development of the spine and around the joint and ligament apparatus. This often leads to early degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and back pain.

    - Due to the incorrect posture of the child can be not only problems with the spine, but also chronic diseases of internal organs, - said the director of the center Dikulja Pavel Shaposhnikov. - Each vertebra is responsible for the worka certain authority. If the function of the spine broken, difficult nerve impulse to the tissues and cells in different parts of the body. Over time, it is in these areas will develop various diseases. With proper posture load on the spine when learning or work is evenly distributed and there is no overload of individual sections.

    Choose the right shoes and walk, walk, walk ...

    In many cases, prevention of diseasesthe spine can be exercise classes. But before you decide on the sport and begin to engage in, you need to consult with doctors. Selecting the sports section for the child without taking into account the peculiarities of his musculoskeletal system - this is a big risk.

    - Important role in the formation of the spineplays correctly chosen shoes, - says Ilya Perevalov, children's orthopedic surgeon. - For example, because of an uncomfortable pair of shoes can cause scoliosis and deformity of the joints. If you can not find comfortable shoes, get special orthotics. Also good to walk in soft shoes, walking to all the joints were developed. In general, a child need to move, to walk, exercise, involving walking, running, swimming.

    From early childhood, your child should fall in love with the sport. To be engaged on simulators, swim in the pool every morning to do gymnastics. In addition, it would be nice to write it in a section on yoga. By the way, this sport has recently become popular in Irkutsk. Yoga - smooth exercises, stretches the muscles and keeps them in good shape.

    Strengthen bones aspic!

    The joints also need to strengthen the proper nutrition. The diet should be sure foods containing large amounts of protein and calcium. This cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, eggs, fish. From meat aspic useful. It is also necessary to replenish the body with vitamins, eat vegetables, fruits, and not forget the fresh herbs.

    The best reward - a dream

    An important factor not only for the formation ofspine, but also for the whole body is the right vacation. Preparation for sleep should be a kind of ritual. Good bedtime take aromatic salt bath, listen to soft music. Then the dream is complete, remove all the stress and psychological pressures that have accumulated during the day.

    child's bed should not be too soft. Ideal variant of the mattress, which is at the back on the position of the body repeats all the physiological curves of the spine. It is also necessary to choose the right pillow. It should be low and hard, so that the head does not rise high and not overloaded cervical spine. Best of all, if the child is in general are accustomed to sleep on his back without a pillow.

    Collectively, these methods are complementary andenhance the therapeutic and preventive effects on the body. And if your kid learns them from childhood, that his spine is a "persistent" and be able to cope with any information overload.

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