How to choose a nebulizer

With the onset of cold weather there is a possibilityfrequent colds. A cure annoying cough syrups and pills do not always work. If you are looking for an effective method of getting rid of cold symptoms at home, then you need to purchase a nebulizer.

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Let's see, what is unknown to usthe word "nebulizer". Translated from the Latin word "Nebula" - a fog or cloud. It turns out that the device that converts the liquid into steam, called nebulizer.

The first such inhaler appeared in the late eighteenth century. instrument Purpose - to conduct inhalation, to cure cough. Its popularity is due to the fact that a nebulizer able to convert the liquid medicine or medicinal solution in the cool steam that enters by spraying into the respiratory tract of man.

Now modern inhaler has become indispensable in the treatment of chronic and acute respiratory disease, in particular - laryngitis. bronchitis. asthma and even TB. But to facilitate the patient's condition at sinusitis. rhinitis and sore throat the inhaler can not.

Often at a reception at the pediatrician young parentsThey ask: "What is the difference between the inhaler and a nebulizer." There is no difference, as a nebulizer inhaler is considered to be the same. Just please do not confuse an aerosol container with the drug, referred to as an inhaler with another device - improved nebulizer. The disposable cylinder have a drug which when sprayed facilitates the patient's condition. But after it is finished, re-use it anymore. A nebulizer is a universal.

Intended use

inhaler, inhalation, nebulizer compressor, nebulizer membrane, runny nose, nebulizer, cold, ultrasonic nebulizer

It consists of a compressor, which creates a flow of air, as well as a special chamber, where it is converted to an aerosol.

Both components of the device are interconnectedthe airway tube. Manufacturers point out that the sets must be the same company. Use another camera can not be, because each container is calculated on certain characteristics of the compressor and is suitable only for its parameters. If you ignore this rule, the effect of the action of the nebulizer should be expected.

If it so happened that the "native" container is lost or out of order, it can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Attention! To choose the right camera, you must know the make and model of the device manufacturer.

Cameras compressor nebulizers may be of such species:

  • ramjet - a simple form. The aerosol is produced at the same rate. It turns out that the drug enters the body only on inhalation and exhalation unit continues to produce an aerosol into the air. This means that more than seventy percent of medicines consumed just. In addition, by using a simple camera can not calculate the exact amount of medication, so talk about the effectiveness of treatment is one hundred percent will not work;
  • activated camera - start the work onlyon inhalation, and the aerosol is released at this time and dramatically increases. The operating principle of the camera to minimize medication loss can therefore practically dispense medication clearly (error - ten percent).

Good recommendations received compressor unit"Omron" company. It uses a virtual valve technology, based on the specific structure of the camera with holes. When the device is minimized and the loss of medication chamber deformation.

The compressor nebulizer is larger andby weight, compared with the laser inhaler. Due to the fact that the device is running thanks to the compressor, it makes a noise (about forty decibels), so it may not be appropriate for the treatment of small children.

Such an inhaler is convenient to use at home. After one or two years of operation, you may have to replace the diffuser and connecting tubes.


  • It has a low cost;
  • You can use any medicinal solutions;
  • successfully treat allergic cough, inflammatory diseases of the lung and bronchus;
  • the device can be used as a nursing baby, and adults.

Nebulizer membrane

inhaler, inhalation, nebulizer compressor, nebulizer membrane, runny nose, nebulizer, cold, ultrasonic nebulizer

It has several names: the electron-net or mesh nebulizer. The principle of operation is as follows: the liquid medicine passes through the membrane with a specific hole size.

This is a portable nebulizer without compressor,so its main advantage is the low weight and portability. The inhaler can take with you and use it in public transport, at work and even on the street.

It is convenient to treat infants, because the device can operate quietly at any angle of inclination.

The popular model of the company "Omron" - a portable nebulizer NE-U22.

When the need to use a nebulizerminimum amount of drug, and the drug is the most economical of all types of nebulizers. In addition, when compared with the new generation inhaler analogs thereof, it is worth to note that deposition and sputtering smallest drug particles is much higher than in other models.

Among the shortcomings noted:

  • the high cost of the device;
  • the need for careful use - often need to wash and dry the membrane, because if you do not, then the device will break quickly.

What to look out for

inhaler, inhalation, nebulizer compressor, nebulizer membrane, runny nose, nebulizer, cold, ultrasonic nebulizer

When choosing a nebulizer pay attention to such moments:

  1. Device Type. The best option - or membrane compressor nebulizer.
  2. Camera type (for compressor equipment). Choose chamber breath activated, as in the respiratory tract gets about ninety percent of the medication.
  3. What drug remains in the chamber after use. If not enough - it is said that we should expect a positive effect of treatment.
  4. Performance of the device - the more aerosol is formed, the procedure will be completed faster.
  5. compressor run time. Cheap nebulizers models require a break in work.
  6. Can you handle the nebuliser. If you can not make the processing chamber at home (boiling method), that its walls will gradually accumulate microorganisms and can be prepared reinfection.

And remember that the nebulizer - is a complex device, therefore, the more serious you will come to the question of the treatment, the more quickly get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.

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