How to choose a tonometer

Sooner or later, every hypertensive patient, willingkeep your blood pressure under control, think about buying their own tonometer. A small device not only tells you when to take a pill, but will also help determine the cause of the blood pressure changes in a particular case.

The main criteria for selecting the tonometer

hypertension, headache, pressure, tonometer

  1. device type.
  2. Compliance with the result that the level of accuracy with which it is positioned.
  3. Cuff.
  4. Pear (supercharger).
  5. The ability to work on the network.
  6. Additional features.
  7. Warranty and service.

Let us together with MipSovetov consider each item in more detail.

Type of vehicle

hypertension, headache, pressure, tonometer

This is perhaps the most important criterion when choosing a tonometer. The magnitude of the margin of error for each unit is ± 3 mm Hg. Art. pressure measurement and at ± 5 mm Hg. Art. with pulse measurement.

Using the self-tonometer, it should be remembered that inaccurate readings (range) depends not only on the quality of the tonometer, but also on a number of extraneous factors:

  • movement of the hand or body tension during pressure measurement procedure;
  • mechanical interference (eg, knock on the table, on which lies the hand with cuff);
  • conversation during the pressure measurement;
  • pressure measurement several times in a row without a break;
  • different tension of the cuff and its different positions during procedures.


hypertension, headache, pressure, tonometer

For independent use in the home will suit collar, on which there is a round metal clip. This device helps to correctly and easily fasten the cuff on the arm.

The cuff on his shoulder for an electronic deviceavailable in three standard sizes: 15-22 cm length of coverage (for children), 22-32 cm (average) and 32-42 cm (big). In general, automatic blood pressure cuff completed with an average length of coverage for devices with fixing on the wrist cuff size is about 13-20 cm. If none of the specified size is not suitable, cuff desired length can be purchased on request. For mechanical devices made cuff very different lengths: 7-12 cm, 11-19 cm, 18-26 cm, 25-40 cm, 34-51 cm and 40-66 cm (for fixing on the thigh).

The material for the manufacture of cotton are the cuffsand nylon. Nylon cuff more frequently used in medical practice - they are easier to handle. Cuff of the cotton - ideal for individual use.

Pear (supercharger)

Good pear allows you to easily and quickly measurepressure, while the taut and unyielding (especially in the weak hand of an old man) makes this procedure a hassle. When choosing the tonometer it is necessary to hold the bulb in your hand, try to pump it to assess whether it is convenient to use. It is better to stop the choice on the product latex - longevity he does not hold.

Ability to work from the network

Rare shoulder-automatic blood pressure monitor is not equipped withjack AC power adapter. Using the adapter at home, can not spend money on batteries, do not worry about that pressure can not be measured if the finger food are exhausted. When the unit is running on the network, take the batteries out of it is not necessary - they are automatically turned off at this time.

Additional Features

hypertension, headache, pressure, tonometer

All automatic and semi-automatic devices,as a rule, they are equipped with an electronic calendar, clock, alarm timer, memory, system of quality control of the tonometer and battery-saving system.

From the viewpoint of measuring additional propertiesPressure interesting model with diagnostic functions: indicator of arrhythmia, automatic calculation of the average blood pressure value. You can also buy a tonometer with a unique system of artificial intelligence Intellisense, which never admits mistakes and works without error in the presence of the arrhythmia.

Warranty and service

Before buying the tonometer it is necessary to make sure that the device has a passport in Russian with information about the manufacturer, with a metrological seal.

It is better to stop the choice on the blood pressure monitor, the specified service life is not less than 20 years, and the manufacturer provides a warranty lasting - from 3 to 5 years.

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