How to help the newborn constipation

The problem of constipation is familiar to many parents. As much as it may be surprising, but the constipation in infants - quite common, and they occur in one third of babies born. Young parents panic and begin to "feed" the baby all kinds of laxatives. But whether such extreme measures are justified? Not always!

Problem constipation familiar to many parents. As much as it may be surprising, but the locks begin to torment the children, which was not yet a month from the day of birth. Constipation in newborns - rather common, and they occur in one third of babies born. Young parents panic and begin to "feed" the baby all kinds of laxatives. But whether such extreme measures are justified? Not always! To avoid errors, each parent should carefully consider the subject of constipation in infants.

What is considered constipation in an infant

Constipation in newborns
Typically, in the first three weeks of lifenewborn with defecation problems arise. Mother's milk in the first few weeks has a laxative effect, and the child goes "in the large" as many times as he eats. It is considered the norm. baby chair pappy, yellow color, with a pleasant sweet smell.

By the end of the third week of a laxative effect of milkdisappears, and could be in trouble with a chair. Mom is very important to be observant, not to make hasty and incorrect conclusions. If defecation in the child is absent more than one day, the kid is hilarious and has a good appetite and is not capricious - there is constipation. It is possible that the child has established a regime of emptying stool. If a child is naughty, is constantly straining, he refuses to eat, and the stool have a dense texture and go to work - on the face of the real constipation. Constipation is considered a disease and the child needs help. And that is why there is a physiological delay of a chair, it is necessary to deal with the pediatrician.

The causes of constipation in babies

Constipation in newborns
Constipation in infants are of two types: organic and functional.

Causes of organic constipation:

  • Girshpunga disease. The disease is characterized by the absence of nerve receptors on colon walls, in most cases, in its lower sections, because this is not a correct intestinal peristalsis. The disease is hereditary;
  • dolichosigma. In this disease, sigmoid colon department extended to form an extra seat, which accumulate the stool.

Often, if the cause of constipation has become one of the above diseases require surgery.

Causes of functional constipation:

  • intestinal dysbiosis. Vital functions of organisms that live in the intestines, contributes to the stimulation of peristalsis. However, if there is an imbalance of microorganisms and disturbed bowel flora, constipation occurs. Promote violation of intestinal microflora may receiving antibiotics nursing mother or the baby itself or laterbreastfeeding. The first thing that needs to get into the newborn's mouth - is breast milk. Doctors often ignore this rule, and taking the child from the mother to feed it with a mixture of for some time, and then applied to the chest;
  • wrong diet nursing mothers. All that my mother eats affects the child's bowel movements. If the mother breast-feeding is taking antibiotics, the probability of intestinal dysbiosis in the child. Reinforcement products such as rice, meat, nuts, bread made from white wheat varieties produce anchoring effect and cause constipation in infants;
  • abrupt change of power. Constipation in children occur in the event of an abrupt transition from breastfeeding to artificial. Bottle-Children suffer from constipation more frequently than babies fed mother's milk;
  • provoke the appearance of constipation may be an abrupt transition from one breast to the other mixture;
  • insufficient use of child fluid.

How to help an infant constipation?

Constipation in newborns
To begin with the parents need to watchchild's condition. If the locks are rare, you can solve the problem on their own. If the delay has become a regular chair, to exclude organic constipation should seek medical advice.

The first step in getting rid of constipation willchanges in mother's diet. She should stop taking antibiotics, if possible. To drink as much fluid, eat prunes, dried apricots, boiled beets and pumpkin. Abandon the use of rice, white bread and nuts. Also, do not forget to drink water baby, if it is bottle-fed.

As often as possible take the baby in her arms. The smell of the mother's body calms the baby, and her warmth beneficial effect on intestinal function. Be sure to lay the baby on his stomach - it will help him to intensify the work of the intestine muscles. If constipation is not necessary to immediately seek the help of laxatives. Stroke the baby's tummy clockwise, do the exercise "bike", the baby's legs bend at the knees and push to the tummy - it will help flatus. Only in extreme cases resort to using laxatives or enemas.

Laxatives to infants

Constipation in newborns
Prelaks. Natural laxative on the basis of lactulose,ideal for infants. Pediatricians positive about this drug, more than fifty years of its use in the fight against childhood constipation. The preparation is used for treatment of constipation as well as for their prophylaxis. Lactulose - a natural ingredient does not adversely impact on the child's body and is not addictive. In addition, the lactulose, which is part of the preparation, form intestinal microflora.

Duphalac. The drug has a mild effect on the intestineand helps to solve the problem of constipation in infants. The drug is available in syrup form and is ideal for children's first year of life. The active agent, as in formulation Prelaks - lactulose. Dufalac substantially free of contraindications and has no side effects. However, at the first reception of the children can be observed flatulence. If overdose may occur diarrhea.

Glycerin suppositories. You can buy special candles for the pharmacychildren. To cope with constipation enough one third candle. In order to introduce the child to put on your back and raise the legs, to introduce a candle and turn the baby on its side. Typically, the effect is achieved instantaneously.

Microlax. Relatively young medication. Microlax - a micro-enema with a special solution, which has a laxative effect. Microlax suitable for newborn children, as there is no hazardous substances as part of the solution. After using microclysters, soften stool, increases peristalsis and defecation process begins.

Readers of our site should be remembered thatregular constipation in a child may indicate congenital abnormalities. Therefore, it is not necessary to self-medicate. If the delay was the chair for a child of this issue, see a doctor immediately.

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