Free medical care for ex-prisoners


  • What to do in case of failure
  • Costly care

  • What to do in case of failure

    Very often, when people are released andsick with something, they come to the hospital and tell them you are not registered, or, say, you are registered but do not have a medical insurance policy, so any medical care we provide to you will not.

    How to be in this situation? The fact that the medical care may not depend on the presence or absence of registration in a human. Therefore, if you are denied medical care, you write a written application addressed to the chief doctor of the hospital or clinic that you are under the Constitution have the right to receive medical care, and you are obliged to provide it.

    Costly care

    Free medical care for ex-prisonersThere is another problem. And how to be to give the expensive types of care? The fact that the law on the protection of citizens' health fundamentals such types of medical care, as an aid in the clinic, hospital, hospitalization, ambulance, are obliged to provide free of charge, regardless of whether you have registration or not. Certain types of medical care are expensive, and these types of assistance have only those people who have registered on the territory of the Federation. In this case, if you sign up and you need a medical treatment, you should take the paper that your registration is in process solutions, and then this medical assistance will be provided to you.

    How to get a health insurance policy? To do this, we must turn to the clinic. You make out a health insurance policy through the clinic, which is located at the place of your residence.

    How to solve the problem with access to medicines? If you find yourself in a hospital, in this case, you must provide the drug free of charge. If you use the services of clinics, ie outpatient medical care, you will be given medicines free of charge only in two cases: if you are a victim of an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, or a person living in the exclusion zone or in the evacuation zone, or you are disabled first or second group. If you have a disability of the third group, you have a 50% discount on medicines. If you are not disabled, the drugs you pay the full cost. However, there are some diseases in which the drugs are free of charge. For example, such diseases are tuberculosis and diabetes. Tubercular drugs and diabetics must give free, even if it is a very expensive medications. That is, the decision of our government.

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