How is the bowel barium enema

Most of the diseases associated with Proctologicin that the pathological changes occur in the large intestine. But as the doctor-proctologist I understand what kind of problem occurred in the intestine? To clarify the picture of a patient is sent for examination, called barium enema. What are the methods? Do I need to prepare for the procedure? Answers to these and other questions you will get in this article.

Understanding irrigoscopy

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The survey is carried out usingX-rays, with more radiopaque substance is used. The method allows to consider an area that allegedly exposed to the disease. During the procedure, the doctor has the opportunity to take some pictures. But early in the procedure the patient is administered a anus of barium sulfate (which opacification) or barium combined with air (this is the double contrast). The length of the colon in humans of from 1.2 to 1.5 m, it consists of several departments that perform their function. The method will show the state of the descending, ascending departments, rectum, individual sections of the small intestine and appendectomy (Blind process). ability to stretch the intestinal wall will be determined. If there is a disruption of the ileocecal valve (it is located between the ileum and colon), it will also be revealed. It is possible to obtain data on the mucous membrane and activities of different intestinal segments. Irrigoscopy allows you to specify the diagnosis, and the patient does not spend a lot of money and time. The motor activity of the intestinal apparatus will also be studied, and this is especially important if the patient's problem with a chair.

As shown barium enema?

gastroenterology, barium enema bowel, intestines, intestinal diseases, inspection, proctology

Intestinal irrigoscopy can only be performedin those medical centers and clinics where there is special equipment. A device that allows the procedure to be called Bobrov's apparatus. First, the medical staff connects the contrast agent with ordinary water, while observing certain proportions. After the solution is heated to 35 degrees. It will be administered to the patient rectally (in the anus) using the Bobrov apparatus. The heated composition is poured into a special container of this device, it is closed by a lid, to which two tubes are attached. At the end of one of them is a rubber bulb, which is necessary for pumping air into the vessel. At the end of the other tube there is a replaceable tip (it comes in different sizes). This device allows you to enter barium into the intestines. To make sure that there are no feces in the intestines, an X-ray will be taken first. And only then will a solution containing a radiopaque substance be introduced. The volume can be from 1.5 to 2 liters. Several pictures will be taken (they are called survey and sighting), they are all carried out from different angles, so the patient will be asked to lie on his stomach, on his back, on his side. At the final stage, a picture of the entire intestine, completely filled with barium composition, will be taken. It will allow you to analyze the shape of this organ and find out the distance of the lumen. The final shot will be taken after the patient empty the intestines. If the walls of the intestine need to be examined in more detail (with suspected presence of ulcers, polyps, cancer), then the patient is double-stained. To do this, use a device that allows a metered flow of air into the intestine to straighten all the folds in the intestine.

The duration of such a survey in somepatients was 10 minutes, while others - 30-40 minutes. Examination of patients suffer quietly, noting only that when they poured into the intestine barium composition, they feel the urge to defecate, small cramps and heaviness in the abdomen.

After the examination, doctors will definitely advisethe patient in the next few days to take more fluids, so that the barium composition is quickly eliminated from the intestine. Arriving home, immediately eat. For elderly patients, it is advisable to stay in bed on the first day. If you have difficulty with bowel movements, you can resort to a mild laxative.


gastroenterology, barium enema bowel, intestines, intestinal diseases, inspection, proctology

In a healthy gut doctor sees that he inflatedevenly and clearly there is a physiologically protrusions. Once the intestine is emptied, it becomes a normal state, and the mucosa is feathery appearance.

When inflammation (colitis, diverticulosis) doctor will determine the place of their location and the vastness of the land.

When tumors (sarcoma, adenocarcinoma), theseformation are similar to the picture on the stub of an apple, they narrow the lumen of the intestinal system, while the intestine is filled with barium abnormal way. However, 100% but confirm the presence of tumor irrigoscopy still can not. To confirm the diagnosis is required to carry out a biopsy, endoscopy.

Contraindications irrigoscopy

gastroenterology, barium enema bowel, intestines, intestinal diseases, inspection, proctology

The doctor can not give the appointment to this X-ray examination, if the patient has the following diseases and symptoms:

  • acute diarrhea, with the presence of the blood of impurities;
  • if there is a risk of bowel perforation;
  • megacolon (defect in which the large intestine is increased);
  • rapid ulcerative colitis;
  • tachycardia.

The procedure is not carried out to pregnant women. There are doctors who believe that it is better not to carry out a survey nulliparous women.

There are relative contraindications:

  1. The acute form of violation of the blood supply to the intestine.
  2. The probability of the presence in the intestine of cystic pneumatosis.
  3. Acute processes within the colon.

Do not worry if the first three days after suchSurvey in your stool, you will see a whitish impurities - it goes radiopaque substance. symptoms may occur in rare cases, which need to be alerted:

  • stomach ache;
  • bleeding from the anus;
  • vomiting, nausea;
  • dizzinessWeakness;
  • temperature increase.

Seeing these signs of ill health, do not hesitate to immediately contact a doctor.

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