Men's plastic - fashion beautiful body


Men's plastic surgery

Moreover, after the women's men discovered a miracle
plastic surgery. Today, there are about 17% of visitors
specialized plastic clinics - men. Do you think that it
Only movie stars and pop, which relies on the rank of "look on
100 "? You're wrong. Well, if the former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio
Berlusconi has openly declared that he had done lifting, what then remains
mere mortals? That's it, there is nothing to be ashamed of them more.

We are in
this sense, are no different from the West. "Today a lot
changed, it changed the mentality, if you will, - explains the new fashion
a well-known plastic surgeon Vladimir Tapia. - Before the present
male type was represented by whom? Groomed rude guy with a short
haircut, which was a good and loud swearing. But times have changed,
and man became one. There was a type of people with new thinking: man
you need to look good, dress well and be well-groomed.

it was considered a privilege of the female. And now men themselves think and
take care of themselves, even a shopping pleasure walk. These men
a new type of completely changed their habits and their ugly
Big belly: they began to pay attention to health, to their
appearance, and, as a result, changed their way of life - yes, they are now
shop, Beauty salons, buy their cosmetics and
recommend each other a reliable plastic surgeon. "

Men's plastic - fashion beautiful body
plastics in connection with these trends comes a hot time. Once there
demand, there is supply. And now doctors have to work harder,
because earlier about men almost no one thought of new products and technologies for
They had a one-two and miscalculated. But now plastic surgery has
even divided into male and female. a new niche in the market. AT
male plastic surgery has perfected new techniques,
It offers everything that once offered to women as well as
held an amazing operation.


not only to increase a man's sexual dignity, but also for his
full recovery after injuries. This brand new
operation has just appeared in the world of surgery, but shocked
male population of the planet. "The operation is difficult, but incredibly interesting,
- Says Vladimir Tapia. - The eggs injected silicone, and can not be
I guess that the man had any problems.

thought of
what with the aid of a simple device can cause a man
erection on their own: push a single egg, which
acts as a pump, and please. Moreover, erection can cause
as many times as you want! And if not reproductive function
suffered as a result of trauma, the patient can easily
and to acquire offspring. You know, because it is important for a man to deliver
woman pleasure, and when his male function is lost, it
It becomes a real tragedy. Therefore, doctors and created a phalloplasty.
Today hone technique to perfection. "

Of course,
phalloplasty - new operation. But to her, the stories of plastic
Surgeons have incredible demand. Less, of course, than a plastic nose,
but anyway. And then, what pleases me: it is a purely male plastic
operation. It is unfair to the same, and that all women and for women.

Men resort to female Operations

Tapia said that now the most popular among men "special zone
attention "- the stomach and chin. Politicians, MPs, businessmen,
governors and just watching the men are treated in clinics
request to get rid of double chin. Often they do liposuction
(Suction of fat), and lifting in this area. Almost all the same
same as that of women.

On the belly - is another story. With bellies
to the doctor on reception man since the age of 35. Why
so late, if the stomach is already often grows to 30? And because, according to
Surgeons that 35 year old man had no time to turn realized as
a successful businessman, and the question of the stomach is not yet relevant. It is, for example,
It can easily go to the gym. Those who work 24 hours a day,
I want to drastic measures with immediate results. Operation on the men
stomach fundamentally different from such an operation on the stomach
female: after all, different anatomical structure. If a woman should
be a round shape, the men - "chocolate bar". Hence the different

"Yes, today plastic surgery is capable of
to turn a man into a real Apollo - laughing Dr. Tapia. - We
We can artificially create a "squares" stomach, simulating real
muscles. This work on the fat level. " In general, for men
Today plastic offers a lot of interesting things. Recently
It became very popular operation, through which are inflated
muscles. Men, for example, is now easily make the breast prosthesis
to create volume and relief of the thorax. Unlike Only
female prosthetics men invest more rigid and dense
prostheses in the form of muscle. As a result, it turns out an imitation of an inflated
thorax.Men's plastic - fashion beautiful body

Another of the most popular operations in men -
lifting (lift). Age male lifting much older female.
Men's skin is rougher and less timeless. Therefore, usually a man
looks younger than 40-year-old woman the same age, and if a woman in this
age is already possible to do facelift, the man even ten years is about
This is not to think. He remembers lifting closer to 50 years.

- Says plastic surgeon Vladimir Korczak - the benefits of this
man operation has not yet been rated. For one simple reason: they do not
We are big fans of the postoperative period. It should be worn
the necessary dressings, and if a woman can hide them under a handkerchief,
wig or scarf, the man wearing a bandage posleliftingovy without removing,
within two weeks of often unbearable. But those who have decided to
long rehabilitation period, getting a great result. "

doctors also predict a boom among men in the near future
blepharoplasty (eyelid). Already, this operation uses
incredible success. Men want to get rid of bags under the terrible
eyes and look good. But in contrast to women who are
using blepharoplasty tend to look younger and prettier, man
come to the doctor with a single sentence: "Doctor, I do not drink, but the view
I like an alcoholic. Do something". And they do. If you
know how many famous people are looking at you from the telescreen their
new eyes.

But the most popular part of the face can be considered
nose. He likes his man to alter. Not to be beautiful,
but because men are often deformed nose (fights, falls,
trauma). Hence - breathing problems, heart. In this sense, man
rhinoplasty both faces to the operation not to improve appearance,
and on the necessary health treatments.

plastic men Risks

He runs the risk of a man, going under the knife of a plastic surgeon? The same as and
female. It is necessary to always refer only to the professional, since
nonprofessionals any operation, even as simple as removing
Warts are potentially dangerous. But even if we are talking about
pro, you still can not guarantee one hundred percent

There are a number of operations that are potentially
dangerous if they are not properly prepared. These whimsical
operations are often not amenable to precise correction, and one must know
subtleties and be able to count all correct. One of the operations such as
time abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Doctors call it treacherous
operation, because if it is not thoroughly prepared, it creates
a lot of trouble. Judge for yourself: in the course of the operation is necessary not only
remove excess fat and make "chocolate bar", but literally create
new navel!

Another tricky operation - on the lower eyelids. The skin
All people are different and have age-related features: someone has enough
stretches, and someone like rubber. Stretches and stretches on the operating
table and inexperienced doctor wants to remove as many and as much again. A
then it may happen that the eyes are not closed.

And the third
delicate thing - rhinoplasty (nose surgery). It just seems that
the nose has nothing to do: often the doctor looks at the patient after the operation and
He thinks that everything was on the "five plus", and two weeks later when
incorrect calculation of the nose may fall or move out to the side. experienced
Surgeons say that any of the nose can make a candy, just
the doctor must have excellent knowledge of technology.

men as well as women, and even faster. The only difference
technologies: for example, when the men lifting the seam is laid
a completely different way, because the line of hair growth in male ear
Shell takes a completely different path.

One thing a man has won the right to plastic surgery. And this
It means that surgeons and science are looking for new ways, new technologies and new
regulations. Typically men and men only.

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