Mantoux test in children

Modern parents are vaccinatedcautious. And if immunization against common childhood diseases (measles, "pig", pertussis) is more or less clear, the notorious and yet enigmatic Mantoux test raises many questions. Indeed, as a small "Buttons" on the skin to protect the baby from TB?

our site assures that this Mantoux test, what is the meaning of it, every mother should know, because the number of cases tuberculosis children and adults is increasing day by day all over the world.


manta rays, vaccinations, buttons, Mantoux tuberculosis

Mantoux test - it is not vaccinated, according tomany, and diagnostic and preventive method. This "button of" helps doctors determine how susceptible children to dangerous disease mycobacteria. The research results help to not only calculate the sick, but also to take control of those who are in contact with TB patients and, therefore, was at risk. Vaccination and sample - different procedures.

Some young mothers Mantoux test for some reasonIt called graft conviction and not less conviction trying to give it up. In fact, the vaccine against tuberculosis is BCG (BCG - Bacillus Calmette-Guerin).

The first and last time it carried the baby back in thehospital. If a child, for whatever reason, are too weak, the vaccination may be postponed for one month. Mantoux make any and all children in the first year of life up to the age of 14 each year, with the previous result of "buttons" for irrelevant procedure. If the will of the circumstances of the child is not vaccinated against tuberculosis, in the period when his body is still vulnerable to disease, Mantoux reaction makes it 2 times a year. But this is not the limit - the children from families where there is ill TB Mantoux test shows 3-4 times a year.

How is the procedure known to all: through a special tuberculin syringe into the skin injected a dose of tuberculin. As a result, the injection site top layer of skin protrudes in the form of well-known to all "," buttons "."

Care "a button"

Place injection of tuberculin special care notIt requires it is generally better not to touch: comb, wet with water, smear with bactericidal agents, glue the top plaster is strictly prohibited. If you do not follow these simple rules, the result of the sample can be easily distorted and thus enter the physician astray.

Sometimes the injection site sore appears. After the state of "buttons" will appreciate the expert, you can take care of it, as well as for any other wounds or abrasions.

Types of reactions to the Mantoux test

manta rays, vaccinations, buttons, Mantoux tuberculosis

The negative reaction.

When the site of injection of tuberculin and papulesredness or no reaction to the injection does not exceed 1 mm, Mycobacterium tuberculosis treacherous body never was. There is another explanation: the vaccine, made by the baby during the first days of life, it has ceased to operate, and it is time to introduce a new vaccine BCG, whose action lasts for 5-7 years.

Doubtful reaction.

Options "buttons" up to 4 mm (not more)or skin reddens without forming papules. Perhaps, in the body there is a certain amount of bacteria - we can not say with certainty. The controversial case is the reason for the re-Mantoux test.

A positive reaction.

Denominated "a button" 5-16 mm in diameter. This means that the tuberculosis pathogens have already been in the body, but the baby is healthy. In assessing this reaction for several years, the doctor concludes that the degree of sensitivity to the small patient of tuberculosis bacillus.

Hyperergic (very severe) reaction.

Papule turns into a 17 mm spot size andmore. In addition, at the site of administration of tuberculin appears abscess or necrosis (papule may not be very big), increased lymph nodes. Child must examine TB doctor. Doctors also can alert bend tests: the reaction was of past negative or questionable, but the real result is increased too. Perhaps a child is sick or has a high sensitivity to the TB pathogen.

The answer is yes - where to go?

manta rays, vaccinations, buttons, Mantoux tuberculosis

You can not just panic. The fact that the Mantoux test - an indicator not the final, and in principle does not mean much. That is, doctors evaluate the trend of the development process - much more lean findings: to decrease or increase the sensitivity to tuberculin.

Particular attention is paid to turnsample. This is a signal that the child has become more sensitive to the tubercle bacillus and the immunity can not cope with the rapid development of tuberculosis. But the increase in the "buttons" are not always warned about the infection, because in this way in children up to three years can be expressed by an allergic reaction to the BCG vaccine.

Tubinfitsirovanie - not a sentence. The body is penetrated malicious mycobacteria, they will remain there for life. As a rule, gradually established a balance between growing and pathogen - immunity may be to some extent suppress the vital activity of the tubercle bacillus. However, the sharp and strong reduction of immunity balance is broken and the child runs the risk of ill. Therefore, after the test showed a positive result, to further clarify the state of health of the child he has to visit the TB hospital, where he is listed as a zero-group clinical supervision.

To finally confirm the contamination sticktuberculosis, carried out additional measures in the form of X-rays of the chest, sputum culturing, the entire family of the child survey. When the results of the full survey no trace of a terrible disease do not show a positive result of the sample is considered to be an allergic reaction.

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