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  • Police in the road

    Police in the road If you are going on vacation, we rarely remember aboutinsurance - in fact the responsibility of the tour operator to provide it comes to us. But most likely, it will be a policy with the minimum insurance coverage, not taking into account individual risks, because the tour we choose the price.

    According to the observations of insurers, nine out of tenour tourists traveling abroad with insurance policy travel, do not bother to read the terms on which they are insured, and reminisce about the policy only if something already happening. And it turns out that a doctor fees and medication costs insurance does not cover. To learn what to look for when choosing insurance, especially if you are traveling with children and your way is not in Europe - our 10 tips.

    Pay attention to the size of the sum insuredthe proposed policy. It should not be less than $ 15 thousand. If you are planning a holiday in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand. However, in some cases, and this is not enough. In this case insurance at $ 30 thousand. For 10 days will cost 100 rubles more.

    Exceptions to the program. If the policy is very cheap, it can not cover emergency dental services, or cases of exacerbation of chronic diseases, sunburn.

    Non-insurance cases

    Non-insurance cases. The insurer may withdraw from the responsibility forrisks at sea: stepping on a sea urchin, grabbed a poisonous fish, although most companies is still insured events. For non-insured may include injuries while cycling and rollerblading.

    Police in the road Set risks. Usually insurance covers the provision of servicesemergency medical service - payment of medicines, equipment, costs of medical transportation, payment of telephone conversations with the assistance company, the consequences of accidents, natural disasters, the risk of terrorism.

    If you are traveling with a child, pay attention toavailability of insurance and such an item as "the return of minor children in the event of sickness (injury) accompanying adult" by the insurance company.

    The franchise is better to exclude, although it saves on the cost of the policy. Its size is typically $ 30-50, but they will need to make the most when seeking help.

    Additional risks. Insurance is necessary to provide for the visit of a lovedrelative in an emergency situation, the possibility of living in the event of hospitalization of the insured, legal, administrative assistance. Price of the issue - additional $ 100 for 10 days of stay.

    If you need to see a doctor,necessarily have to telephone the assistance company specified in the insurance. Telephone calls by the insurer in this case will be paid, you just do not forget to show through.

    If you consult a doctor on their own, theexpenses you can not pay. Typically, this item is separately specified in the policy (for example, no more than $ 250-500. Turkey may be the exception), and the documents submitted to the insurer must be properly decorated.

    Without much need not risk, such as notswim in the pool at night (standard exclusion from insurance coverage). And remember that the insurer may refuse to pay for injuries that drunken travelers (a condition of alcoholic intoxication - another mandatory exclusion).

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