Choosing a dental clinic


  • Where treat teeth

  • Where treat teeth

    Free medicine is a thing of the past. Living in a relatively new market for us relations, we are faced with the need to not only pay for treatment (which, in principle, for a long time of course for the whole of the civilized world), but also to choose whom to pay.

    With every year in Moscow opened onesdental clinics, others are closed, and there are others consistently. How to navigate in a large quantity of services offered, how to find out how justified the price and whether they have the level of treatment? In this regard, the number one issue is - what are the criteria to choose a dental clinic, then to "there was excruciatingly painful" not only spent time and money, but also lost health. There are several options the clinic level evaluation.

    Firstly, note that if a isclinic the entire spectrum of dental care. When doctors at the clinic all areas of work, there is a possibility of a variety of treatment options and choose the best prosthesis for each individual patient, and not to put it in a framework of limited clinical features.

    Second, pay attention to how many yearsthere is a clinic and how often it changes the composition of the doctors. In no case do not belittling the merits of new clinics, I want to emphasize that more than 5-year experience of doctors in the same hospital says its stability and high quality of care. The logic is simple: from a good clinic does not leave highly skilled doctors. Conversely, working in one place, occupational therapists contribute to the stability and prosperity of the clinic.

    Choosing a dental clinic
    Third, pay attention to whether the doctors working inteam, or you will have to take the doctor-wagon. Already internationally it recognized that more specialization contributes to greater knowledge, honing skills and bringing the physician level to perfection. It is impossible to grasp the immensity. Therefore it is better "to know everything about something and something about everything"Than to question each item to its versatility.

    Further, in the clinic must beRAY for more information in the diagnosis and quality control of work after treatment. See what is happening in the bones and in tooth channels is impossible without the help of X-rays. And hope "perhaps without all the normal picture" It goes around comes around in a few years the loss of the tooth.

    Given the ever-increasing numbers of hepatitis and HIV, getting dental care, you must be sure that the infection "by dentist" in this clinic does not threaten you, as in the cliniccarried out strict control of disinfection and sterilization. This can be judged by the number of disposable materials (booties, diapers, masks and gloves and medical assistants were opened when you packages with tools, the presence of germicidal lamps and sterilization cabinets in the offices ...).

    Next, pay attention when talking withadministrator, how competently advise you. The administrator is not a doctor, but the key points in the clinic, answers to frequently asked questions, the administrator must give correctly, politely and unobtrusively. However, even without having all the answers, during a conversation with a competent administrator is a sense of satisfaction. And if the administrator recommended to go to the doctor, it says that you asked the questions above its level of competence, or too specific. A consultation with a highly skilled doctor will give you a comprehensive view of the state of your teeth and gums. If desired, the doctor can make a plan for your treatment and prosthetics, orient how much it will cost and how much time you can come to the ideal for you mouth. And even if the price in the clinic will be unacceptable to you, you will have a competent and professional advice drawn up a plan les cheniya and prosthetics, which you can compare with the present in any other clinic.

    It should be noted that the average price in clinicsa sufficiently high level of the same. Taking the path of the search of cheap clinics, we will inevitably lose as materials and training of doctors. Overpaying several times more, we pay for the interior, the service and the VIP-clinic image. Everyone chooses himself, for which he is willing to pay: for the long-term health for health + a glass of cognac or only for pain relief today. The only thing that can not be considered - on health can not save.

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