The sheet of temporary disability


  • The concept of sick leave
  • Features issuing disability leaf
  • Counts certificate of incapacity

  • The concept of sick leave

    The documents certifying temporarydisability and supporting temporary release from work (study) is a piece of disability (sick leave) and, in some cases, help set or freeform.

    Functions of a leaf of invalidity:

    • Law - certifies the right to be released from work for a certain period
    • Statistical - accounting document is for reporting and analysis of morbidity with temporary disability
    • Finance - a document which gives the right to receive social security benefits in accordance with the current legislation

    Help functions:

    • legal
    • statistical

    Sick leave forms are documents of strict accountability. They are stored in fireproof cabinets should in rooms that are in a time off should be sealed.

    All health authorities and medical institutions are required to keep accurate quantitative account of the availability, income and expenditure sick leave forms.

    With the loss of the patient leaflet disabilityIt issued a duplicate of the institution that issued the sick leave upon presentation of certificates of employment that currently benefit is not paid.

    Sick leave issued to patients and patients on presentation of a document proving their identity.

    Presentation of mandatory health insurance policy is not required.

    Features issuing disability leaf

    There are two ways of granting sick leave: centralized and decentralized.

    The sheet of temporary disabilityCentralized way of the issuance of a leafDisability is more common in large clinics, where the form for registration of a leaf of invalidity in the registry or in a separate room is a nurse, which is based on the certificate (voucher) doctor prescribes disability certificate and register it in the issuance of the "Book of registration of sick leave."

    In a decentralized system of issuing leafDisability document issued by the doctor who receives a report of sick leave forms on receipt of persons appointed by the chief physician and responsible for their safekeeping. Doctors are required to report to the expenditure of sick leave by the deposit of roots previously received forms. For the safety of the received sick leave forms, doctors are individually responsible.

    Issuance and renewal of the document certifyingtemporary incapacity for work, performed by a doctor after a personal examination and confirmed by the record justifying the temporary release from work in the medical record.

    All columns are filled with a leaf of invalidityclear handwriting, with no errors and corrections, ink or paste in accordance with the guidance. The diagnosis of the disease, with the purpose of medical confidentiality, is made with the patient's consent, and in case of disagreement only indicates the cause of disability (illness, child care and so on. D.).

    An exception to sick leave shall bear the code number in the following cases of disability:

    • injury and poisoning by industrial accidents
    • injury and poisoning on the way to and from work in the performance of public duties, a citizen of the Russian Federation debt
    • injury and poisoning in the home
    • abortion
    • release from work in connection with the quarantine and bacteriocarrier

    In case of certificate of incapacity in the "Type of disability" termination of pregnancy for medical reasons is a record "disability for medical reasons."

    In the column "mode" indicates a state doctor, who would contribute to the rapid recovery of the patient and his return to work. You can recommend the following modes:

    • free, who is appointed in two cases - when TB patients additional leave or maternity leave (prenatal and postnatal)
    • the hospital is indicated for the treatment of hospital
    • bed - if you can not attend the clinic
    • bed with a visit to the clinic - in this mode, the patient should generally be in bed, but on certain days and hours can visit the clinic
    • sanatorium - the treatment in sanatoriums, boarding houses
    • outpatient
    • caregiving

    Certificate of incapacity issued:

    • Russian citizens, foreign citizens,including citizens of the states - members of the CIS, stateless persons, refugees and internally displaced persons, working in enterprises, organizations and institutions of Russia, regardless of their form of ownership
    • in accordance with the Agreement "On the order of providing medical aid to citizens of states - participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States"
    • Foreign citizens of other countries issued a statement of medical history with an indication of the timing of temporary disability
    • citizens who have disability or maternity leave have come within one month after the dismissal from work for valid reasons
    • citizens, recognized as unemployed and registered with the territorial labor and employment agencies
    • former military men dismissed from military service in the Russian Armed Forces upon the occurrence of disability within a month after the dismissal
    • in health care within the framework of agreements with the citizens or organizations (for a fee), disability certificate is issued on a common basis in the prescribed manner

    Sick leave shall not be granted:

    • not working
    • upon the occurrence of disability in the period of leave without pay
    • in prosthetics in outpatient
    • for a sick family member care during the next holiday
    • the period of the periodic medical examinations in occupational pathology departments of hospitals and clinics Research Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases

    Counts certificate of incapacity

    The certificate of incapacity are filled with the following items:

    • Full Name
    • gender - male, female
    • Date of Birth
    • home address
    • place of work
    • final diagnosis
    • disease cipher
    • the total number of days of disability on the case

    Line 1 - "Surname, Name" -written entirely surname, name, patronymic of the patient. Line 2 - "Paul" is emphasized "male", "female", respectively. Line 3 - "Date of Birth" - stated the date, month, year of birth of the patient. Line 4 - "Home address" - the address of the place of residence (registration) of the patient.

    Line 5 - "Place of work" - statedname of the company, where the patient works. Line 6 - "final diagnosis" - is put the diagnosis of the underlying disease (trauma, etc.), Served as the main cause of temporary disability. Line 7 - "Code of disease" - the code is put the diagnosis of the underlying disease ICD-10 Classification of Mezhdunarodnaya statisticheskaya diseases and problems with health svyazannyh.

    Line 8 - "The total number of disability dayson this occasion "- turn on the total number of days of incapacity of the patient to the hospital all the sheets on the case of temporary incapacity irrespective of which institution they were issued.

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