Training, or a sect?


  • Signs of the training differ from sect

  • Signs of the training differ from sect

    Using depressed psychological state of many people, as well as striving to improve on his life, the arena got out so-called "successful teacher."

    It is grown mainly in Western methods,driven by greed, they ruin people's lives and health. Drag everybody into their gatherings sectarian sense. But what it before, because people for their only source of profit.

    But that's not all. After all, their activities, they cast a shadow on those who work openly and honestly. Who cares about human destiny. For those who own reputation more expensive than any money.

    And so I decided to give you a concise butoperating information on how to distinguish psihokult from the useful and safe for your health and condition training. I was able to identify nine main signs of any destructive organization, whether it is a sect, training or seminar. The goal - to warn you of the danger.

    1 symptom: deification coach and giving training as the only correct way of all.

    There is often an offensive on all fronts. That is the whole environment that surrounds you when entering the training should look glamorous. Sam coach dressed in a suit and white shirt, smiling broadly, said a lot of nice, smart and often confusing things.

    The room looks very presentable, withgood repair and expensive furniture. All this is intended to give you a first impression and the most discouraging. Ostentatious greatness is designed to emphasize your with him inequality and means to prepare a good ground for manipulation.

    2 feature: non-payment of money and a different impact on the outgoing (intimidation, persuasion, etc.).

    It is no secret that all are well aware of the proshuman psychology and typical weakness. And make full use of them in their dirty purposes. No return of money has a major human foibles - greed. And it is not surprising that it often works, albeit not in 100% of cases.

    There is information on the participants in such"Training" that they were threatened that if they leave the group will be deducted. It works very effectively because it hits on several sore spots. If this does not work, it is often the case comes to persuasion, and "on the conscience", and to direct undisguised threats.

    Training or sect3 sign: the requirement lead to training of new students.

    The main weapon of intelligence and network marketing leaders. It is thanks to this formulation system business, they built, have an enviable vitality.

    Let someone does not survive - will leave or go mad. recruitment system, which has the ability to reproduce itself, will not be harmed.

    4 indication: focus on what you have to cut off from communication training.

    When you communicate only in a narrow rangepeople, all your living space - the soul, thoughts and feelings - will be filled with exactly what surrounds you. A more in-depth immersion plus the absence of external forces, the ability to see what is happening with you - this is just what they need. A chance to jump off rushes abruptly to zero.

    5 feature: suppression of the individual.

    You From the very first minutes of dialogue will try to hit the most painful and sensitive areas. You might be wondering - how can they know about my difficulties, if we have never been known.

    But in fact, everything is easier as dirt. Firstly, if you fell for the title and the theme of the training, it means that you have with this is not all right. And secondly, the concern most people are fairly typical themes - money, sex, relationships with family, internal contradictions.

    Am I wrong?

    6 sign: the requirement of literal assignments without taking into account the individual characteristics of the individual.

    Here the principle of row one size fits all built in the absolute. And a special charm gives him the fat plus that it can achieve multiple purposes.

    The main thing is in common with the preceding paragraph. Namely: to achieve egalitarianism complete suppression of any desire for freedom. Be like everyone else, do everything. Manage a flock of sheep easily.

    Another aim is not so cruel, but still very useful. The coach does not have to wrestle with how to approach the matter creatively. Act currently under one scheme and only. Beauty!

    7 indication: Requirements to tell everything about yourself, even if you do not intend (manipulation tool).

    Personal intimate information actually givesenormous power and influence of immoral prudent manipulator. Knowing in detail all your weaknesses, fears and problems, prepared by a professional becomes virtually unlimited power and control over you.

    8 indication: do not explain anything and make all take for granted.

    To hide their true intentions, coaches andhosts can use two ways - to lie and keep back. If they explain everything, then lie necessarily will emerge and you will score big bolt on the trainer and the training itself.

    Therefore, they choose the second, a more efficient way, and hammered into your head dogmas and attitudes necessary to achieve the intended goals.

    9 sign: Do not talk about what is happening in the training.

    For the greater security and stability createdpsevdotrenery system decided to make secure and to avoid as much as possible any unforeseen interference. Many hours swotting and continuous zombies leads to the fact that the person is no longer able to adequately assess what is happening and put assessment.

    Only by the aid can help him, butthe beginning of all who came to commit not to talk about what is happening in the training. Ostensibly for non-disclosure of secret techniques and methods practiced here.

    And so the shock technique impacts on defenseless head often turn into mental disorders and health ditching. And even a ticket to where no one has ever returned.

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