• Sources of infection
  • Ways of infection
  • The forms of existence
  • Symptoms enterobiosis
  • The effects of parasitism in the body
  • Methods of diagnosis enterobiosis
  • enterobiosis Treatment
  • Prevention enterobiasis

  • Sources of infection

    The human pinworm infection plays a major role breach of the rules of hygiene therefore often enterobiasis sick young children who attend pre-school.

    Ways of infection

    Oral, pin, home. A person infected with pinworms, during sleep experience severe itching and skin brushing, with pinworm eggs get on his hands and under his fingernails, pollute underwear. Then pinworm eggs get out of bed and on hand household items and food.

    The forms of existence

    pinworm life cycle begins withfertilization of the female host in the intestine, where it is developing. The female pinworms filled eggs in the amount of 5000-15000 pieces each, are not able to stay on the intestinal mucosa, they go down to the rectum and crawl out of the anus to lay eggs in the perianal folds in the skin of the buttocks and thighs, pasting them. After egg deposition female dies, its life duration does not exceed one month. For further development of the eggs need a special microclimate with a temperature of 34-36 C and high humidity (70-90%). Suitable conditions for this - in the crotch of the person and perianalnyh folds. There the eggs ripen within 4-6 hours. Once a host nails, pinworm eggs also receive optimal conditions for further development. After penetration of eggs in zheluzhochno tract are larvae and an average of 2 weeks develop into adults, which are parasitic in the lower parts and thin in the upper colon. The life expectancy of pinworms is 100 days, and the state invazirovannosti (infestation), especially in children, due to repeated infections may last much longer.

    Symptoms enterobiosis

    Enterobiasis is striking sismptomomperianal itching during sleep, often at night, from 23.00 to 1.00ch. It was at this time the worms are undetected, lay their eggs, which are already ripe in the morning to infectious infective stage. When enterobioze observed intestinal disorders - frequent stools, sometimes having rimes mucus appear colicky pain in the umbilical region and along the colon.

    The effects of parasitism in the body

    enterobiasis Attached to the intestinal wall, pinworms feedits contents, and the blood are able to swallow. The poisoning of the infected human body products pinworms of life leads to the emergence of allergies. The toxins from pinworms, upset the nervous system, cause irritation, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, increased mental and physical fatigue.

    With the penetration of pinworms in the appendixthey can cause appenditsta. When enterobioze violated the processes of digestion and absorption of food, decreased gastric acidity. Most of the children varies bowel microbiocenosis. Violations of the absorption and digestion of nutrients in the intestine leads to weight loss, delayed development of the child.

    The mechanical action of pinworms in the intestine leadsto pinpoint hemorrhages, erosions. Parasitizing pinworms leads to the suppression of non-specific immunity, which leads to increased incidence of viral, bacterial infections. When children enterobioze significantly reduced levels of copper, zinc and magnesium in the blood.

    Methods of diagnosis


    Diagnosis Enterobiasis is made only upon receipt of positive results of laboratory parasitological examination. If you suspect a enterobiosis examine perianal scrape (imprint).

    enterobiosis Treatment

    enterobiosis Treatment held piperazine Vermoxum, kombantrinom. Control tests - 10 days after the end of the treatment cycle and again after 10 days.



    To prevent disease and autoinfectionenterobiasis need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the hands (especially in children), bob for children nails. daily change underwear. It is important that at the same time with the child have been treated all family members. a group of children and staff. helminth eggs are covered with sticky substance that prevents their separation from the surfaces on which they appeared. Therefore, remove them by hand, as well as vegetables, herbs, fruits, household items and shoes can only with special detergents. At the same time the greens, vegetables and fruit is better pre-soaked in water, and then thoroughly wash them, rubbing his hands, sponge or cloth.

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