Pediculosis a child: we do not fear and do not hide!


Pediculosis a child: we do not fear and do not hide!Summer is long gone, and with it, and resortscamp where children with suitcases could bring home a nuisance, like head lice. Check did not find forgotten ... But do not relax! The child can "get" parasites in school, kindergarten, playground ... The problem is not so much in the fact of infection, but in the fact that he would be ashamed to talk about the problem, fearing mockery from peers. It is time to once and for all deal with the psychological aspects of "lice".

For proper development of the individual is very important thatthe social environment in which it is formed. Taunts and just glances classmates do not contribute to the child's psychological comfort. Knowing how can tease peers, children often hide them seem unpleasant facts. And lice, and they did believe that exists in disgrace. Children are afraid to talk about their problem not just peers but also adults, believing incorrectly that parents react to it.

I must say, adults often docontribute to such behavior of children, believing myths about hygiene or social "preferences" lice real. In fact, head lice infected children from well-off families, which often becomes uncomfortable and completely unexpected discovery for their parents. But even those who are completely free from stereotypes, sometimes extremely difficult to explain to a child that was not his fault that has caught, or that it is not a shame. In this case, it is important to find the right approach to the topic, do not make matters worse, the child has no longer kept to himself.

To begin with themselves and examine the issue of up to: lice such that, as from which they emerge, they are easier to print. Talk to other parents (they probably already encountered a similar problem), with the teachers in a school or a kindergarten teacher. Thorough knowledge of all the nuances will make you feel more confident in conversation, and your emotional calmness be passed to the child. In no case do not make this fact the problem, but rather pinch conversation to what has happened naturally and happens to everyone. The feeling of shame and embarrassment is easy to remove if present topic as quite normal, comparable to cold when hypothermia or injury from a fall from a bicycle.

"If the child is small, it is better to build a conversationin gaming and interactive way. You can draw on a sheet of paper a fun and not scary louse and show her the way to the head of another kid's head to your offspring. Next, demonstrate how you would "say goodbye" to these little guests. You can then proceed to the processing head pediculicides special means and fasten your story real action "- Comments Fellow RBOO "Center for Curative Pedagogics" Olga Spiridonova.

By the way, parents often lack of awarenessIt is shown, including, and in the matter of modern ways to eliminate head lice. Some still believed that to get rid of these parasites quite a few times a day to wash head. But lice are extremely tenacious, and delete it with regular shampoo will not succeed. Others believe that for one hundred percent to get rid of annoying insects is necessary to handle the head with kerosene and vinegar, garlic and smear it radical - Shaved. But it is unlikely your child will be delighted in such perspectives.

Independently get rid of parasites in the homeconditions today, it is quite possible, and without the use of "old wives' methods" - for this is a much more convenient and safe for the health of ways. In pharmacies sold a lot of different pediculicides funds that vary the price and method of application. By means of the latest generation are pedikulitsidy based on complexes of mineral oils such as Isopar, and Klearol Oksiftirin. Unlike other means they affect lice physically disrupting their breathing and water metabolism. Currently, several such means are allowed in the country, characterized by a short exposure time on the hair (10 to 15 minutes depending on the particular agent) - pediculicides Paranit means (shampoo, lotion and spray). Do not forget that checks for the presence of head lice infestation and further processing in the event of detection should be carried out for all the family at the same time.

The treatment period is not necessarilylimit the child's contact with other children, thus making it clear that it is dangerous little trouble. In the evening, treat hair spray or lotion, and let them have fun with their peers on the next day. However, it is important to tell your child about safety rules: do not use someone else's comb or hair pins, wear the wrong caps and hats. By the way, if one of your close friends have encountered a problem, protect the baby from infection with parasites help the prevention of special tools.

And last - if your child is foundhead lice, forget about the principle of "every man for himself." If your family will be solved the problem, it does not mean that it does not occur in the children's collective. Quite the contrary. Ignorance aggravates and accelerates the spread of lice, thus contributing to the re-infection of the child. It is necessary to inform Disease Detection teachers or teachers of kindergarten, parents of other children, nurse school. To protect the child from teasing by peers (especially if he has just started to learn the new class), inform the teacher or health worker to better face to face. In this case, they will inform the rest of the parents, not pointing to a particular student.

Today, to get rid of unpleasant insects -It is not difficult. The main thing that the child did not arise in this regard that very false shame or unwanted residue from the disease. And it is better not to delay treatment, and in no case do not ignore the problem.

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