friendly strabismus


    friendly strabismus

    friendly strabismus Friendly strabismus characterizedcontinuous or periodic deviation of one eye from the joint point of fixation and the violation of an agreed two eyes. Eye mobility in all directions while free (in its entirety); often squints one eye, sometimes both eyes alternately.

    Strabismus is not only a cosmeticdefect affecting the psyche and character formation of children, but is accompanied by a large functional disadvantage. In the absence of a coherent vision there are limitations in the perception of the outside world. Due to the fact that in strabismus can not be correct and rapid assessment of spatial relations to the surroundings, there are great limitations in the choice of profession.

    On average, about 2% of all children sufferstrabismus. It typically appears during the first three years of life and more than half of the cases accompanied by a decrease in visual acuity at one or both eyes. All this makes it necessary not only in the early detection and timely treatment of this disease, but also in finding the methods and means of prevention. The ultimate goal of strabismus treatment is to restore binocular vision.

    Binocular vision - a vision of two eyes with a compound in the visual analyzer (cerebral cortex) images from each eye into a single image.

    Among the causes are the most frequent strabismusametropia (farsightedness, nearsightedness), congenital and acquired diseases of the central nervous system, childhood infectious diseases, injuries in the neonatal period, as well as many pathological processes accompanied by a significant reduction in visual acuity and blindness.

    Prevention concomitant strabismus

    friendly strabismus Parents should be aware that normal eye movementthe child not only coordinated to 2-3 months, and then the eyes take the correct position. If the specified age, this does not happen, it is necessary to assume the existence of pathological conditions of the eye or brain, requiring investigation.

    Parents should know that toys can not be suspended in close proximity to the eye, as this may contribute to the development of strabismus.

    It is very important to develop the child before enrollingin its correct posture school. In congenital strabismus can wear corrective glasses child from the second half of the year. This prevents the development of amblyopia (reduced vision unemployed, squinting eye - amblyopia).

    Be aware of the significance of hereditarypredisposing to the development of strabismus and refractive anomalies, and therefore the study of the organ of vision in children whose parents have some ametropia (myopia, hyperopia) or strabismus, should be carried out primarily in the first 3-4 months.

    The success of prevention and treatment of strabismusstrabismus often depends on the attitude to all activities (preventive checkups, diet, recreation and sports, wearing glasses, occlusive dressings - closing his eyes, etc.). Parents, educators and health professionals, the ability to inspire a child to support his desire to be cured. Implementation of the above preventive measures allows not less than 2 times to reduce the possibility of developing strabismus, which is due to refractive error.

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