The effects of polio - a "memory" of a lifetime


  • Effects of acute polio infection
  • Vaccination against polio and DTP
  • The role of the Institute. MP Chumakov in the prevention of disease

  • Vaccination against polio and DTPdisease virus is everywhere - in the air andon the ground. He is known for a very long time, when the polio vaccine was not temperature, fever, runny nose, cough, redness of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat do not cause such a serious concern. Upset stool and urination, muscle pain and even paralysis of them, shortness of breath and choking from swallowing a violation had not yet been linked to the consequences of the disease, since it has not yet learned to identify, because many enteroviruses and herpes viruses cause similar lesions. The pathogen can be emitted through the mouth and then the infection occurs through airborne droplets, but can - through the patient's bowel movements and if the transmission path of the virus by the fecal-oral.

    Effects of acute polio infection

    Effects of acute polio infectionThe clinic is extremely dangerous infectious diseasesheavy, not to mention the effects of polio, especially with spinal cord injury, marking the paralytic form of polio, has been steadily leading to disability in patients with various degrees of severity or even death during the development of paralysis of the respiratory muscles. After the acute manifestations of the disease are replaced, reducing scarring and spinal cord cells, which reduces its size and development of muscle atrophy and then remains stable restriction of motor abilities and toes. Non-paralytic form of the disease is more common, occurs more easily with the general non-specific symptoms and usually ends in recovery. The favorable outcome in this case, provides a comprehensive treatment: massage, physiotherapy course, the use of special orthotics.

    Vaccination against polio and DTP

    The first preventive vaccine appeared in the worldin the mid 50-ies of the last century, when in some countries, the disease has taken literally the extent of public disaster. Toddlers aged 2-3 months do not get sick at all, under the protection of immunity received from the mother. Repeated cases after the disease and vaccination polio institute them. MP Chumakov were not marked, which once again points out the vaccination against poliomyelitis as an effective form of protection from severe disease. If you have not been immunized with DTP and "polio" as the diagnosis is not recorded in the medical card of the child, carried out with the necessary and mandatory immunization, there is no guarantee that one of the most serious infectious disease that can affect people of any age will not affect your baby.

    The role of the Institute. MP Chumakov in the prevention of disease

    The role of the Institute. Mikhail Chumakov in the prevention of diseasePolio Institute since its foundingdeals with the problems of viral infections, and today on the industrial base of scientific institutions operating enterprise producing a vaccine for the prevention of acute viral disease. The main task to be solved by this scientific institution, is to study and assist in the implementation, according to the National calendar of preventive vaccination, mandatory immunization. Vaccination against polio, the temperature of which is at the same sometimes occurs, does not scare the parents, carried out in accordance with established procedure three times, starting with a 3-month old baby in 45 days. prevention system also includes measures for revaccination, which also carried out by means of vaccination against polio. The temperature after immunization is regarded as the correct reaction to the vaccine and the usual concomitant.

    Employees of the scientific and practical institutions do notstood aside and work together with US scientists on the basis of an infectious polio institute began to produce a vaccine, so necessary for the prevention of disease. Inactivated vaccine is injected 3 times intramuscularly and contains dead virus killed by formalin. Live vaccine is administered orally to the child from the age of fifteen years in the form of droplets or pellets candy. Vaccination protects a persistent lifelong immunity.

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