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    Treatment of bronchitis in children C bronchitis is better not to joke

    "That day, when Jenny began coughing, no oneI remembered. Parents thought that such a commonplace pass itself. The girl is still going to school and hanging out with friends. But in the evening she was suffering from bouts of cough, and night - from insomnia. My parents treated my daughter home methods, and continued to drive to school: skip classes at the end of a quarter no one wanted.

    Small temperature not much excitementcaused. But when Jack complained to my mother about pain in the heart, even busy parents understand more limited "half-measures". the treatment can not be. In the end, Jack is not only missed the reference in school, but was ill and all holidays. And mom and dad came to the conclusion: continue with bronchitis is better not to joke. "

    Our consultant - Professor of the Department of PulmonologyKiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. PLShupyk, head of thoracic department Pulmonary Center, MD Peter P. Sokurov.

    The causes of bronchitis

    Bronchitis is called the inflammatory processbronchial mucosa. The disease can occur in an acute or chronic form. Most often, acute bronchitis starts after a viral infection (eg, influenza), which causes damage to the mucosa of the lower respiratory tract. First, the child becomes inflamed throat, and then the infection spreads further, affecting the bronchi. Typically, large bronchi suffer initially, then - smaller. This is the first cause of bronchitis development.

    The second reason is less common. It is a bacterial infection. We are talking about microbes, which, most often, "transported" into the airways with foreign bodies. A small child, talking while eating, can breathe a piece of carrot, apple, or seed. In addition, the young researchers are very fond of all pull in the mouth and can accidentally inhale small parts of toys. Foreign bodies, of course, out of the respiratory tract, and the infection may remain. Then develop bronchitis. The third reason that diagnosed "bronchitis", - mixed. That is, in the respiratory tract viral falls first, and then the bacterial infection.

    The fourth reason - the defeat of the bronchi under the influence of irritating chemical or physical factors. For instance, if inhaled gasoline vapors contaminated smoke.

    The fifth reason - allergic. Some children have an increased sensitivity to certain allergens, whether the pollen of trees or flowers, house dust, smells of washing powder or soap. All this can cause a reaction of the bronchial mucosa. Furthermore, bronchitis can be a congenital malformation of the symptoms of respiratory organs, which are accompanied by purulent processes in the lungs, as well as parasitic infections.

    Chronical bronchitis

    The cause of chronic bronchitis can serveUntimely treatment of recurrent, acute manifestations of it. This happens when parents do not go to the doctor, and self-medicate. As a result, the baby temporarily gets better, and my mother sends him to kindergarten or school. It takes several weeks or months, and the child begins relapse. So acute bronchitis becomes chronic.

    The risk of chronic bronchitis in the fact that it can go unnoticed for parents to pneumonia. Only lung x-ray allows it to identify (US in this case would be ineffective).

    Search and Destroy

    The main symptoms of inflammation of the bronchial mucosaare cough (dry or hacking), fever, chest pain, wheezing. During cough sputum can be released, which in acute bronchitis has the form of a transparent liquid, chronic - with pus.

    Primarily I accent your attention to the factthat can not self-medicate. Parents need to be sure to consult a doctor who will give advice based on the causes of the disease. Treatment is prescribed and, depending on the age of the patient and on the characteristics of the disease. For example, not all acute bronchitis need antibiotic therapy. Such measures generally need only move when the threat of bacterial infection in pneumonia. However, it can identify only a doctor.

    Treat the child's doctor may bronchitis at homeconditions. But if there are symptoms of intoxication, high fever in the evening (up to 38 ° C), shortness of breath, then hospitalization is necessary. This is especially true of young children (under 3 years). If the child is older, the treatment can be done at home.

    Use antibiotics to be very careful,because later, if there is a serious inflammatory disease, they can lose their effectiveness. The fact that over time to a drug addiction occurs, and then it can not be used. We have to turn to other drugs that are correspondingly more expensive. Bronchitis need to treat the complex, using, if necessary, with fizmetodami antibiotics, including special diets and home care.

    Usually bronchitis is 2-3 weeks. But this term is characteristic only if timely treatment. Unfortunately, in recent years, for bronchitis and pneumonia has changed. The main difference - the long duration of the disease - up to 3-4 weeks. In addition, all the symptoms are now manifest itself more intensely. For example, sometimes children, pain in the heart. Quickens the severity of neurotic reactions: the child becomes irritable.

    Often under the guise of bronchitis may be hidingother diseases. For example, congenital malformations of the lungs and bronchi. Therefore, all children who are diagnosed with "chronic bronchitis", need to be examined and treated in specialized institutions.

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