A visit to the proctologist


  • What are enemas?
  • Methods for setting enema

  • Outset that in the case of
    if you have severe pain (pain set themselves an enema) or bleeding,
    it is not necessary to put an enema before the initial medical examination. Not
    Lots injure patients once again. The doctor will examine
    (Anoscope), and without this training. Enema is necessary
    to put, if the doctor will carry you to any special
    study (sigmoidoscopy, barium enema, colonoscopy).

    generally before the primary examination of the patient puts in approximately 2 hours
    to receive two cleansing enemas. Also, do not eve
    use products, provoking you flatulence. If you recorded
    at the reception in the evening, and the day is not possible to prepare, then
    cleansing enema can be put after the morning stool.

    Remember that the visit to the proctologist does not impose any restrictions on food intake, so eat at the rearA visit to the proctologistHur.

    What are enemas?

    Because the
    constipation, as well as in preparing for diagnostic tests in
    rectal area often used enemas, tell you about
    correctness of their performance.

    There are three types of enemas:

    • cleaning;
    • oil;
    • dosage.

    cleansing enema

    To put a cleansing enema using a mug Esmarch. It can be purchased at any pharmacy

    Douches - a container (glass, enamel or rubber)
    capacity of 1.5-2 liter. At the bottom of the mug has a nipple, which put
    thick-walled rubber tube. In the rubber tube is a reservoir
    its direct continuation. tube length 1.5 m, diameter -
    1 cm. The tube ends with a removable tip (glass,
    plastic) 8-10 cm long. The tip must be an integer, with smooth

    Preferably, the use of plastic caps, since
    glass tip with a chipped edge can seriously injure
    intestine. After use the tip of a good wash with soap under running
    of warm water and heated. Near the tip of the tube has a valve,
    which regulate the flow of fluid into the intestine. If a crane is not, it
    can be replaced by clothespins, clip and so on. n.

    enemas using water only from trusted sources (such that
    you can drink). For children is better to use only boiled water.
    The water temperature - about 37-38 degrees. More cold water
    significantly increases the motor activity of the intestine, causes
    unpleasant sensation of pain. Use water enema
    the temperature more than 40 degrees is dangerous for health.

    Drug enema

    performing enema dosage drugs are absorbed into the blood
    direction, while they do not fall, and liver and significantly less
    destroyed, acting more actively. The dosage can be called any
    enema with herbal infusions.

    30-40 minutes to put the drug enema cleansing and only after
    stool administered medication. Medicinal enema - is
    Basically microclysters volume contents should not exceed 50-100
    ml. The temperature of the drug should be at least 38-40
    degrees, since at lower temperatures there retching
    defecation, and medicine does not have time to be absorbed.

    on the left side, bend your legs and knees and tighten to the abdomen. pushing
    left hand buttocks, right circular movements enter oiled
    vaseline oil catheter is 10 cm and the rectum. Then connect
    catheter with a syringe that contains the drug, and
    slowly squeeze the solution into the catheter in small portions under slight
    pressure. For this purpose one can use a small syringe.
    Hold and squeeze the outer end of the catheter to prevent
    reverse emergence from it liquid. Carefully remove the syringe with
    catheter, draw up the air, re-insert the catheter and purge,
    to push the remaining liquid therein.

    oil enema

    enemas used for persistent constipation. To do this, use a vegetable
    oils: sunflower, olive, hemp, vaseline. for one
    enema take 50-100 ml of pre-warmed to 37-40 degrees oil. Misleading
    Oil is usually a rubber bulb syringe with a catheter through which
    is advanced into the rectum 10 cm. The oil spreads over the intestinal wall,
    envelops feces, relaxes muscles and promotes muscle
    excretion of feces. The patient must lie still for 10-15 minutes,
    so that the oil does not flow out.


    The manual setting enema

    1st way

    on the bed closer to the edge on the left side with legs bent and pulled up to the stomach
    feet. Under the buttocks enclose oilcloth (polyethylene film)
    the free edge of which is lower in a bucket in case you can not
    hold water. The mug douches pour 1-1.5 liters of ambient water
    temperature, raise it up to a height of 1-1.5 m and dip
    tip down to release a small amount of water and with
    her recompenseA visit to the proctologistx of the tube. Fill the tube (output bit of liquid
    tube), and then, without dropping the cup, close the valve on the rubber

    Check to see if the tip is broken, lubricate it with vaseline
    (Vegetable oil) and, apart buttocks, insert the tip into
    anus twisting slightly. The first 3-4
    see insert the tip toward the navel, and then another 5-8 cm -
    parallel to the coccyx.

    If there are obstacles, and rests on the tube
    the intestinal wall or hard stools, remove 1-2 cm open
    crane. Pressurized water goes into the large intestine. Almost immediately
    will be feeling the bowel "filling", urging to stool. At these moments,
    We need to reduce the fluid flow rate from the clubs closing valve on the
    tube or pinching her. Reduce the unpleasant sensations help circular
    soft stroking belly.

    When plugging
    tip feces should be removed, cleaned and put
    again. If the rectum is filled with feces, try to dilute his jet
    water. Mug douches do not completely emptied. Leaving at the bottom
    a little water to the intestine does not hit the air, close the valve,
    regulates fluid flow, and remove the tip.

    Put the prepared crotch pad (tissue,
    repeatedly folded strip of toilet paper, and so on. p.), which need to
    pinch between his legs.

    2nd method ( "by Hegar ')

    Stand up
    on all fours in the bathroom (the knee-elbow position) on the basis of one
    elbow, his other hand insert the tip into the rectum.

    should be introduced slowly and carefully, especially when hemorrhoids. Introducing
    tip, head and shoulders, lower lower and start a deep, but not
    often breathe stomach, "drawing a breath or a nose." If
    Water did not enter all, and you already feel the pain in the gut, turn off the tap
    on the hose, breathe deeply.

    When the water in the circle is complete, remove the tip and place it on the prepared rectum lining.

    it's desirable
    hold water for 10 minutes. To do so, lie on his back
    breathe deeply. Pain, feeling of fullness in the abdomen relax the
    stroking. If it is possible, walk to the introduced water or soak in the
    abdomen. In formulating a cleansing enema is necessary to make sure that for the
    once introduced no more than 1.5-2 liters of liquid. If you want to put
    two enemas a row, you should observe the interval between 45 min-1
    hour, making sure that the wash water from the first enema withdrew completely.

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