How to get rid of depression without drugs


  • The shift in the brain
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep

  • The shift in the brain

    How to get rid of depression without drugsThis method was proposed by the best world neuropsychologists and is recognized as effective in the treatment of depression as antidepressants.

    Depression occurs in the part of the brain thatresponsible for emotions - in the subcortex. To reduce its impact on your life, you need to muffle the work of the subcortex and move the main activity to the area of ​​the neocortex, the area responsible for thinking. Neocortex is not able to lose heart.

    Try the following. When you understand that plunge into a depression, instead of thinking, "I am sad and bad" - Get the solution of logical problems. Play games that require logical thinking (chess, sudoku puzzles - whatever) or simply close your eyes and start to sing his favorite song, only with full concentration on the words and melodies. Refuse to obey the wish to think about his depression. This simple exercise will reduce the activity of neurons in the subcortical and increase - in the neocortex, correcting the chemical imbalance that causes the disease.

    Omega-3 fatty acids

    Omega-3 fatty acids - essential substances,that help neurons to communicate with each other. People who do not get enough of these acids, more than others prone to depression. If you for some reason can not three times a week to eat fish, take vitamin supplements with omega-3 (recommended daily allowance - 1,000 mg).

    Physical activity

    Memorize: exercise and fresh air will replace your expensive medicines. Only three active half-hour walks a week - and you will feel better mood, concentration increases and thoughts become more neat and orderly.

    If you allow yourself to run, jump, wavehands and dance, the level of endorphins will rise so much that you can feel in love with life. And in this state, you are capable of solving any complex problems.

    In addition to endorphins, regular exercisecauses the production of serotonin, a hormone responsible for the growth of new neurons, that is, for the excellent work of the brain. Conversely, low levels of serotonin - a direct path to depression.


    Sleep disorders are both a cause and a consequence of depression. In people with depression, the hormones of seratonin and melatonin are disrupted. Seratonin helps us stay awake during the day, and melatonin helps us fall asleep in the evening. Both hormones are interconnected: a lack of one provokes a lack of the other. During depression, a person is deprived of desires, all he wants to do is sleep. Daytime sleepiness makes it impossible to sleep in the evening. A failure of the rhythm of day and night exacerbates the course of the disease.

    By following these rules, you will very soon notice that depression begins to recede.

    • No physical and intellectual activity before bedtime. Allowed only a book or a calm positive conversation with someone else.
    • Force yourself to go to sleep and wake up every day at the same time.
    • Move bedtime to earlier. If you sleep enough, you will not have difficulty to wake up alarm clock, hating each new day of the rude awakening.
    • Try to use a room in which you sleep, only to sleep. If this is not possible, block off the bed a screen or curtain. Let this place you associate only with sleep.

    Do not think that all the described methods are complex. Stop analyzing your condition, just start doing the above right now. The first step has already been taken - you read the article to the end. Help yourself further - say goodbye to depression.

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