Neurasthenia or why nerves acting up?


  • Why nerves acting up?
  • What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown?
  • Treatment of neurasthenia

  • If you get up in the morning, exhausted, life is not happy,and the landscape outside the window is the desire to burrow deeper under the covers, so it's time to take more seriously their health, and to reconsider the load that you have undertaken ...

    Why nerves acting up?

    As a result of overwork. Continuous operation as a result of excessivemental training, work at night. This is called the "syndrome of office-collar." Man is so appreciated his work, going into it with his head, that he forgets about sleep and rest. He can not process the incoming information and the number of sick. This state is called the "neurosis of exhaustion." A characteristic feature of neurasthenia - a huge irritation that is caused by those factors that you previously did not attach any importance.

    Constant stress. Neurasthenia is the result of long-term traumatic situations at work or home.

    The loss of a loved one, failure on the personal front. It nazyvetsya reactive neurosis. With such conditions it is better not to handle alone, and address to the psychotherapist.

    Asthenia after diseases. Usually after infectious diseases is persistent weakness, lethargy, lack of energy.

    What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown?

    Neurasthenia or why nerves acting up?Initial stage. It begins to annoy everyone around. The noise, the talk of others, communication with loved ones - it all becomes unbearable. The man constantly breaks down at close, feels not passing annoyance to them. Sleep is disturbed: frequent nightmares, sleep - intermittent, weak.

    In the morning, a man stands up not rested, with severehead and gloomy thoughts, it is easy to bring to tears and crying. Appears indifferent to sex. Man no longer wants to have fun, go out, only desire - to be left alone.

    An intermediate stage. If psychotraumatic situation continues to affect a person's symptoms continue to grow. Extracts and home and work colleagues.

    An important symptom of neurasthenia - a man appearedto tired to the limit, is not looking for peace. He continues to burden yourself countless cases until fall down from exhaustion or ill any serious disease.

    Somatic symptoms characteristicneurasthenia, headache (similar to the hoop), eye pain, sleep disorders, disorders of the heart, dizziness, pain in the stomach. Characteristically feeling of constant fatigue.

    Heavy neurasthenia. The fully expressed in weakness, lethargy, fatigue, unwillingness to do anything. The man can not bring himself to do any work, he often refuses to get out of bed.

    Treatment of neurasthenia

    • Take a vacation. A couple of weeks of rest will take you to myself. 2-3 days of rest can only burden the state, as a man does not have time to adapt to the change of regime. The leave must last for at least 2 to 3 weeks.
    • Warm baths with additives pine soothe and relax.
    • From drugs: valerian tincture, motherwort.
    • Arrange mode: there should be more space for rest and sleep.

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