Schizophrenia: a diagnosis or a sentence?


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  • What it is?

    Schizophrenia: a diagnosis or a sentence?

    When it comes to the endogenous (caused by internal factors) disease, we mean schizophrenia and similar illnesses.

    Determination of mental illness do not have somatic (bodily) basis - an infectious, intoxication, endocrine, etc. -. Was based on the symptoms with a negative sign.

    These negative signs deciphered inUltimately, as the lack of normal mental functions (hence the hallucinations, ie the absence of a correct perception of the world depression - lack of normal mood, delirium - lack of proper interpretation of the outside world, etc.). It is important that these features are not associated with tumors and brain atrophy, atherosclerosis, and other organic factors that can cause similar symptoms.

    Formula alien soul

    Schizophrenia as a concept described by E. Bleuler. The diagnosis of "schizophrenia" was raised by the author in 35% of cases. This was back in the time when there were no medicines. I will go to international congresses, experts discussed a long time every case of this disease, before the final diagnosis.

    Today, this "verdict" without hesitation, wecan pripechatat any hospital caretaker or nurse. And they have nothing to blame. Because schizophrenia is not just a disease - "shortcut", which hides a lot of diseases. And when such a diagnosis is a doctor, it is tantamount to life stigma.

    Particularly widespread this "fastDiagnostics "received in our country with a totalitarian regime. With the diagnosis "schizophrenia" people completely deleted from the life and ceased to be in any way significant person. The drugs made him obedient and unnoticed.

    But intentionally or mistakenly put diagnosesdo not remove the question of the disease. It certainly exists, and there is a very large number of people in need of skilled care physicians. How to determine how sick the patient is, what methods can help him? The most dangerous thing for the patient - to get into the millstone of psychiatric "machine", to become a cog on the line where there is a diagnosis, but there is no specific person.

    Usually, a doctor at the clinic set aside only 3 hours,to understand the "formula of the opponent's soul" and decide the further fate of man - it's not even a little, and negligible. Fast diagnosis, prescribed strong medicines, hospital - this chain exacerbates illness and makes people disabled.

    Doctor - healer or diagnostic?

    Schizophrenia: a diagnosis or a sentence?
    We must look for his doctor, the one who causestrust, devote the necessary time, think before you assign a strong medicine. The psychiatrist should be given the right to reformulate the diagnosis of "endogenous illness", for whatever reasons, mistakenly delivered colleague.

    Having the ability to communicate with the patient longer,carrying with him long conversations, figuring out the underlying cause of the disease and to understand the very essence, the doctor must find ways of healing the sick soul, and not simply confirm the previous diagnosis. it is impossible in today's practice, and the diagnosis "schizophrenia" can not be removed, and there is a persistent myth about the irreversibility of psychosis.

    All psychopathological problems are reduced toirresistible loneliness, patient care itself. Delusions, hallucinations - it is derived, the second series of symptoms. In the absence of external stimuli, even in relatively healthy people easily arise visions, hears strange voices. For example, such phenomena experienced astronauts on tests when they were held in limbo in absolute silence and darkness.

    In schizophrenia and schizophreniform conditionspeople committed to the painful reality of the enclosure. This condition is called "autism". Autism - an extreme form of mental alienation, which is expressed in the care of the individual from contact with the surrounding reality and immersion in a world of their own experiences. The door to the world carefully "bricked" from the inside, and the patient, as it were "pupate". And not only violated a dialogue with the outside world, but also a dialogue with himself.

    Legends and myths of psychiatry

    Unfortunately, the doctors themselves to this problem alreadymore than 20 years, there are two opposite attitudes: either deep skepticism and discouragement, or ill-founded optimism and expectation that is about to be opened physico-chemical mechanisms of psychosis, and can be immediately and find remedies for these diseases.

    Such thoughts quickly replicated. What did it cost, say, ten years ago the BBC on-Sea Post medical editors that are to be congratulated with the opening of British doctors cure for schizophrenia? Or flashed in the mainstream press interviews professors GV Morozov, and VM Morkovkina, which was made the assertion that the so-called method allows hemosorption cured schizophrenics? This is true of "treatment" in the chamber and has a plurality of "sensationalism".

    So, then, schizophrenia is not treated? Tablets every day for a lifetime? Forget about the normal family, children, work? No, fortunately, there is always hope. But the doctor, who undertook to heal someone else's soul, must treat the patient as a person. Many psychiatric wishful thinking, feeding the illusion of the last century that the soul can "dissect" and explore like laboratory animals.

    And yet, not a psychiatrist, and literary theorist,philosopher Bakhtin rightly observes: "Aliens of consciousness can not contemplate, analyze, identify the objects as things - they can only communicate dialogically".

    After hearing complaints, gathering medical history, describingthe current state of the patient based on paraclinical surveys and consultations, psychiatrist, unlike his colleagues should still understand what it is to treat. And he will have to treat the soul, so you need to break out of the book of its science and to get in touch with a live person. And see him, in the words of E. Bleuler, "... the departed in their dreams and the dreams of unsound mind, not cruel, expressive, dangerous for the society of a madman."

    Do not think that Paris is better

    The first "strange" appear most often in the 15-16 years old and are finalized in the disease to 25-30 years.

    What causes endogenous disease? In the first place, of course, are generic damage. Next you need to say about environmental issues (this includes chemical and various other emissions, constantly mutating viruses and bacteria). And in the third place you can put hospitals, making patients disabled. As for the huge machine of psychiatric hospitals, it is not necessary to think that it is peculiar to our country. The same crippling effect of this system has, and in Paris, and in Seoul, and in Krakow - it is everywhere the same.

    The concept of endogenous process gave riseinsufficiently justified hospitalization system, outpatient treatment, the so-called registration of patients, their employability. Persisting the notion of unstoppable all mental illness creates myths about certain secret, a dark, endogenous process that continues to evolve, like it or affected. Within the walls of the psychiatric department of the diagnosis sounds more like a death sentence, rather than understanding that should help cure the person.

    The statistical maps, which certainlyfilled in each of the last patient's course of treatment is strictly prohibited to write "recovery" with any degree of therapeutic success, allowed only the word "improvement", as in the statement, which is inhumane to put an accurate diagnosis, spelled "chronic mental illness."

    Look at yourself in the mirror

    There is a "loss of face", and this loss leadsperson to fall out of the process of natural communication, to a closed life in a distorted picture of time and space. Begin vision, delusions of persecution, frightening voices. All of these "strange" leads to the fact that around the person, his relatives decided that he needed help, but it can really help him?

    Once in the hospital, the patient is morealienated, the doctor treats the "scheme", giving him an average of over 20 years, about one and a half hours, and not because doctors are too bad - it is a common method of treatment for schizophrenia. After all, the process of "known cure"!

    When the method of art therapy and maskoterapii GM Nazloyan same patient doctor spends up to 20 hours a day, he sculpts his portrait while talking. Gagik Mikaelovich puts it this way: "It seems to me that the therapeutic time limit creates a portrait assurance that at the time of molding (treatment) I will have to love him more than myself". Physicians involved in the patient's sculptural portrait, pays no attention to such "trifles" as delusions, hallucinations, compulsive patient.

    Over time the patient learns to toleratedisdain for his extraordinary thoughts and feelings. From the first session there are glimpses of the release of the painful world of the disease. As a result, the person becomes accustomed to the idea that it is the same as all - quite a healthy man with normal duties of a member of society.

    The only way to treat and overcome theseillnesses grouped under the term "schizophrenia" - a way of individualization, the path of deep, close, warm relationship of doctor and patient. The physician should take as much time to this patient, as is necessary for recovery.

    The doctor maskoterapii Institute Nazloyan nottreat delusions, hallucinations, considering them only a consequence, and cure loneliness itself. A long deep dialogue with the patient the doctor removes it from the pathological condition. If it is possible to break through the shell, everything else goes by itself. Man once again reunited with the outside world disappear voices, hallucinations, aggression, and other oddities. The disease recedes.

    "Straitjacket" of haloperidol

    Schizophrenia: a diagnosis or a sentence?When somatic diseases medicines shouldanesthetize and eliminate discomfort during medical and surgical interventions. In the last decades of clinical psychiatry drugs are central, often the only method of therapeutic effects. Why, while the vast majority of patients do not feel any relief from medications and guardians disappointed with the result of treatment, the doctors no doubt continue to prescribe powerful drugs?

    It is believed that the main task of drug therapy - "abort the endogenous process," but this is one of the most common and perhaps equally ridiculous in modern psychiatry myths.

    One of the primary functions of drug therapymental illness is reduced to overcome the individual symptoms and eliminate the patient experiences. In practice, the doctor tries first of all to "eliminate" delusions, hallucinations, agitation, bypassing the carrier of these experiences - the most mentally ill. But no one, even the most strong medicine does not affect the structure of personality disorders, it does not affect the core of the sick soul.

    One can say with certainty that suchdecline of mental thought it originated in the era of pharmacotherapy - chemical influence on the result, a signal of disease, rather than its cause. Here it is revealed another unambiguous function of neuroleptics. They serve as a psychiatrist means of eliminating undesirable for the patient and his symptoms environment.

    Moreover, antipsychotics can cause gravethought disorder, poor judgment, memory, associative processes. The purpose of this group of drugs capable of forming a schizophreniform disease and translate light into heavier forms. This is especially dangerous when the diagnosis "schizophrenia" is put a doctor without a long communication with a patient in a medical "staff turnover". Typical clinician removed from the patient for the sake of some scientific "objectivity" and tends to pull away even more in the hope to build on the specific system of knowledge about the laws of the psyche, or the mechanism of action of drugs.

    Close most distant from the patient, and itdeprived of much needed love and care, which are an important part of treatment. Guardians are usually begin to delve into the problem, read the special literature and come to a more definitive wording about the disease, either completely disabuse the ability to cure this disease.

    For interviews with relatives and representatives oflaw enforcement doctors there turned out cliches. As a result of the patient for many years, as it remains in vacuo. Since it is not talking about simple things from him eagerly await only the manifestation of a sudden illness.

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