Treatment of pneumonia


  • On the basis of what the symptoms of pneumonia may be suspected?
  • Treatment of pneumonia
  • General measures for patients with pneumonia care
  • General principles of treatment of pneumonia (pneumonia), antibiotics
  • The duration of treatment of pneumonia
  • pneumonia forecast
  • pneumonia Prevention

  • Before as
    go to the description of the principles of treatment of pneumonia note that pneumonia
    It refers to serious diseases that require careful
    diagnosis and treatment of a qualified. If you have any suspicions
    pneumonia, immediately seek medical attention.

    On the basis of what the symptoms of pneumonia may be suspected?

    Symptoms of Pneumonia:

    • Shortness of breath - a permanent sign of pneumonia, which points to the lung tissue;
    • increase
      body temperature - a sign of inflammation, and general intoxication
      the body of the patient with pneumonia. During pneumonia temperature
      It lasts longer than the flu or other acute respiratory viral infections.
    • Cough - there are in most cases of pneumonia. Coughing can be allocated rusty sputum.
    • Chest pain (especially on the side) - a clear, but inconstant symptom of pneumonia.
    • The general condition of the patient - with pneumonia can range from moderate to severe.

    diagnosis is carried out by doctors. For this purpose, methods
    patient clinical trial,
    X-ray examination (radiography lungs)
    microbiological and immunological studies.

    Treatment of pneumonia

    pneumonia treatment is aimed at eliminating or alleviating basic
    symptoms. As a symptomatic treatment is prescribed
    antipyretics and mucolytic drugs.

    temperature in patients with pneumonia should be carried out only if there is
    see the need for this: the temperature is higher than 39C in adults,
    a serious condition of the patient.

    Mucolytic (expectorant)
    drugs used to facilitate removal of phlegm from the bronchial tubes.
    Also, some modern mucolytics increase the activity
    antibiotics used in the treatment of pneumonia. Recommended
    the use of mucolytics is Ambroxol (Lasolvan, Ambrobene), ACC
    (Acetylcysteine, Mukobene) Karbotsistein (Mucodyne, Mukopront).
    The dosage and duration of treatment are established mucolytics
    the attending physician.

    General measures for patients with pneumonia care

    Treatment of pneumonia
    80% of patients with pneumonia can be treated at home. For increase
    the effectiveness of treatment and a speedy recovery of the patient is important to have a
    sick the necessary assistance and care.

    Eating and drinking.
    Feeding the patient with pneumonia should be nutritious, but
    It recommended excluded from the diet of the patient indigestible
    products (e.g., excess fat). It is advisable to enrich the diet
    pneumonia patient in fruits and vegetables.

    Throughout disease
    the patient need to provide plenty of drink - it increases the excretion
    phlegm and prevent the development of dehydration in the background temperature. AT
    period of heat the patient should prescribe up to 3 liters of fluid
    in a day.

    It is recommended to drink milk, fruit juices, mineral water
    Throughout the illness (pneumonia) patients needed peace and quiet. Compliance with strict bed rest is recommended.

    Therapeutic exercises (physiotherapy) during pneumonia. therapeutic
    gymnastics significantly speeds up patient recovery and prevents
    the development of certain complications, and therefore indicated for all patients with pneumonia.

    Therapeutic exercises should be started from the very first days of illness:

    • AT
      the early days of the patient need to frequently change position in bed. In the presence of
      pain in the chest, patients with pneumonia prefer to lie on
      sick side, but it may increase the risk of pleural
      adhesions. Therefore, patients are encouraged to periodically go to a healthy
      side and back.
    • On the 2-3-4 day
      disease is recommended breathing exercises: for this
      the patient in the supine position puts his hands on his stomach and inhales deeply. Exhalation
      done slowly, gradually pulling the abdominal muscles. Such breaths
      10-15 are repeated 4-5 times per day. Breathing exercises can be
      conduct and standing or sitting, and you can do
      auxiliary arm movements (arms raised up, and when inhaling
      when you exhale move down). Breathing exercises can be completed
      movements in the arms and legs. When pneumonia is especially useful
      exercises in the chest (torso rotation, bending forward and
      side). Physiotherapy is recommended, and
      some time after recovery.

    General principles of treatment of pneumonia (pneumonia), antibiotics

    the beginning of the treatment of pneumonia, as well as any other illness, it is necessary to determine
    the severity of the pneumonia - depends on further tactics
    treatment of the disease and its associated risk.

    In medical practice,
    according to the severity of pneumonia, and the risk to the patient's life,
    are divided all patients with pneumonia a few basic

    AT First group included patients younger than 60 years without
    any severe concomitant disease, who have pneumonia
    develops without complications. In the treatment of pneumonia in those patients may
    used antibiotics from the group of penicillins and macrolides. Such
    Patients can receive treatment at home, under the supervision of a physician.

    In the second group
    included patients older than 60 years, which in addition to pneumonia have also
    other diseases (diabetes, heart or kidney
    failure, mental disorders, alcoholism, hypertension and so on.). The treatment of lung inflammation in these patients applied
    antibiotics from the group of protected aminopenicillins and
    third-generation cephalosporins. Due to severe pneumonia
    in these patients at high risk of complications, treatment of pneumonia
    is preferably carried out in the hospital, that is, the patient should be
    put in hospital.

    AT the third group includes all patients
    age groups in which there is severe pneumonia, and within
    there is a high risk of developing complications.

    To assess the severity
    patient (child, adult, elderly person) are used
    The following criteria: shortness of breath (respiratory rate greater than 30 per minute)
    confusion, cyanosis sheets (cyanosis), the temperature is above 39C, accelerated heart rate (90 and above), low blood pressure
    (100/60 mm. Hg. Column).

    Treatment of pneumonia in these patients
    It should be performed only in a hospital (in the hospital). As shown
    clinical trials, treatment of pneumonia in this contingent
    patients is best done drugs of fluoroquinolones group
    (Ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin). These patients are also advised
    perform certain types of germ causing the pneumonia.

    The duration of treatment of pneumonia

    treatment of pneumonia is determined individually for each patient. at
    uncomplicated pneumonia antibiotics occasion once after three days
    Temperature disappearance. The duration of treatment of complicated pneumonia
    determined by the attending physician depending on the severity of inflammation
    pulmonary complications and the availability. Legionella pneumonia treated in
    within 21 days (3 weeks).

    pneumonia forecast

    uncomplicated pneumonia and proper treatment of pneumonia prognosis
    favorable. Complete recovery was observed after 3-4 weeks.

    pneumonia Prevention

    Pneumonia Prevention suggests
    hardening of the body, smoking cessation, intermittent aeration
    working and living space. The importance of a proper diet and have
    healthy lifestyle.

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