Osteoarthritis of the ankle - retribution those who protects your feet


  • Causes of ankle osteoarthritis
  • Metabolic disorders and arthritic ankle
  • The clinical picture of ankle osteoarthritis

  • Osteoarthritis of the ankle - the result of injuriesThe ankle joint is formed by the tibia andfibula tibia and the talus of the foot. Articular surface of bones are covered with hyaline cartilage and is relatively adjacent to each other. joint cavity is filled with joint fluid that provides lubrication and nutrition of cartilage. The joint is enclosed in a tight joint capsule and ligaments strong fixed. Volume ankle movements provide flexion-extension and slight deviations in hand.

    Causes of ankle osteoarthritis

    one of the most powerful in the Anklelocomotor system. During the walk, it accounts for the load, seven times greater than body weight. No wonder that the joint is often damaged and this affects his health. Careless attitude to his feet, wearing shoes on a high platform, with an unstable heel, the use of poor-quality footwear, unsuitable for sports, leads to an overload of the joints, and awkward movements become a cause of injury. That injury, accompanied by tears and cracking of the cartilage, often trigger the development of deforming arthrosis of the ankle joint.

    Adverse factors affecting healthankle joints are congenital anomalies of the foot, such as flat feet, clubfoot and hollow foot, redistribute body weight and create abnormal load on the joint. The result is premature wear of the cartilage and formation of arthrosis.

    Metabolic disorders and arthritic ankle

    Causes of ankle osteoarthritisUndoubtedly, one of the leading etiologicalfactors in the development of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint is obesity, overweight overloads the joint, literally crushes the articular cartilage, and, passing the initial stage of degeneration, arthrosis starts since 1-2 degrees.

    Sometimes osteoarthritis of the ankle jointIt becomes the result of osteochondrosis. Herniated discs, pinched nerve roots in the lumbar spine violated innervation of muscles of the lower limbs, leading to gait disturbance and, as a consequence, to the injury of the ankle joint, circulatory problems in this area, cartilage degeneration and arthrosis grade 1-2.

    Deforming osteoarthritis and arthritis in generalAnkle particularly pretty quickly develop on the background of metabolic disorders, concomitant diabetes mellitus, gout, diseases of the thyroid and other hormonal disorders. And, of course, arthrosis grade 1-2 is often a continuation of infection of the ankle joint and arthritis infectious origin.

    The clinical picture of ankle osteoarthritis

    The clinical picture of ankle osteoarthritisUsually the first symptoms of trouble inankle are morning stiffness in the joints, decreased endurance and joint occurrence of pain in it after a long walk. All these violations are transient: stiffness disappears after 30-40 minutes after the start of movement, the pain goes away with rest. In most cases the patient does not even pay attention not to the first signals of the body, writing off unpleasant sensations of fatigue, age, or old injuries. However, at this stage it can be diagnosed 1-2 degree ankle joint arthrosis.

    Clinic injured ankle arthrosischaracterized by the absence of asymptomatic stage. The disease once manifested by pain in the joint, which occur more often under load, and then completely become permanent.

    The formation of osteophytes, cartilage destruction,the appearance of fragments in the joint cavity accompanied by a characteristic of osteoarthritis crunch. Mechanical irritation of the joint capsule and then the fragments results in synovitis, joint swelling and permanent articular pain.

    The growth of bone, deforming joints leads to restriction of movement in it and the started joint arthrosis completely loses its mobility.

    The defeat of the ankle in the early stages of breaks gait and causes lameness in the later stages the patient usually has to use a cane.

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