Deforming arthrosis: preparations for external use


  • Osteoarthritis: gel and ointment in deforming arthrosis in the inflammation phase
  • Osteoarthritis: drugs for use in the desired remission
  • Osteoarthritis: preparations for compresses

  • What are the treatments for osteoarthritis should be present in your medicine cabinet?Deforming arthritis - a disease of the joints,resulting from the destruction of articular cartilage in their innate inferiority, lack of nutrition when excessive load on the movable bone joints. Pain in osteoarthritis joints appear at the start of development of the disease, initially under heavy load, then flows easily, even at rest. Pain, though not strong, but the regularity and consistency harassed, forced to search for effective drugs for the treatment of osteoarthritis, not only for parenteral and indoor use. Ointment with osteoarthritis, gel, or the drug Dimexidum Bishofit in the compression can improve the situation and reduce joint pain.

    Osteoarthritis: gel and ointment in deforming arthrosis in the inflammation phase

    Inflammation in the joint arthrosis occursa result of irritation of the synovial membrane of the joint products of the destruction of cartilage and osteophytes. Sore joint is swollen, the skin over it is red, the movements become painful and limited due to the appearance of effusion in the joint cavity.

    Appointment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatorydrugs in osteoarthritis to quickly arrest the inflammation, however, if swallowed, they can cause unwanted side effects affect the digestive system, liver and kidneys. Ointments, creams and gels arthrosis - safer drugs that cause no systemic action.

    It should be noted that the external preparationsuse in osteoarthritis joints are not able to cure, but they help to reduce swelling and relieve pain. In the manufacture of these drugs for the treatment of arthrosis NSAIDs are used, they are not absorbed into the bloodstream and only affect the affected joint. Indometacin and butanedioic ointment, diclofenac ointment indispensable for those who have found arthrosis. The drug Voltaren Fastum gel or gel with their ability to penetrate tissue quickly cropped phenomenon synovitis.

    Osteoarthritis: drugs for use in the desired remission

    Effective ointment arthrosisThe absence of inflammation in the joint opensopportunities to use other drugs. For the treatment of osteoarthritis in remission using tools to improve blood circulation in the affected tissues, activating metabolic processes and contributing to the restoration of destroyed cartilage.

    Ointment and gel forms of drugs inosteoarthritis valuable its warming effect. The heat causes a rush of blood to the joint, improves tissue nutrition, removes toxic products of metabolism, relaxes the muscles, ligaments, bone improves the mobility of joints. Although the inside of the joint gets only 5-7% of the active ingredient of the drug, arthrosis "calms down", especially if the treatment is completed physical therapy and physiotherapy. Menovazin, Espoli, Gevkamen, Nikofleks cream recommended for use in degenerative diseases of the joints.

    Osteoarthritis: preparations for compresses

    Packs in deforming arthrosis of the jointsapplicable both in acute synovitis, and in stage of disease remission. They are more effective than the simple application of ointments and creams on the joint area, since the active ingredient is dissolved and long contact with skin.

    For compresses with osteoarthritis often recommended Dimexidum, Bishofit and medical bile.

    Gels with osteoarthritis or how fast to stop an attack of painThe drug Dimexidum is a liquid with dissolved thereincolorless crystals. The active ingredient of the drug has a high penetration ability and strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, resolving, analgesic and moderate fibrinolytic activity. Dimexidum quickly relieves inflammation, reduces swelling of joints, improves the course of metabolic processes, removes toxic products of metabolism, membrane damaging cartilage cells. Compresses Dimexidum especially indicated for osteoarthritis, flowing with symptoms of synovitis.

    Among the drugs for the treatment of osteoarthritis special placetakes Bischofite - a product obtained in the process of oil production. Bischofite has a mild anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It warms, improves blood circulation in the joints, ligaments and muscles, improves the course of metabolic processes, promotes the regeneration of cartilage.

    Medical bile - A natural product, obtained by the slaughter of cattle. His irritating properties bile causes a rush of blood to the joint, muscle-relaxing ligaments, activates metabolic processes, helps cleanse the joint of salts and toxic products of inflammation.

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