Traditional recipes: the treatment of heel spurs onion, garlic and black radish


  • The effectiveness of popular recipes from the heel spur
  • Traditional recipes the treatment of heel spurs onions
  • Traditional recipes from the heel spur: Garlic
  • Treatment of heel spurs black radish

  • One of the diseases for which successfulcombines classic and folk treatments - heel spurs. How lotions, compresses, baths, wraps and massages can help if the bone spike heel?

    The effectiveness of popular recipes from the heel spur

    Traditional recipes: the treatment of heel spurs onion, garlic and black radishNot to be expected from popular recipesthe effectiveness of similar treatment of heel spurs shock-wave method or X-rays, but the inflammation and pain sometimes eliminate the medicinal plants and tested grandmother's methods.

    In the initial stages of the disease whenheel pain is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia or ahillobursitom, bone and spine on yet calcaneus, the treatment of heel spurs onions, garlic or black radish thus relieving inflammation ipredotvratit disease progression.

    If the bone spike already formed completelytraditional methods can not be rid of heel spurs, but remove the pain and prevent aggravation as possible. Calluses on the heel will not interfere with live, if it is possible to normalize the weight, use the special shock-absorbing insoles and inserts for shoes, reduces the load on the legs and feet to do gymnastics.

    Traditional recipes the treatment of heel spurs onions

    Treatment of heel spurs black radishHealing properties of onion are known for a long time, in vainPeople say: "Onions from seven disease." In ancient Greece, the bow used for the treatment of gout, rheumatism, obesity, In ancient Rome, it was part of a mandatory diet soldiers. Onions contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, but in the treatment of heel spurs lukomvazhny not its vitamin and nutritional value, and the contents of a large number of volatile production, organic acids.

    Organic acids are irritatingeffect on the skin, improve microcirculation, eliminate congestion and swelling of the tissues, anti-inflammatory effect, promote the rapid remission of the pathological process in plantarnomfastsiite, Achilles bursitis and heel spur.

    Thus, the treatment of heel spurs onions:

    • Cut onion into two equal parts. At half put a drop of tar and attach to the heel of the patient. Wrap leg cellophane, a warm scarf, fix the foot in flexion at right angles to the tibia. Leave compress at night.
    • Most head onions grate. Gruel mark in a plastic bag in his lower the injured leg, wrap a warm scarf and leave overnight. People's "onion" recipe from heel spurs is especially effective when fixing the foot at a right angle to the lower leg, in order to avoid shortening of the plantar fascia in the healing process and prevent it from trauma vdalneyshem. The procedure is recommended to repeat 3-4 times.

    Traditional recipes from the heel spur: Garlic

    At the heart of the Spurs lecheniyapyatochnoy garlic, as well as inbased on the treatment of heel spurs black radish, is irritating, leading to expansion of capillaries and increase blood flow. Activation of blood circulation enhances local immunity, relief of inflammation, reduction of tissue edema and pressure on the nerve endings, the disappearance of pain.

    Treatment of heel spurs garlicTraditional recipes with garlic for the treatment of heel spurs:

    • Half a cup of chopped up to a state of pulpgarlic, pour vodka, so that it almost covered the surface, leave 12 hours in a dark place. Put a little on a piece of cotton wool gruel, to attach to the patient heel and cover with plastic wrap. On top put on a woolen sock compress and leave for 2 days. As a compress exudes the smell of garlic, it is better to treat the weekend. The procedure is carried out once every 10 days for prevention of exacerbations of heel spurs.
    • Fresh grated garlic attach to the heel and wrap for 3-4 hours. In the presence of a strong burning compress remove and lubricate the skin with fat cream.

    Treatment of heel spurs black radish

    The use of black radish for the treatment of calcanealshporynapravleno to eliminate inflammation and decrease pain. To prepare compress a black radish with peel grate on fine grater and apply slurry to the patient heel. In the morning, wash the skin with warm water and apply a rich cream. Repeat 3 times.

    During treatment, have mercy on foot, wearing orthopedic shoes, use special insoles, arch supports, inserts and within 1-1.5 months you get rid of pain in the heel.

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